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​You're in a maze full of doors. Escape the almost endless maze by finding the matching colour keys!
Submitted by Mr. Minticuz (@VladTheGameDev) — 35 minutes, 36 seconds before the deadline
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Godot Version
3.2 stable official


Game Description
You're in a maze full of doors. Escape the almost endless maze by finding the keys to unlock the doors that match the colour of the key!

Discord Username
Mr Minticuz#0706

Participation Level
First time

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Very nice use of 3D. Simple, but nice effects, and lighting. It would be nice if there were another mechanic, maybe another puzzle to solve in the maze.


Thanks for the feedback. That is actually a good idea


This thing is huge! Took me like half an hour to complete :D

It looks very good and the music keeps you moving forward (but also makes you a little bit insane).

I was really confused that you could take back the sphere from a door which swaps out with the one you're currently holding. I don't know if thats a bug.

All in all: very well done, congrats!

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks for playing the game! I'm not entirely sure if it's a bug myself but I think it's actually more annoying than useful at this point


The visuals are great, you did a great job with the lighting. The music is also good, although in my opinion something  atmospheric would be more fitting. I liked how the maze gradually opens up as you open the doors, so you're not just wandering aimlessly around.


Thanks for the feedback. The music was created by an AI on the very last day and I knew I needed something more atmospheric but I couldn't figure out what exactly


Cool little game. I liked the music and graphics a lot. Gameplay feels too linear though,  I just kept going forward without really mapping the maze. Would be nice if some doors were far behind the others so the player had to remember where which door was. Also you can add some distinctive marks around the maze to make different parts of it more recognizable. Good job anyway :)


Thanks for the feedback. There are a lot of parts in the maze where the doors are far away. I 1) didn't want to make it too hard as it already is a pretty hard game and 2) it gets progressively more complicated to actually place the doors myself. Thanks for playing anyways :D


Hey, wonderful game, I like the graphics and the fog in the distant. Yeah sometimes the door pins you which it's isn't a big deal anymore because you can get out of it :p. Good job on submitting!


Thanks for playing my game :D


It is a nightmarish game and an incredible experience at the same time. I saw your game in early development in discord and I directly thought that I wanted to try it XD I didn't finish it but it's better for my sanity. What's more, most of my nightmares are about to be lost in a big school full of hallways and stairs. Adding stairs to your game is an awesome terrible idea I think XD


Thanks for the feedback! I really don't know what to say to that ahah


Wow, good looking game!  I especially like the lighting effects on each of the keys.

Unfortunately wasn't able to see the end because a door had pinned me against the wall and I was permanently stuck!  But it was definitely very fun to get lost in the labyrinth.

Developer (1 edit)

Oh wow awesome! Also, huh... I'm sure I had fixed that bug with the door. Thanks for the feedback anyway

Also, I just made a quick update, hopefully fixing that bug now


Fantastic work! A hypnotic journey through an isolating maze that teaches you how to become insane as quickly as possible.


Haha! Thanks for the feedback :D


Very satisfying sound and graphics when unlocking the doors, great job with that!

It was very hard to orientate with the map being one color only. I remember when I was playing Wolfenstein3D, I had the same problems in some areas.


That's great! Thanks for the feedback, glad you enjoyed


Ahh! It's going to drive me crazy trying to beat your time! LOL Great game! Love seeing 3D done in Godot gives me hope for future games once I'm more comfortable.

Kind of frustrating that you can accidentally pick up keys that were already used. Not sure if you could look at setting a boolean variable that makes them no longer pick up able once they are used?


Thanks for the feedback. I'm still not sure if being able to pick up the keys from the doors is a bug or a feature lol