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Fun game. Well done.

It's a pity it doesn't save the progress, didn't make it to the moon yet and hade no time left today. But I'll try again later this week anyways :D

Pixel art and sound is on top!

Very funny idea!

The core idea is very simple, but the difficulty scales in a interesting way.

But as soon as you realize, that it's just about the right timing it becomes pretty easy. It would be nice if there were other elements that introduce difficulty.

Sound and graphics are also great. Well done!

Glad to hear you liked it  😊

And congrats to finding all baguettes  😂

Thanks for your feedback!

Thanks for playing!

We‘ll tell the soldier! 😂

Exactly! Yeah, Celeste has really fantastic controls. 

But it's also amazing what you did with the controls in one week!

Also I'll try to play releveler again with a controller this weekend.

Really love the jumping animation, its so smooth!

I was lucky that i got jump on by a brown slime 1 secont before the game ended, so i won :D

I could see this as a massive multiplayer game (like or something).

Really well done!!!

I love the controls of the radio, this is so cool!!!

All in all a very relaxing experience. And the art is really beautiful!

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I got destroyed by the AI xD

Really like the concept. And to music fits good!

But I didn't manage to get any bonuses somehow?

Thanks for playing!

Yeah we definitly got to work on the UI and the scaling thing... :D

Thanks for playing and your feedback!

I guess the floating dandelions come from the dev-shortcut-key that wasn't intended to be in the actual game :D

Thanks for the input with the window placement, I'll make sure to look into it!

Thanks so much for playing!

Yeah, thanks, I'm actually pretty proud about the camera movement (but it took a lot of work to get it like this.)

I know about the scaling issue, we had the problem that could see below the earth sprite, so I opted for scaling the 2d stuff. Really gotta find another way for the next game.

Thanks a lot for your feedback :)

Thanks a lot for playing and and your feedback.

One of the eastereggs is actually when you piss the cloud off  :D, i guess thats the one you found.

If you look at the lake for long enough you might spot the last one ;)

Damn, this is hard. Really wished there was something like coyote time in some levels. This game forgives nothing. 

But it totaly is a fun experience, well done!

wtf! :D

The learning phase for this game is so smooth. One robot by one. And everyone uses simililar controls and is explained very good. Nice job!

Also it's amazing how entertaining and and challanging puzzles you managed to craft with those few elements!

Thanks so much for playing our game and taking the time to write such an extensive comment!!!

These are lots of very valid issues your pointing out. 

I guess one problem was, that on the last few days of the jam we had so many additional ideas for and tried to put everything inside the game. Because of this we really hadn‘t enough time to playtest everything as much as would‘ve been appropriate. 

And by the time we realized that the complexity was just too high, we were so short on time, that we tried to pack everything the player needs to know inside a tutorial, which ended up being just loads and loads of text (while still not containing every useful tip, because when you develop it yourself it just seems obvious somehow, which is bad...).

We will take all your tips and feedback to the heart. And I‘m looking forward to apply them (maybe in an update to this game or another game jam) to deliver a much better player experience! 


This thing is huge! Took me like half an hour to complete :D

It looks very good and the music keeps you moving forward (but also makes you a little bit insane).

I was really confused that you could take back the sphere from a door which swaps out with the one you're currently holding. I don't know if thats a bug.

All in all: very well done, congrats!

Love the art style!

Also the controls are pleasant to use. Though I think it would've been nice to show them for a few seconds after pressing Play for the first time. Took me a while to realize RMB was another attack move :)

When do I get to change the opponent? It seemed kind of random to me if after defeat the change opponent screen showed up or if the controls swapped to the opponent.

Would love to see this as a multiplayer game ;)

Nice job!

Very fun and interesting to play, though some of parts of the puzzles were pretty hard.

Good job!

PS: Once in the second room we encountered a bug where our characters position went up and we couldn't move trought the doors because we were too large. But I'm afraid I cant give you more details.

The water is a chemical hazard ;)

We unfortunately lacked the time to include the cutscene describing this.  

For the same reason (short on time) the game might seem a bit unbalanced at some places. :D

Nonetheless, thanks for playing and your feedback!

Thanks for playing. 
What do you mean with you cannot complete the first level?

You have to jump from one lilypad to another to get to the most outer right. 

Unfortunately there is only one level, we did not manage to create more in this jam. 

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Thanks for playing and your feedback. 

Unfortunately the instruction page didn‘t make into the game in time...

  • Use arrow keys or mouseclick to move into any direction.
  • Use space bar for jumping. 

Jump and move with the arrow keys or WASD. 

Start the Game with SPACE. 

Try to push the rice ball as high as possible. gl