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The Eternal Fire in the Flooded FactoryView game page

Find the eternal flame and try not to be short on oxygen!
Submitted by Jegus9 — 9 hours, 40 minutes before the deadline
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I like the funky colours, and it's really cool the rooms are randomised. It's just I wasn't sure I knew what everything was just by looking at it, like I didn't know it was a mine until it exploded, and since I saw more green than blue I though it was poisonous gas rather than water.


The quotations when you die were my favorite part!

Movement controls were good, but I was confused about turning the valve, It took a while to know if it worked or not.


Yeah, the only feedback you get is the sound. I could have made a simple animation of the valve spinning, but I overlooked that detail.


I like the way water seemingly jets out the their bum as they thrust themselves upwards :D

The music is nice but unfortunately artifacting as started earlier on W10 for me, volume related?


he farts to push himself upwards, it's canon now lmao


Really awesome game :D the artstyle is a little too simplistic for me and the gravity could use some tweaking. Other then that the game was pretty cool.  :D

I'm playing the windows version and I read your comment. Just started the music before the game and it's good to go :P It's really awesome the music is a 5 star from me :D

(Sidenote: i was using Godot aswell and i didn't have any issues with the StreamPlayer... Maybe your music is too loud...?)


Yo, thanks for the feedback (especially the negative parts, criticism means a lot to me). I'm still messing with the values on the stream player, and if I do make it work as intended, I'll upload a version with the music.
Did the gravity feel way too loose or floaty underwater? It's intentionally done this way, but in the end, anything that makes the player more comfortable is my end goal.


The main problem with gravity is that when I step down from a ledge (going down to the next level) the gravity instantly kicks in not like going from 0 to max. It's not that big of a deal so if nobody else mentions it then you shouldn't bother tweaking it. (The only reason i mentioned this is because I could never get the gravity right in my games and it annoys me a bit :P)


Hmm, looks like it's an issue with the player's raycast.

Developer (3 edits)

[EDIT] I put the soundtrack back for Windows. The last version I tested played pretty fine in Windows 10, so you guys shouldn't have a problem with it.

I've been warned that the Windows exports are having problems with the audio sounding accelerated and broken. I'm trying to work around it, but so far I didn't manage to make Godot's stream player work fine on my testing environment.

For the time being, the Windows binaries are replaced by versions without the soundtrack. It's painful to do that when I've worked so hard on the music, but it's better than making the players listen to an earrape version of it.

Here's a link to the original song: