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   Good morning, afternoon, or evening.
Wherever and whenever you are.
Welcome to the Heart Jam!

The Heart Jam is a 72 hour game jam hosted by yours truly (HeartBeast). I teach people how to make their own games using GameMaker Studio and the Godot Engine.

THEME: TBA on March 23rd


  1. Keep content PG-13 or lower (you know, fairly family friendly)
  2. Be civil towards each other
  3. Teams are allowed (and encouraged)
  4. Use only assets or code you have the rights to use
  5. If you make your own assets it should be done during the jam
  6. If you have any scripts or libraries you would like to use you can add those to your project file before the jam starts
  7. Use whatever game engine you wish
  8. If you have a twitter use the #heartgamejam tag to show off what you are working on!
  9. Have fun

[rules are subject to revision over the next few days so make sure you read them again when the jam starts]


Voting will begin once the jam has ended and will run for 2 weeks. Here are the categories that will be voted on:

  • Fun
  • Visuals
  • Music
  • Sound
  • Story
  • Theme


After the jam I will be selecting my favorite games (independent of which games score highest in the voting) and playing them on my YouTube channel.


  • What does rule 6 mean? Rule 6 means that you can create your project file, add helper scripts and small libraries to it. Many developers have scripts or libraries that they always use when starting a new project. These generally extend the engine they use and aren't specific to any game. For example, maybe you have some movement scripts you use for every game you make. Those would be okay to add to your project file. If you have a specific case you would like to ask about feel free to ask in the community and I'll do my best to answer.


Special thanks to YoYo Games for helping raise awareness of the jam and for providing a free temporary GameMaker Studio 2 Desktop license from now until the 28th. If you've been wanting to try all of the new features in GameMaker Studio 2 now is the time!

To get your free license all you need to do is create a YoYo account (or use an existing one) and then click this promo link.

Once again, this gives you temporary full access to GameMaker Studio 2 and until the 28th of this month. There is also an optional 20% discount to upgrade (before the 28th) if you end up liking the software enough and want to keep it.


Thanks for your interest in the Heart Jam!

- Ben