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A game made for the 2018 HeartJam. The goal is to reach the end of the dungeon with limited resources.
Submitted by Fenderbate (@Fenderbate), KovagoD — 8 hours, 50 minutes before the deadline
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Team Members
Szalai Attila
Kővágó Dávid

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I'm impressed how so many mechanics managed to make it in, and it doesn't seem like too many things surrounding them suffered, especially the visuals (the intro was well done). Unfortunately it risks just being a bit too complicated for a jam game, if there was more focus on maybe one spell and expanding that rather than having three it would make a better experience all around.


Thank you for the feedback!
My friend worked really hard on the intro, as well as on everything else and really appretiates the compliment(I had to listen his complaint that not much of the world is visible in the game :P)
Also thank you for pointing out that it's a bit too complicated, I'll try to work on that next time :)
PS: I didn't have the time to play your game, but I'll make sure to do so as soon as possible :D


I feel the mechanic would be better served if the sparkles from the ground while using bat ears were closer together, and the range of the characters attack a bit longer. I never did find out what the green floaty things were for.

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I tried making the bat ears effect better, but it would have a big performance cost if I did (well at least with the method I did it). The green orbs are described when you pass by the first one, but the first dialog still overwrites it when you leave the first room.

Oh, and thank you for the feedback it's really appreciated!


It's really hard to play with all the darkness, and I know that was the point, but it does not make it fun at all. But I did find out that if you press ESC when you die you can explore the dungeon with the light on haha

The art is pretty nice, specially the opening sequence!

Developer (1 edit)

Aaand that's pretty much the reason I wanted a "full time game tester" on my team! You just discovered an unintentional bu...FEATURE! I meant feature! Thank you very much for the feedback it helps a lot!


Oh and also I know that the darkness takes a lot of fun out of it, but lacking imagination (and the before mentioned play tester) I couldn't figure out anything better :/


The character art, level art and lighting are really nice and the sound design is great! All of this in a few days and you found the time to make an intro too. That's really impressive.


Thank you for the feedback! All the art was done by my friend and he worked really hard on it. I'll make sure your good words get to him! :D


Nice work, really impressed with the lighting effect - it was a little trial and error in places, and I felt the spells didn't help as much as I had liked, but it worked really well. I like how you had a story and neat intro sequence in the beginning too, nice one


Yes i know the spells aren't on point I didn't have the chance to test the game with other people other than my teammate and myself. I'm thinking about tweaking it a litle so it'll be more playable.


Good job, I like the atmosphere.


Thank you for the feedback :D