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Fun game, thanks for making it!

It might be better to start with a full crew, then lose them due to combat damage. And of course pick up others along the way.

Great game, however I feel the final boss is a bit unbalanced. Namely because it sometimes appears right on top of you when you're moving, so that you have no way to stop before running into it. Also the positioning of some of the hands makes some jumps impossible.

Cool, well keep working at it, I'd like to see something like Botanicula come out of this. :)

Cool, well I also managed to jump out of the asteroid tunnel and go on a space adventure of my own. So there's that too. :)

Just an FYI, you're using the installer, which is not really desirable.

It's a very high maintenance game. I feel this would work better if you added more complexity to each of the 4 stations, and then made it a multiplayer game, like a starship simulator.

I'd be interested in the source for this, I've always wanted to build some RTS stuff and see how it works. :)

Anyways, I couldn't figure out how to build a new dust collector, so once the first pocket ran out, I was done for. :(

A fun idea. I could see this playing out as either a  two player game, or a puzzle platformer where both characters move at the same time, and you have to move and use walls to position the characters so they can work in tandem to finish a level.

As it currently is, you just finish the course with one character, then the other.

I finished the tutorial, manned my sails, and set forth ready for adventure.................... still sailing............. yep still sailing............ sailing sailing over the bounding waves............... yeah, nothing is happening. >_>

Cool concept, but a very boring execution. :(

Also the manning concept feels really clunky, especially when you are just starting out, I can imagine that will a full crew it wouldn't be too bad.

Anyways, checking in......  still sailing after writing all this, nothing new. Good idea though.

Wee! I love survival crafters, done right. Nice that this one has an actual end-goal instead of the usual forever and ever. I ran into a bug where the game froze after a while when running full screen 1440p. Didn't have any issues running it 1080p windowed.

Music was enjoyable ambiatic, the environment was interesting, but there wasn't any actual gameplay. Plus over 300 mb download for a background simulator? A bit much.

Add some more obstacles and powerups and this could be a fun jumper mobile game. :)

However flicking doesn't work well with a mouse. :(

Ran into a game breaker, the continue button doesn't appear after feeding the star (if you've waited too long after feeding it the first time).

Overall a fun story, reminds me of that ascii game, can't remember it's name.

An interesting little photo shoot. :)

It's not too bad overall, maybe start off slow and speed up over time.

Well yes, I do suppose it has polish. In my jargon identity means uniqueness, which I feel this isn't.

You know, just a few hearts and each time you get hit you lose one. Or lose a powerup ala mario. The life bar system you're using is kind of boring, IMO.

Which is the best part. :) I was thinking of turning my game into a multiplayer competitive space brawler at one point.

Platforming controls are not.... what's the word for the feeling when something doesn't feel like it's doing enough? Anyways, you barely jump when you press jump, more like a jerk of the character, which just doesn't give the game a good feel.

Makes for an interesting mini-game.

I'm using Win64 and the replay button never showed up. :)

Interesting game concept, your art is good. But the collision detection is horrible, and that's a death knell for a platformer.

Interesting idea, I'd like to see more, and more interactivity with things. Anyways, I'm a P&C game junkie.

Interesting idea, I'd say the biggest failing is you move too fast.

No VR here either. Looks like you'll have a hard time finding ratings. :(

Good for you on trying the hardest route though. :)

I am now Space King. I like the sort of Chinese nobility look the characters have.

Also for some reason 8 inventory slots were filled up with nothing.

I blew up Davy Jones Locker. ;)

Music is catchy, game mechanic is nice (I'd limit it so that the fish can only be out of water for so long, because you can kind of fly around with the boost mechanic), I like it. :)

I have to disagree with "having it's own identity". The game is obviously trying to be Portal. However I do agree that the visuals are nicely stylistic and the game mechanic solid enough, albeit not too terribly original.

Unfortunately this game doesn't seem to work on Firefox. It would load, but none of the controls would work.

Thanks for the review! Yep, it's a bit of a slap job on the icons there, I was hitting about 30 minutes before submission so just went with the fastest possible option. :(

Interesting. However the dance sequence should probably be more DDR than click click bored, to win you just spam click as fast as possible at the right spot. Also I would presume that later on would actually have a fishing mini-game for working? The story is interesting, you have a few spelling issues with "there, their, and they're". I presume the game is revolving around performing mini-games based on each of the things you learn from your amour teachers. Overall nicely done.

Unfortunately the HTML build doesn't work (keeps saying that it's taking too much memory for webGL). Now as for the game, DON'T try this with a keyboard, the controls are rather touchy and you'll die fairly fast. ;)

With a mouse it worked just fine, but some of those really wiggly turns make for some bad times with a small mouse pad.

Overall the game has a fun, upbeat, robot unicorn attack feel to it. With constantly shifting backgrounds, global leaderboards, and a longer song loop this would be a fun mobile game. :)

Unfortunately I wasn't able to ascertain a purpose, a direction, or how to steer the sub. I am a sucky mariner.

Nice to see it's fully finished. However a bit bare bones.

Fun little time waster. There's a big white pixel in the middle-top of your title screen. Does almost everything I could ask for, except unique death effects for each hazard? Global high scores would also be a plus.

I feel you spent most of the time working on this to get the multiplayer running, which is cool, but the mechanics could use more polish. Namely you can't jump half the time. You probably fixed it in the 0.1 version, but I tested the original zip version posted. Sorry.

Fun, but without 360 camera control (by right mouse hold) it feels very fixed. Also the characters animations are abysmally slow and ineffectual feeling. But the art is great!