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Thanks for keeping me in the loop! I hope your projects go well :)

Unfortunately there is no (m)ine command, use the (d)ig command instead

And yes, not much to do :(

Well, I did make it in 5 hours :P

I made a house :)

I'd share it, but the comments won't let me :(

Sorry, you packaged your game as an EXE which is believed to be a Windows virus :(

I love the way those islands are generated, it looks so great, especially for some sort of twilight zone area.

Takes so long to load I have no idea how you did any testing :P
I gave it 5 minutes and it never progressed beyond that black loading screen with the cursor indicator onscreen. I'm on Win10 with a AMD Ryzen5 5500x, so it's not specs that are limiting it :P

Found my way to bedrock and decided that was a win :P

I don't have plans for further expansion of this per-se, but I do want to build a more robust text adventure engine. I just need to chat with Dr. Wolf as he's built one before.

You built the house!

north/south/east/west/dig/build :)

As noted on the download page:

Enter text corresponding to the button prompts to complete actions.

Hey Scribbler, thanks for the bug report!
Seems that in 2.3.1 they updated the function to no longer need to specify the buffer constant used. You can now simply define the function as follows.

buffer_get_surface(_tile_buffer, _surf, 0);

I actually do that, there's a variable you can use to control how many collision points you want to ignore from the base while walking up a slope. It's set to 2 by default (the character has 3 vertical collision points). The problem with the box is it's so wide that the mid-point of the box (which detects if it's on a slope) isn't able to make contact with the slope before hitting the solid tiles behind the second slope tile from the base. If your steep hill is only 1 high, it's just fine. Works well on the "hill" to the right of the starting point as well. As long as you start your slope with a "shallow slope" to lead in, it will work fine.

And yes, the markers/lines are collision points and the outline of the hitbox used for collisions.

Unfortunately the boxes are treated as solids, so you cannot push multiple boxes with my current code. However, you could probably add that capability by putting a collision test with a box object into the box object, and directing the moving box to add its momentum to the colliding box and forcing execution of second boxes step event before finishing its own

In this tutorial asset I have used a depth mask for determining how far the player should sink into a tile position. If you hit me up on r/gamemaker Discord I'd be glad to learn more about your bit masking method.

Very fun concept, loved the voices, sound like they're from Worms or something.

I think the hardest part was the physics with the planks, they need a snap point or to not be wiggly or something.

Thanks for the in-depth input :)

As for the controls, I wanted the vacuum to be "free floating" so the player could vary the amount of suction based on distance. This should work better once I improve the physics. The reason that the ball likes to "bounce" out of the goal is because the goal is a "slope", and the slopes physics aren't quite good enough to handle it. I have plans to add a "targeted" mode to the vacuum, where you lock onto the nearest object (there will be other moveable objects for puzzle aspects later on) at an adjustable depth (third mouse wheel) for easier moving.

I am the task master! Short and simple with a nice theme :)

I feel this game could have been a lot more fun with more bouncy physics instead of the "I slightly tapped this wall so either I'm dead stopped or flipping out like a maniac" stuff it has

I like the puzzle aspect a lot, I'd love to be able to use something like this for an educational game. However the difficulty ramps up too fast to be a useful teaching tool

Felt the character should have more life than a 1-hit

Jump up, duck down, endless runner. Sound was nice and the art is appealing, but it needs more to do. Also dying the way the music jumps around when that happens is somewhat jarring.

While the idea of your characters actions being determined by a slot machine is well in the bounds for the theme, and the presentation and atmosphere is certainly fitting, the UI is fairly incomprehensible. I had no idea what was going on, who was my character, and if what I was doing was doing anything useful at all. :(

Fun game, made it to the end I found a spare extra key the didn't unlock any extra slots, so bonus?

It's more along the lines of my secondary programmer backed out at the start of the jam so I ended up having program everything and didn't have time to debug the physics the way I wanted. :(

Was doing well until I managed to error the game :)
Nice concept, too bad it won't carry to mobile.

I feel this would work better with a faster movement speed for the player.

The cat worked fine as a gravity leash in its current state, and the bees also worked well.

You have a 4x higher likelyhood of getting controls that do nothing vs something, which is rather annoying after respawning and you get 4-way jets, or no jets at all, or 2 the same way. No obvious way to quit? Fullscreen switching wasn't enabled in-game?

No obvious way to quit? Pressed esc and nothing. Fun game, lots of spinning around the enemies to get them to stay in one place while you whittle them down. Could have been zoomed in a bit more I think, the mines were very hard to see.

While the art is extremely cute, the gameplay is rather limited and gets repetitive fast. Also I don't really feel that it met the "out of control" element very well.

A big flaw, now way to quit the game? Pressed esc and nothing. Lots of fun, sometimes the effects would be too much, such as when you break a saw it's so flashy you can't tell where new smaller saw blades are spawning so end up hit by them.

Shooting the towers to rage didn't really feel good, as you have to shoot them, so you pretty much stay raged at all times. Would have been better if you raged after being hit or something.

Fun game! Felt a bit floaty making precision platforming difficult though.

I got up to Political life before I decided I had to stop so I could play other games :P

Fun stuff!

A bit unbalanced with only you and enemies coming from 4 sides, you'll inevitably let enemies on the left hit while you kill enemies on the right and such

Fun game times with flappy bird evolved :)

King Spacebar is dead, long live the sword! Down with the bow which attacks so slowly it's not worth using :P

Fun little resource management sim. Graphics and effects are top notch. But there's not much substance to the game, especially lacking an ending. I chose the wrong answers to piss off the girlfriend but never got to see her slap my character :P

Fun shooter! I got to round 111 before I got bored and suicided. I was eventually so tiny and moving so fast I could clip the walls and leave the bounds of the game if I wanted. Most annoying event was the "reverse bullets", the other ones were all fun.