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Very cute, which accomplishes a lot, IMO. :P

While the different arms to kill different mobs is a good idea, it works best when you have discrete waves.

Nice whack-a-mole concept, seems to not have enough time given to complete the objectives though?

Fun, but the range of the sausages and the amount of rats getting beer make it almost impossible for you to win.

Controls could use a little more explaining, but the use of sound to indicate the position you should look from is pretty good. The warping mechanism could use a little more leeway on where you have to look, as it can be frustrating trying to line up exactly the right place and angle.

Great visuals, good use of sound, but you can't move?

Sound effects are fun, but it's endless and you'll eventually be overwhelmed around wave 25-30

I'd like to second t04's concern about the text being too small. Can't read anything on my monitors. I was just guessing at what was what for the most part.

Decent enough clicker, but excruciatingly slow, even with a mouse macro clicking every millisecond.

I am not set up for either of those OSs, so no.

Try the zip if you're having trouble with the EXE.

Become a Soviet secret spy squid, the motherland is calling!


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Sure, just give me your discord ID so I can DM you, or you can DM me from the shenanijam channel, I'm Zen00 there.

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Gamemaker programmer here looking for artist, sound, or programmer to work with on something.