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Hey, thanks for making the movie. This was made near the start of my game dev career and was a fun little experiment with making text based game engines. I eventually added a lot of stuff to the engine to add more interesting text parsing and stuff, though I've never released it. The game was super simple and fun to mess around with and highly inspired by Zork.

It was built for a 1 hour game jam, and is very short because of it :)

It's not that "I don't like the game", it's that your posting sets off pretty much every "Danger! This is a virus!" signal possible.

Thanks for the feedback, the theme was the actual first thought, the entire first 2/3rds of development was focused on the cooking aspect, which we thought made for some fun visual trophies and stuff. We were unable to create the art assets for all 20 of the possible trophies though, so for now they're "x"s.

As for sluggish performance, I've heard that from some people, but I've been unable to replicate it with my, or my teams, devices. It might be your browser, a browser add-on, or just that you have a really bad CPU/GPU. We can't control for it.

The cooking is supposed to be a "emergent element", something you figure out from gameplay. Namely by killing enemies, you get ingredients from them. What if you used only ingredients that drop from an enemy in your cooking? Also this guy looks leafy, vegetably, but has a iceberg lettuce for a stomach, maybe I should use vegetable/fruit ingredients to try and unlock his trophy. More enemies in the game would probably help with that.

I probably played too much NES/Gameboy then because I have no issues with it the way it is :(

We'll change up the controls later on then. :)

Create some wands! Do more staves drop or are you supposed to be able to access them from the beginning? Also sucks to be you if you start the first level with lots of enemy wizards and a staff that only shoots single projectiles. A lot of the runes just won't go into the slots, are there requirements for them?

While you can add more enemies/traps per floor, nothing else seems to change, and there seems to be no way to heal or change up attack style or anything. Enemies just run at you and push at you to hurt you, and you just spam the hammer as fast as possible to beat them.

Fairly decent. Probably one of the bigger problems was the combat turns took a long time, moving should be sped up by at least 2x. Also I got stuck in an infinite sleep or something because my character just went to sleep and never woke up again, which lasted many many rounds until he died. Also I didn't really see much point to the "chaos pool" mechanic, I'd summon 3 spells, and that was that. Maybe if I could summon like, unlimited spells, and the chaos pool also acted as your mana so you had to balance summoning spells, enchanting spells, and casting spells together.

A type game. Gather your bits together to attack larger enemies, go around the map looking for wells to multiply your bits, etc. The conditions for attacking are unclear (do I need to be bigger than them? But I never get bigger no matter how many bits I have), and movement is very jerky.

Big trap, the "exit game" button on the next screen is directly where the "view credits" button, so if you click twice, you'll kill the game :P
You're big, the maze walls are small, and the maze itself is very linear, so not much effort is needed to solve it. Punch a present for me!

While it's definitely moody, reminding me of flash animations from back in the day, it doesn't really do anything? You eat maggots, turn them into dirt, and then apparently eat a fetus or something? It's more repulsive than anything.

A hidden mechanic is that as you collect presents, your "weight" increases, thus making previously accessible jumps impossible. This results in you having to do a huge amount of back tracking to grab certain presents. The keyboard controls are a bit confusing, using IOP instead of the more traditional JKL. Overall an interesting idea, but not amazing.

Proc-gen maze that doesn't really generate right (sometimes there's no food generated, sometimes holes are generated so you can fall out of the level, and sometimes I started in a box with no exits at all). Theoretically you find food and explore, but your food goes down so fast it's impossible to explore more than a couple rooms before dying.

A game with no screen shots, no information, a txt file that's larger than the exe, and only an exe? I'm not going to try clicking on it. :(

Story elements were interesting, but what it really needed was a continual variety of different games (preferably of increasing quality) to help sell the whole thing.

Kind of a rouge-like. Shoot slimes, die, keep trying to get stronger. Works fine but there is no ambition in it.

Get ready to click! A bit of a idle + tower defense. The idle part isn't really set up very well, the scaling is far too low, so buying upgrades does so little it's not worth it. The tower side only has a single tower. My tip is to upgrade it to 0.03 shots per second, then focus on presents if you're interested in playing longer.

Definitely a top contender. I'm a big fan of the factory style game genre. I'd say the biggest problems here are the logistics aren't really capable of making a sufficiently expansive factory that can produce all the various recipes well.

Kind of cool looking game. Character moves too slow and such, but whatever. You pick up items which seem to not really do anything, but are supposed to maybe. Seems to be proc-genned, I eventually found "the end" where it stopped generating new levels and the AI stopped responding.

I'd say the biggest problem is the axes don't just pass through the ground, and instead actually land and retain a hitbox, making movement difficult when there are lots of axes falling.

But yeah, also doesn't seem to follow the theme.

Yeah, I felt that the distance the player jumps each time it moves seemed to vary each time it jumped, probably just an illusion of some kind.

Thanks, you're right. I spend the majority of the time working on the cooking element, and didn't really spend much time on the platforming element. The main problem I had was that I'm the only programmer, if we had two people on the team working on it we could have done much more. The platforming would feel much better if we'd managed to get in all the level enemies, for example.

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The game automatically detects if a gamepad is present on your system. If a gamepad is detected, it defaults to gamepad controls. If you are not having any luck with the control, then try unplugging your gamepad and restarting the game. Not every gamepad is supported (specifically some off-brands use weird input maps which can't be accounted for).

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If you have a gamepad plugged into your computer, it will default to using it. If you want to use the keyboard, then unplug your gamepad. Only the D-pad controls movement, joystick does not.

Blame Super Mario, which I based the controls on for those who are familiar with said game.

The title screen was fairly clever, with pressing the button to then show the actual game. I think this would be a better game without the power aspect, and just focus on the puzzle of the platforms changing the extension length based on the order of activation. I don't think the power bar really added anything to the game.

Also some work on evening out the player characters jumping and positioning would help make more clear the effect of each move. Beyond that I'm sure I found some solutions that weren't intended, such as extending a platform through all the other platforms, bypassing everything. :P

The way the credits were handled was also quite clever, though the player character continues jumping (and will eventually die) after the screen fades to the "Thank you", on purpose? :P

I scaled de fish. But otherwise the game plays itself. Completely unrealistic, my fish only ever get bigger. :P

Time seems to change with no rhyme or reason. Enemies come at you with no notice, no sounds, no effects. Completely unfinished. Better luck next time devs!

I like the idea of this game, but without having mining, probably one of the most core gameplay elements for it, finished this game is a hollow shell :(
It would be fun in a Faster Than Light type space ship builder style later on I hope.

Unfortunately you grow a bit too fast in this game. In its current state it feels like there shouldn't be a jump button, or a run button, you should just always be moving at full speed looking for an exit as fast as possible. The game likes to tease you by making you think the exit is right in front of you, but in reality its just very slow at loading the next section of the tunnel. While it is possible to win, the odds are stacked against you significantly.

Unfortunately not finished. This game is a idle sim that has you handing out presents to slimelings from Santa. However in its current version there are infinite presents, so no particular challenge. It's unclear what you're spending to upgrade your tree, but you can upgrade it occasionally.

The title screen is decent enough of an idea, with suitably ominous music. But the two options don't light up or anything to show which is currently selected, just a musical tone which confused me at first, and the response to input is very laggy for them. The colors on the top of the gun needed to conform to the actual gun colors, and light up to show what's currently being used (instead of the left-bottom hud). The controls didn't feel snappy enough (angles didn't lerp fast enough and such) for a game like this. And I wish there was a better way to swap colors because trying to hit the 1/2/3 button while dodging enemies that want to pound you isn't easy.

You have health of some kind? But if you just stay in place and the only thing you do is avoid saucers you still die after a few seconds. You can go off the screen edges and get lost forever. Running into saucers themselves seems to do no damage. While I applaud the devs attempt, this game is far too unfinished to be useful.

I do particularly like the UFO model in the green world, it looks very nice and professional, probably the greatest thing about the game.

The idea is nice, but the execution lacked that key element of showing your tracks as you place them, so you end up with a guessing game as to where your train is going. Though that may be the point, but if so I don't find that element of gameplay to be much fun.

Crazy game? You're a bird, you jump, and stuff falls from the sky, sometimes it hurts you, sometimes it has an effect, you can't really tell which it is and what does what effectively enough, so I just run and jump (insert meme) to the right forever, until the game becomes so full of exploding things that there's no way to avoid them any longer. Then when you die the game goes "brrrrr" and you go to a main menu that weirdly responds to your mouse movements.

An ambitious 3D adventure that didn't quite make the loop. The enemies are merely t-pose cutouts, and there seems to be no combination function as planned. I applaud the effort, but it didn't make the cut.

A cute game about serving cats trash! I'm not a big fan of the "fast service" type games, at least not so much with a mouse, this would work better as a mobile game. Doesn't seem to have a lose condition other than "served the wrong pizza". Also the pizzas are very picky about where you drag them to, if you overshoot the hand your hard work disappears into the ether. The music is cute and bopping, fitting of a game of this type. And the ingredients are suitably disgusting for the disgusting ally beasts that are behind those paws. :)

You're right, I forgot the player can only jump 3 tiles high but put in 4 tile high walls. Here's a "post-jam game breaking bug fix" for that. We were supposed to have some mobs that you can jump on to get extra height, but they didn't make it in.

Thanks for keeping me in the loop! I hope your projects go well :)