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I did spend the entire first day in the art work. A lot of what you see in the game is just the same image repeated but colored differently with minor touch ups. A lot of the game was rushed for sure. The bugs all spawn at random so you probably got lucky, but the randomize in game maker doesnt always feel very random, that is something I would definitely fix. Thanks for checking it out.

I can't even think of where to ding you with the ratings, fun maybe, but it was so entertaining.

Lol, that was awesome. Seriously, that was a work of art. Clever, creative, and moving.

The enemies look just like a friend of mine, and they act like him too.

So creepy, that was awesome. Good job. Only issue was finding keys, I think i would just stumble into them. Really liked the sound. Seems like all the sound effects were voices. Loved it.

I found the item responsible for the war, a jar, and 9 gems. I took the first item (I think its a plant of some kind) and tried to use it in the area I spawned in. it seemed to trigger the end of the game... I like your music and animations.  

Simple and fun. Good level design with the increasing difficulty and need to plan jumps and conserve rockets.

Well I hope it qualifies, either way I'm pretty happy with it. Thanks for playing. 

Bit on the easy side, lots of potential for a more challenging and entertaining game. Even a little flower counting animation at the end would make the player more inclined to try to collect them all, or make progress to the next level dependent on collecting all or a certain amount of them. Great design, appropriate sound for the graphics. Good job on the piano. Fun. Put another 72 hours into it and I'd probably buy it. 

Really like the concept, it would be nice to have the ability to conserve the light when it wasn't critical (control the radius). Art and music really compliment each other... I can not figure out the 4th level, if I ever do I will edit this if there is anything I missed. My favorite for music and sound so far and clearly a very talented team. Thanks for checking mine out.

No issues bud,  maybe implement some knock back from firing a bullet, or have a time bonus you can shoot at, or the ability to use a bullet while in the air to do a double jump to reach higher places. And since I'm no good under pressure, have each level timed with increasing difficulty but the ability to reset to the start of each room. Hope that helps.

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I actually tried to make the penis as inconspicuous as possible, while still present, out of respect for the game jam rules, and an attempt to avoid the inference that this is a game about sex more so than a overall picture of a bugs life(after its larval stage), as it was meant to be perceived. 

Thank you for your comment!

Thanks! Very pleased you enjoyed it and I'm happy you mentioned the music too. 

I also liked the music, liked moving fast and was a little annoyed with the orb collection animation.  I couldn't finish it, but it seems complete, and it was fun.

Well done, I like the music and the trippy background. 

Very solid, satisfying and complete game.  Good job!

The "select" sound needs to be balanced with the music, i was using headphones and it was a little painful, I'm ok though, haha. I like the music, and without the bugs it could be a cool little strategy game.

Thank you! if you get bored. I could use some ratings.

Your creative skills will do you well.

I'm with nezvers, too good, I cry fowl... lol

How noble of you!

But what if that dead end has a secret passage way, lol. I'm ashamed to say that I fell for that more than a couple times.

Thank you for checking it out and commenting. Glad you enjoyed the experience.

Good representation from a variety of duck species... and an awesome game! Very well made.

Even though I knew it was useless, a found myself inching forward in anticipation hoping i wouldn't trigger a trap. Good job with the sound and the music! Your title screen looks really cool too.

I was using 2 hands on my space bar, much quicker, haha. It seemed pretty solid and original. I especially liked your gloomy characters.

Seemed to work pretty well for me, definitely lost myself in it for a bit. You should make a cribbage game next.

Maybe if there were some checkpoints to add more time. Your title screen has a cool texture and colour scheme.

Thank you, that seriously made my day. The background effect is called parallax scrolling and its incredibly easy to do. Lots of youtube videos on it.

Unfortunately I can't get your .yyz to run. If I'm not mistaken, I'd need Game Maker 2 to run it. Thought you should know.

Well done, nice tutorial, professional. I have useless  thumbs though, not very good at destroying meteors.

That little m&m rambo kicks butt

Good job, I like the atmosphere.

Would make a good mobile game for when I'm supposed to be working.

Level 4 is haaard!

Nice art

Clever, I can see that being pretty entertaining with some good AI as well. 

Thanks for the feedback and taking the time to try my game out. I'm glad you noticed the weird element.