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A jam entry

The Trap MazeView game page »

Hardcore maze labyrinth. Prepare to fall into traps.
Submitted by nezvers with 8 hours, 53 minutes before the deadline

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Team Members
Solveiga Priedniece "UndeadCrabstick" - sprites and title screen
Agnis Aldins "NeZvers" - coding, music & visual touch-up.

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The feel of the environment was brilliant, really good music too. Can't say the gameplay itself was all that compelling, it seemed heavily trail and error to me.


Thanks for playing!
It is supposed to be trial and error. Have you played Hotline Miami series, because I wanted to capture that intense feeling roller coaster (stress, fear, anger) and no delay on it - just respawn to get into it.

Ver atmospheric! I enjoyed the stress of trying to find the exit in time and I guess you've sorted out the collisions issue.


Thanks you for playing! There wasn't really a collision problem I can think of. My playtesting friend also said so and in the end it was was intended as road from previous maze he thought had problems with collision. So that means I have to figure out some visual cue to players to understand that.

The atmosphere in this was great.  


Thank you! I tried what I could for very first game ever I made. Not really proud on music, but time was limited for it.

Even though I knew it was useless, a found myself inching forward in anticipation hoping i wouldn't trigger a trap. Good job with the sound and the music! Your title screen looks really cool too.

Developer (Edited 1 time)

Thank you! I must say traps here are less than they appear - I put then in spots people will tend to go. My friend was surprised when I showed him screenshot with layout. Plus I put some to punish "dumb" decision to go into dead end when it's visible it's a dead end.

But what if that dead end has a secret passage way, lol. I'm ashamed to say that I fell for that more than a couple times.

Developer (Edited 1 time)

Still you are BOSS in my book, because you had guts to venture into The Maze.

I'm continuing development on this game, first this is essentials - menu and resolution setup . After that I and my girlfriend have plans for expanding this game with more content in as soon as possible. This is our very fist game we actually made so we are doing as much as possible to gain knowledge and skills for future projects.

Your creative skills will do you well.

https://itch.io/jam/heartjam/rate/238760 if you get bored. I could use some ratings.


Of course I'll check it!

I enjoyed this game overall, though I did feel like the traps frustrated me over time. I was able to just restart and give it another go, though, so it wasn't such a big hamper. Good concept and neat execution.

Unfortunately the game quickly devolves into a game of "remember where the last trap killed you". While there are some very minute visual ques a trap is there, unless you're inching along, a strategy untenable due to the time limits, you will run into them every time. While some may have the patience for it, I do not.

Don't forget to rate https://itch.io/jam/heartjam/rate/238884


Well it was intended to be like that, hence no respawn limit with game reset but a quick respawn to jump right into next try.

Nonetheless thanks for comment and I'll check your game.


w/e that was scared the shit out of me Lol, you know exactly what I'm talking about ;)


Everything goes according to plans.