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Thanks, Nice and yeah that was the goal - would've been nice to add more polish and more levels, but I think the two levels gave it enough to where you got the pitcture :)

Thanks for the heads up, sorry you couldn't play the demo !

Talk about a hardcore platformer lol good job.

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I will admit, I expected this not to work as intended if you aren't using an xbox 360 controller and windows 10. I spent most of the week fighting with the tilemap collision and figuring out the cell position so if it's not working that sucks, but that's okay. It was an ambitious attempt at a way of interacting with the tilemap outside of basic collisions which had no documentation.

Sorry for those that couldn't get it working.

which level, the first or second level? and what platform.

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oh no, what controller? I've only tested with the xbox 360 controller so far

Cool game, like the aesthetic of the game. The hits felt like hits despite not having sound, nice amount of screen shake to give it that feeling without it being annoying.

Hmm yeah, I'm not sure at this point. Still segfaulting for me.

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64bit & I have a gtx 1060 6gb so probably supports all of them

OpenAl dll didn't fix it. Still segfaulting.

I completely agree, you can give the 1.1.0 version a shot where I kind of improve it a bit, but this doesn't solve the color issue.

Cool game. Works good on mobile, kind of wish you didn't use the same key/touch for settings. It's a bit glitchy where it sometimes doesn't work. On mobile it keeps going to the selection screen if you don't hold down when you go back to the main menu if you actually want to start the game.

I appreciate it, thanks for playing :)

download won't start for some reason O_o

Windows defender does not like this exe :/

Yeah it was great!

Yeah it's random between 10, 20 and 30 chips. :P

heh yeah that's how it goes it seems :D, thanks for playing/testing - wish I could've fixed a few more bugs before submitting. Sometimes there were times when you had blackjack 21 and the AI would beat you which was hard to pin point :'(

With that said I appreciate you playing, my first game jam :D

yeah I even had "replace bust w/ a lose sprite when you're losing to not confuse the player" and I just never got to it :( - and thanks for the feedback :D

Can you upload a standalone version? This seems to be an installer of some sort.

Music wasn't bad, that star backdrop looked great, your art looked pretty good. As you said unfinished which is fine. Curious what your final product would've been like.

I think you have something here though, gl if you continue on this idea :)

good luck, going to save this to see what you guys do with it

Finish this and release it on mobile. This is an addicting game if you can get a control scheme that works for mobile. Maybe like a drag in a direction to tell the hook where it should drag. Damn this is addicting, simple.

Interesting concept, wonder whats behind the door (because I couldn't open it)

Interesting game, only thing I don't like is the shooting controls. Space would've been nicer personally and enter to continue the dialogs.

Can you upload a standalone version that isn't an installer?

You have something here, like Garr said need some controls. Not sure if I'm supposed to get as far as possible without dying or if Im supposed to kill the mobs. The art is stellar, music is solid, visually this is a masterpiece, gameplay wise it just needs some clarity. Also the game over effect is a nice touch.  Keep working on this idea.

interesting game, couldn't figure out how to beat the level when i found the two color blocks though

Cool idea, crashes a lot though a little bit into the level after holding down my weapon to shoot down the spaceship.

You stuck to the theme well, the controls are weird. No WASD, but click on arrows. Then to change and face a direction you hover or it redirects in another direction so you have to make sure you don't hover in the wrong direction when shooting. Neat idea, but wasn't as fun as it could've been. gj on the theme though.

w/e that was scared the shit out of me Lol, you know exactly what I'm talking about ;)

Everything is dope except I'm still a bit confused on what I'm doing. The story and the setup is funny and it sort of explains it, but I don't understand the waste mechanic.

Brutally difficult, the physics with the controls makes this a bit hard. Interesting concept though.

Stuck to the theme very well, idk if that's a puddle of pee, but I learned the mechanic a little slower than I thought I did. Good animations and pixel art. Keep it up!

Um, I was sitting there doing nothing for a minute or so. Not my style of game, I see you put a lot of work into it though. Great music paired w/ the theme/idea of the game as well. See you next jam.

Simple, straight to the point. I liked it. Mechanics felt spot on, nothing really buggy. 3.5/5, not sure what the 'scarcity' part was with the game, but it was fun.