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A jam submission

ZIROView game page

Just a small prototype.
Submitted by deltah — 6 hours, 5 minutes before the deadline

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It looks very neat, shame the controls were optimised for touchscreen, though it wasn't completely unplayable since it's not like the player's reflexes were put to the test all that much.


I supose that I have to change the controll since enerybody get frustrateds. I'll continue working on this game when the jam is over. First thing to do: "Let make player move with a gamepad/joystick"


Well as you said there are many problems in this game, you had too little time. With a touchscreen, however, the controls would have certainly worked better.


You have a point


I can't move it seems, stuck on the main menu. The only button that does something is the ESC key O.o


haha, you have to CLICK on the arrows to move


Ok got to play now, my bad for not reading the game page's description. I like the art and animations a lot, specially the splash when the enemies are killed. Controlling with the mouse was interesting (and I guess that was also a kind of scarcity, controls), but it made it very hard to shoot down because when I moved the mouse to the shoot button it would turn the character to the side. Pretty cool overall =)


Yyes, the first thing that came to my mind with SCARCITY was tis way of controling the player. You are right, the shooting direction is problem. 


Doesn't seem to be anything past the second room. The controls are strange, clicking on the arrows to move? Having to do that then move the mouse to the other side of the screen is frustrating, especially when you mouse over another arrow key and the character changes facing direction. I could see this built out into a larger game that requires you to clear rooms with X amount of shots.


" a larger game that requires you to clear rooms with X amount of shots."

I didn' think about that, I could work on it, thank you :)

Developer (1 edit)

Hey! Thank you for paying attention to my little game.
To be honest I hadn't much time to work on it, when I decided to participate I had only 11 hours and I worked on it for about 3 hours.

I know that there are many problems with this game (or prototype), The arrow keys are a bit of an issue but I like this concept (I will put controller Input maybe).

I decided to continue working on this game, I'll keep updating on after the jam is over.

Thanks again for your time! :)


This game was more fustrating then fun.

The on screen arrow control makes it really hard to play (I couldn't shoot down because i always accidentally turned the other direction).

With some polish (maybe a joystick like control instead of arrows and a keyboard keypress or mouseclick for shooting) this could be a really cool game and I would even pay for it!


You stuck to the theme well, the controls are weird. No WASD, but click on arrows. Then to change and face a direction you hover or it redirects in another direction so you have to make sure you don't hover in the wrong direction when shooting. Neat idea, but wasn't as fun as it could've been. gj on the theme though.


Hey, it's really strange, we have to click on the arrow and A buttons in order to trigger them? We can't presse the keys on keyboard? I love simple art btw.