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We are really glad that you had fun with our game.

Thank you for playing and for the feedback :)

In my opinion it would have been better if the animals could not cross the trees, but overall a funny Pokemon-like game :)

Well as you said there are many problems in this game, you had too little time. With a touchscreen, however, the controls would have certainly worked better.

The game is fun, i would have made the character move more slowly and the background less bright but these are personal tastes. Good music and sounds too.

When you want, come rate our game : )

Good idea and nice looking game, i appreciated the first part even if, imho, it would have been better to include subtitles, i guess you have not had time for this : ). I must say however that the game its a little problematic with the collisions and, for me, crashed many times when i got hitted by the spaceship.

When you want, come rate our game : )

Interesting game, i liked particularly the ambientation, ofcourse some things are missing and yes it could have been a little more fun, but its understandable for the little time available.

When you want, come rate our game : )