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Escape from the VolcanoView game page

A challenging platformer game along 3 levels, with wall jump and ledge grab mechanics.
Submitted by l30n, AceOfSpad3s — 7 hours, 12 minutes before the deadline

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I had a lot of fun with this game. Very tense, great animation, and I kept wanting to get better at it even after dying something like 20 times. My only two gripes are:

a. The lava-freezing items only work for a couple of seconds, and it usually takes longer than that to get to them.
b. The platforming feels too pixel-perfect for some jumps, so it can be really unforgiving.


We are really glad that you had fun with our game.

Thank you for playing and for the feedback :)


It looked really good from what I played, shame I couldn't enjoy it all the way since it was so hard to progress. I would've liked it if the frozen lava could've been used for some platforming but you still burn to death in it.

We had thet same idea but  the game would have been too easy so we discarded it.

Thank you for your feedback :)


Great visuals but at times hard to control. Also, I my crappy elecom gamepad was not recognized unfortunately. Well... I guess I could expect that given it is cheap and crappy. Anyway, if I can make a suggestion, rendering it a little easier at least for the initial sections would be nice. Otherwise, great entry!

It's strange that your gamepad has not been recognized, i'll do some research on your problem.

Ty for your feedback :)

This game was more fun then I expected. The way you implemented the theme made it a very tense game, you have scarce time due to the constant rising lava and the oxygen tanks that were spread out are scarce in the levels too, it was fun figuring out if I should risk getting close to lava to refill my oxygen meter - you guys really made the mechanics complement each other and work together. The sound is nice (I like how you can always hear the lava, it would be cool if the farther away you are from it the bubbling noise would decrease), the visuals are good and the player character is nicely animated. Maybe the story could've been more present in the game, like a cut-scene at the beginning showing what went wrong to create the rising lava. Anyway, it's a good fun game!

Thank you for playing and for your feedback :)

We will make soon a new version with some adjustments.


Man this game is tough - I made it to the top of screen 3 (I think) before running out of oxygen, I couldn't beat it but it was a fun and tense experience, love the climbing animation and particles looks like you guys put a lot of care into the artwork, one thing I would prefer would be the freeze potions freezing the lava even if they don't land directly in it, I made it through the entire first screen without needing them at all, but having to wait for the lava to reach an area you know it will freeze so you can get the oxygen puts yourself in too big of a risk in my opinnion - Still I had a lot of fun even if I couldnt beat it


I am glad to hear that you have reached the third level :)

On the freezing potion you are right, there are some oxygen spot where you cant use them. We will probably make a version with all the things that are missing, including this one.

Thank you for your feedback.

Submitted (1 edit)

The tension, mixed with the controls (a bit like Prince of Persia or Another World) made for a frantic climb. My one big problem is that I didn't understand how to retry until I found out by accident, but other than that it plays, looks and sounds great!


I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Thank you for the feedback :)


You obviously know what you are doing right here. It looks awesome, plays wonderfully(you could easily speedrun this!) and has great sound. Fits the theme nicely and it's fun. The only criticism i have is that when i died it took a while to realize i had to smash some buttons to play again. Overall, a well-made game!

(1 edit)

Ty for the  feedback :)

We had little time for finish the game, so texts and menu are missing.

Unfortunately unfinished. This game is quite visually appealing and could be a lot of fun. As it is, several key features do not work (game freezes on death, chill potions don't stop a fiery death)

Game don't freeze, after the death animation you must press a key to restart. Due to lack of time we couldn't implement text on screen or menu that tell you what to do. Sorry for that.

For what concearning Chill potions, they were meant only to stop the lava briefly and give you more time to finish the level.

Ty for the feedback, we will do the same.