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Right from the title screen, I was into this. A strange little game about the life of bugs, set to some nice dreamy music. It looks and sounds great.

Yep, the music is original. Thank you so much. :)

I felt the keyboard layout was kind of odd, but the control and adjustments to the character were pretty good. Right from the menu, I was really into the sound design, complimented well by the in game art.

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The tension, mixed with the controls (a bit like Prince of Persia or Another World) made for a frantic climb. My one big problem is that I didn't understand how to retry until I found out by accident, but other than that it plays, looks and sounds great!

The character art, level art and lighting are really nice and the sound design is great! All of this in a few days and you found the time to make an intro too. That's really impressive.

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This is some great stuff! I got a good laugh out of that losing screen. Pretty much sums up my blackjack experiences.

Thank you, really appreciate your feedback. :)

Thanks for the feedback, glad you liked it. :)