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Take the crystal to the end to win! A simple platformer, the "Creation" aspect is a bit flimsy but it works lol.
Submitted by Arc105 — 1 hour, 40 minutes before the deadline
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There's a lot here that I like, secrets are always a plus and strategically placing the jump pads is definitely one of the game's strong points!


You are definitely improving! I think this game was much more complete than Golem Core. I would make some tweaks to the physics system so that the collectibles only interact with the player, and the platforms don't knock the player around.  The place able jump pads was a great and unique idea. Overall I think with the physics tweaks and some additional levels this could go on to be a complete game.


Awesome artwork! The background looks fantastic in particular. And I like the idea of conserving your jump pads and using them sparingly, that's a cool twisting on platforming that I don't think I've seen. Also like how there's some secret crystals that encourage exploration of the level.

I did find myself a bit frustrated with a couple things: I don't think I had the ability to pickup a pad after having placed it? Also, I struggle the place the crystal after carrying it? I think some tutorial levels that more slowly introduce the mechanics would be super helpful!


Thanks!  So yeah with the jump pads, it's supposed to be something that's just thrown down and that's it you can't pick them back up.  I put the limit in place so that you couldn't just use them instead of normal jumping but I took the inspiration from Mega Man and the Rush powers you get.  


Ahh I see, right right. Yeah I think the problem was my noob level and accidentally placing the pad when I didn't mean to. But I see why you don't want to allow the player to re-place the pad.


Great game. I really liked this mechanic idea of you placing the jump pads and orbs yourself, it can be improved into something really cool. It just has some little problems with the player colisions, pretty normal in unity 3D, and the faster platforms are maybe too hard to stay on at some point, but nice game overall.


Thanks!  Yeah there were definitely some issues with the platforms moving without the player, I've fixed that in March's game jam though so hopefully it'll feel better.


Good level design and I really liked the background art. 

I had a bit of trouble with the floating blocks, kind of fell of then, maybe they need a bit more friction and the walls a bit less.

Never figured out what to do with the balls I was shooting and the baskets  that was on the track, Tried to put the balls and jump pads in them but nothing happened. 

Developer (1 edit)

Yeah a friend of mine said the same thing, he started it up again and then it worked fine.  The orb is supposed to go into the basket to slow down the rotating platforms.  Seems it may have been a bit touchier than I thought.


Not a bad take at all on the platformer genre. Some of the warts of Unity's physics engine came through, but all around it was a solid jam entry.


Yeah the walls and platforms had some strange behaviors.  Definitely gonna look into ways to fix that.  Thank you though


Liked the art, fit together well.  Was a bit off on theme but I can see it.  Walls/enviornment was a bit, "sticky"?  If that makes sense.  With some work i think this could work!  Gg's


Yeah, I wasn't quite sure how to fix the issue with the walls but if I ever make another platformer it's gonna be a top priority lol.  And agreed, the theme connection was a bit of a stretch but it was all I could really think of within my skill level.  Appreciate it though


Some of the platforms were pretty hard to time just right, but I was able to do it after a few tries.  The background art was pretty cool and I liked the jump pads and using those to reach higher places.  I think overall it's a good base game to build a platformer game on.


Thanks and yeah, one of my friends I sent it too said he was having trouble with one of the platforms so I had to go back in and adjust it a little.  Also I agree, it's definitely a foundation but it just isn't too much else.