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I love the art and tilt-shift camera effect (if that's what you were going for?).  The gameplay was smooth and fun.  One thing I noticed was that running and shooting didn't shoot in the correct location, but maybe that was intentional?  Anyway, nice game!

I think you have a good base for a "spy hunter" type game ;)

The core gameplay is there, just need to add some polish and bug fixing, but the core mechanics are there.  Nice job!

Really cool the way you made the art with the limited color palette.  I also liked the kind of cynical humor around common game tropes.  I wasn't able to get past the block to jump up on the double jump part.  Is that where it's incomplete?  Anyway, cool start!  One piece of feedback I'd give is that the jump should be a little more floaty, or the camera should be a bit elastic or something.  With the character jump falling so hard and having it tied to the camera makes it a bit hard to follow.

Pretty cool simulation.  I'll admit I was a little lost at first and had to go back and read about each component and how they work.  I think a little guide to get started wouldn't be a bad idea, but it's really only because you coded something so complex, which is perfect for a simulation, so nice job!

Definitely enjoy that it taught me about colorblindness in addition to being engaging and crunchy to play!

Wow!  What a cool puzzler.  I love how it incorporated previous player's runs in addition to my own.  The game was incredibly well polished, really solid job.

Really unique controls and the sound effects made just bouncing around very fun.  It was pretty challenging at first until I found out I can still mode left and right and not just rely on bouncing myself off of things.  I could also just hold up or down to lock myself to the ceiling or floor, which also made it a bit easier, but even given that it was a good challenge.  Nice job!

I liked the overall game and level design.  I think you captured the "collect X to continue" kind of gameplay well.

I initially took the "there are no boundaries" as a challenge and fell off the world by trying to climb a steep mountain XD but I was able to restart and collect everything to beat the game.  I think the ability to rotate the camera would have been a nice quality-of-life feature, but the game was playable as is, just made me do a little more exploration and check out all of the paths.

This game made me emotional =*) I liked the overall message and I had to go start over after I beat the game to confirm that the solution really was there the whole time ; )

The music was nice, and the story fit the theme well.  I'd echo what others said about the tiles having visible seams, but that didn't detract from the overall story or gameplay for me.  I was able to get through it all the first time around.

Nice little game with a cute story

The art looks awesome!  it all fits really well together.  The game is short but offers a few puzzles for you to complete along with some nice music in the background.  I liked the concept and the theme.  I think it would be a cool concept to expand out into a larger game.  Nice job!

This game had my eyes bouncing back and forth between the middle and bottom of the screen as a frantically tried to defeat Voi'Vouno!

Sometime's I'd get into a trance-like state while somehow managing the chant while dodging stones with my mouse.  I played it a few times and got close to beating the game.  Maybe with a  few more tries, I'd have been able to beat it.  I think it's a difficult game without being too difficult.  Something you can easily start and with a bit of practice get the mastery of.

Cool concept!  I enjoyed it.

Thanks!  Glad you enjoyed the ambience and the change of pace from the last game XD.

Thanks for the suggestion on the juice; those are some good points.

oooooooook;  that's pretty cool!  That's a sweet mechanic!

Glad you like it!  I did add footsteps noise, but I think I put it so low that it may not have been noticeable.  I'll consider better sound balance in my next game!

Yeah there is no other level.  I had planned on adding a leader board as a goal to hit, but I cut the feature at the end. 

I'm glad you considered the planning movement part, that's what I was going for!

Great job, especially for your first game!

I'd echo the same as the other comments: the speed is a bit fast for the dexterity you need to land on those platforms and it made the game extra difficult.  I'm not very good at 2D platformers in general, but this one was definitely up there in difficulty!  I think when you make a game, you get used to the controls from hours and hours of playing it, so it can be difficult to balance.

I really enjoyed the story!  I haven't seen a game jam game yet with a back story, so that was fun to see.  I think the text ran a little fast for me, but I caught up to the pace and was able to get it.

I think you have a nice consistent art style and a good solid game base here.

Nice job!  Especially for it being your first game, I think you made an impressive first game :)

I couldn't get past level 6 (the boss?), but it was a fun game with a great artstyle.

I think the save point mechanic of going back on level each time you die is interesting; I don't think I've seen that before, but it was a good fair balance of difficult and fair.  If you kept going back, you'd just learn the mechanics better, so while it felt a bit punishing at first, I quickly got past each level back to the boss fight, which I couldn't pass.

The level challenges also progressed quickly, so I didn't feel like I was in a tutorial the whole time.

Well done!

It was fun to play; you have a good core game loop down.  I think it would have been interesting to have the snowman move around the level in a way where it didn't just follow the player around.  It would also be nice to see a score or have some goal to achieve.

The music was nice and the game had a consistent feel and easy controls to learn.

Good job!

The start menu was great!  I think active start menus are a really great game feature.  The driving was pretty fun too XD if you get going pretty fast the fire engine can start to do a little power slide.

Overall great game loop: drive to the fire, put out the fire.  I think it would have been cool to add some overall objective like having to put out the fire in multiple places in a time period or something like that.  It didn't feel like something I could fail at, but it was fun to play regardless.

The art style, sound effects, and UI all fit together nicely.  I think it has a consistent theme and it's got a fun game loop.

Nice job!

I think you have a lot of really cool platformer mechanics in one game.  It was impressive the variety of obstacles that you had placed!  I especially enjoyed the ability to spawn your own platforms and jump pads.

I can see how you expanded on your previous game; this is clearly a sequel to that and I think you hit the theme really well.

If you're still interested in expanding this game, I'd definitely look to do that as a future project.  I think you have a lot of the great core elements of a platformer in a nice place.  With some polish, it'd be a solid game.  Nice job!

Haha, I'm glad you got your revenge!

Thanks!  Yeah I think you're right, it is pretty hard when the plants get close.  Adding an escape mechanism would have made it a bit easier to escape rather than leading to almost instant death.

This is a great game!  Fun mechanic with using your corpse to pass obstacles.  The challenges are great and a good balance of difficulty.  Nice artwork as well.  Good job!

Great concept!  I think you have a solid puzzle game concept here!  It was easy at first but quickly became challenging, which is a great way to introduce it.  There were plenty of levels to play through as well.  I think some sound effects would have made the game pop a little more, but fun regardless!

Some of the platforms were pretty hard to time just right, but I was able to do it after a few tries.  The background art was pretty cool and I liked the jump pads and using those to reach higher places.  I think overall it's a good base game to build a platformer game on.

Very fun!  The leaderboard was an excellent addition since it made me want to play it over and over again.  I spent around an hour just powersliding and trying different cars.  The driving is very satisfying and just difficult enough to make me want to keep trying to master it and improve.  Nice job!

The only pieces that stood out to me that could be a bit better were that the sound was a little quiet, the walls were a little "sticky" when crashing into them, and the car turned in the opposite direction than I expected when moving backwards.

Fits the theme quite well since you can "make" your own board game.  Game is reminiscent of chess, but with some unique piece movements.  Overall a fun little game to play locally with somebody.  Would have been nice to have some sound effects for piece movement to make it a little crunchy.  The artwork is fun and consistent.

Fun simulation game!  It's cool to see what happens with different gene combinations.

It looks like speed isn't as important as sense and reproduction for success of the species.  I added a species with low reproduction, max speed, and low sense and they move around like bees missing all of the carrots XD.  

This is a fun simulation and the music is really calming.  It creates a nice little atmosphere.  Nice job!

So awesome!  I never got to find him unfortunately, but it's a well made game!  I got so close several times.  Really great to play with your eyes closed, too.