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Survive the onslaught of carnivorous plants for as long as you can
Submitted by _brian — 2 days, 9 hours before the deadline
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What did the time frame of your development look like?
First week I spent learning 3D modeling and trying to make a sequel to Flourish as a gardening game. But that wasn't fun, so I pivoted and spent the next 3 weeks on a more action-packed version instead where the plants get revenge.

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The environment was awesome, all the details came together very nicely. As people pointed out,  no feedback when hitting the plants made me feel unsure and that sense of progression as the level went on wasn't emphasized that well. Loved the "scary sequel" concept, it made me think of the time I thought Jack Frost 2: Revenge of the Mutant Killer Snowman was a sequel to the Michael Keaton drama film.

Anyways, 6 plants surrounded me at the end and now I have PTSD, 10/10

The atmosphere and artistic polish all came together for a visually interesting and impressive presentation given the time frame. I felt like the gameplay pacing design could have used more ebbs and flows. A round system I think would have helped with this. Easy round at first to introduce the mechanics, followed up with increasing difficulty rounds (with maybe a few dips as to not exhaust the player).  Awesome play on the theme with your past game as others have pointed out.

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That was fantastic! Loved the atmosphere between the dark setting and music. Really made me FEEL the dread.

Also, a really clever twist on the theme. The juxtaposition between the chill game you made last game jam. Really got a kick out of that.

And the game looked great and the darkness/lighting was perfect.

One bit of feedback I have: I it would've been nice to have a little more "juice" - primarily when hosing the plants, seeing them burning or hearing some crackling or something just to make it clearer that I am in fact hitting them. And a sound effect or something when picking up more ammo.

But great job!


Thanks!  Glad you enjoyed the ambience and the change of pace from the last game XD.

Thanks for the suggestion on the juice; those are some good points.


Nice game Brian! The art and lighting in this game is fantastic! (stain glass in the building is awesome) I didn't play your previous game because I'm new around here, but it seems you nailed the theme pretty well. The level design is spot on too as the setting is very ominous.

A couple small critiques would be to add footstep noise for the character as well as a louder flamethrower noise. I think it would just pull the scene together perfectly then.

Good job!


Glad you like it!  I did add footsteps noise, but I think I put it so low that it may not have been noticeable.  I'll consider better sound balance in my next game!


I liked this game. its nice that you have to plan your movement so you get close to refill before the fuel runs out,

I missed a high score feature. Or maybe that you have to survive the night or something so a level end after some time or that you had to kill a certain amount of plant before next level.


Yeah there is no other level.  I had planned on adding a leader board as a goal to hit, but I cut the feature at the end. 

I'm glad you considered the planning movement part, that's what I was going for!


This one is really great and the work that went into setting the mood really showed.  Loved the visual filter on it, making everything dark was a great choice, the music really brought it all together too.  After playing your last game, it was nice to get revenge on the plants lol


Haha, I'm glad you got your revenge!


This game is really simple but also really fun!! The sound fits and sets the tone, the lighting is dim so you have to squint but in the light of the flamethrower you can see the enemies. The fuel tanks are hard enough to find so that you eventually run out and have to look for them, and the flowers are actually pretty scary when they get close. 

The one suggestion I would make is that when the flower gets close enough to bite me once, it normally bites me 3 times and kills me pretty quick. Maybe I'm not good enough :P but maybe it would be good if there was a sprint function that you could use when not using the weapon to get a quick boost of speed to escape tricky situations?

I really enjoyed this! Fantastic work on the fire and lighting!!


Thanks!  Yeah I think you're right, it is pretty hard when the plants get close.  Adding an escape mechanism would have made it a bit easier to escape rather than leading to almost instant death.