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That is just begging for some lightsaber sounds..... Super cool!

Obviously a little on the short side :) I thought the atmosphere, lighting, and art were really really good. The gameplay loop is there, and has room to expand (obstacles, enemies, power-ups, etc). The win screen was a little buggy for me and without reading the itch page I wasn't sure to press spacebar to drop off the person. Big props on that loading screen though! Nice work.

Tough to find issue with this game... I just want more levels! Really enjoyed the puzzle aspect of this game. For a game jam game I think it was the perfect length to keep interest. Minor improvements really only relate to features that could be added to take it to the next level and were mentioned by others. Great job!

Thanks for the feedback and playing my game! The "AI" is just a super basic script (see below)

export var speed = 250

var ball

func _ready():

ball = get_parent().find_node("Ball")

func _physics_process(delta):

move_and_slide(Vector2(0,get_opponent_direction()) * speed)

func get_opponent_direction():

if abs(ball.position.y - position.y) > 25:

if ball.position.y > position.y: return 1

else: return -1

else: return 0

I have a couple things left I want to implement and bug fixes. I also wanted to get the GDFG community critiquing it because I find other game devs tend to have pretty sound advice on things to tweak or add :)

Yes all sounds were from!

Thank you for the feedback! Agreed! I should definitely implement the 3 second countdown timer on the first volley just like after scores. That would be more fair to both sides. Currently I have the opponent increasing his speed variable after each player score to increase the challenge. I think the ball would make more visual impact like you mention. So I think I would have to increase the ball speed and opponent speed (opponent slightly more). Thanks again for the awesome feedback and taking the time to play the game!

oh also on an unrelated note... I became a dad last month.. and my daughter's name is Murphy.. so now we are both "MurphysDad" 🤣.

A great little game/concept! I really liked the music as well. One thing that happened to me is that I accidentally dropped an apple in the water and the wombat was stuck trying to get to it lol. Also maybe you could randomize the spawn location for the wombat. He was in the same spot the two times I played. I would be interested to see what you do with this if you expand to a larger game! Nice work!

Wow! I feel like this game was so complete and polished. I think the difficulty was hard enough to frustrate you, but not so hard that you didn't press "r" to restart, which I think is a good place to be. The art was very solid. I love the main characters hands in pocket shuffle. Music fit the mood very well. I really don't have any complaints. Amazing job team!

Very unique idea blending a tower defense game with a platformer! The cutscene, art, sound, etc are amazing and fit the mood really well. As others stated the collisions and jumping was a little funky on the platforms. Including a tutorial was very helpful. Overall a very polished and well put together game nice work!

As others stated... Very impressive! Lots of detail not only in graphics and level design, but also sound and animation. A little more narrative could make it better. Nice work!

A nice puzzle game! I really enjoyed playing this game. I agree with most of the things others have said about difficulty and the whether the ability is necessary. I think with some refined artwork and a soundtrack this could be a really cool game. You could also introduce more guard mechanics or introduce them earlier to ramp the difficulty up faster. Good job!

Simple game but I'm sure you learned a bunch making it. It is also a good foundation for further developing or borrowing code later on! Adding an additional state of decay on the building (maybe rubble?) would have been cool.  Good job!

I got Tritanopia.... lol

is it bad if I think running the people over would be a funny part of the game? 😮 Lol.

Wow thank you for the awesome feedback! Really appreciate the kind words! I think your critique comments are common across the board which I'm glad because atleast it's consistent and not all over the place! I also agree with them 😂. 

Just watched your twitch stream! Sorry I missed it. Woulda been nice to chime in at parts. Appreciate the review/critique as well. Level 5 I added right before submission so it wasn't play tested really... I agree that it was really hard and that is a bummer cause the next level was the samurai boss battle and rescuing your son.  In level 5 when you get to the top of the wall jump you are supposed to jump out and up and then back in to land on the platform right above you. It is tricky with the spikes. In hindsight this level would have changed to make the final level more accessible. Originally I was trying to figure out how to do the  wall jump controls in the way I have always experienced them, but was running into issues and this way worked so I kept it, but agree it should change. I hope to participate in more of the GDFG game jams! Currently deep diving into Godot and gdscript so I have a feeling my next game may be much more simple lol. Thanks again and I look forward to the next podcast!

Got to the monster level maybe +6? It was hard for me to read the level number cause it was cut off the screen. Maybe cause I was full screen on an ultrawide lol. I also got to -3. How do you get past that monster??

Awesome game and very unique idea. The art is really good and that dash is oh so satisfying. Nice work!

Nice work. I enjoyed the music and the sound effects in the game. Also echo most of Yanniboi's comments. It seemed when I ran away from the snowmen that they moved fast towards me? Overall though nice job and congrats for finishing it!

As Brian said a lot of good platformer mechanics! It was fun to play and a good level of challenge as well. Two critiques I would have is to add sound and maybe put the fire button on the keyboard since the other controls are there. Nice work Arc! I look forward to what you make next.

Nice game Brian! The art and lighting in this game is fantastic! (stain glass in the building is awesome) I didn't play your previous game because I'm new around here, but it seems you nailed the theme pretty well. The level design is spot on too as the setting is very ominous.

A couple small critiques would be to add footstep noise for the character as well as a louder flamethrower noise. I think it would just pull the scene together perfectly then.

Good job!

Awesome game! Love the art. I thought it was cool how the background was blurred to keep your focus on the foreground. The noises and music were nice as well. The transition from driving to firefighting was also cool. I got a kick out of just driving around blaring sirens lol.

I think this game, if you ever wanted to, could be expanded greatly. I saw that I had many active fires but the game was done after the first. It would be cool to see how many you could do in the time frame. I never did figure out what the helicopter meter was for but it appears others did so I must have missed it! Adding traffic would be a nice feature and your siren could make them pull over or something to get out of your way. The fires could also be timed so if you took too long to get to a certain fire the building would burn down and you would have to navigate to a different one?

Overall just a fun game to play! Nice work!

Hey Bei! Thanks for the critique! Ya that level you are talking about is the last one before the boss, which is where you would use the shuriken. Unfortunately after I posted it I thought back and was like "ya that's too hard..." Ultimately you have to time the wall jumping so you land on the right side. Then jump out and in to above the spikes. From there it's pretty easy. I will be playing your game shortly!

thank you Arc for the critique and kind words! I look forward to playing your game when I get home tonight!