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survive the snow part 2View game page

Submitted by Codracon360 — 8 days, 17 hours before the deadline
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What did the time frame of your development look like?
worked about 6 hours each weekend

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The art side of things I thought was well done with a consistent direction and style. I think the game mechanic could be interesting but I think a goal presented to the player to achieve held it back. I would like to see some sort of kill count/ round system. 

The art side of things I thought was well done with a consistent direction and style. I think the game mechanic could be interesting but I think a goal presented to the player to achieve held it back. I would like to see some sort of kill count/ round system. 

The music was perfect! And I liked the popping sound effect when shooting.

I like that you provided a little story as well!

My biggest piece of feedback would be making the player and snowman move at different speeds (I think that was the issue I was seeing?). I would try to move left-right in order to line up with the snowman to hit him, but we moved at the same pace so I couldn't align my shot.

Also, a kill count would be nice to gamify it a bit more (try to beat the high score).

Good work!


It was fun to play; you have a good core game loop down.  I think it would have been interesting to have the snowman move around the level in a way where it didn't just follow the player around.  It would also be nice to see a score or have some goal to achieve.

The music was nice and the game had a consistent feel and easy controls to learn.

Good job!


Nice work. I enjoyed the music and the sound effects in the game. Also echo most of Yanniboi's comments. It seemed when I ran away from the snowmen that they moved fast towards me? Overall though nice job and congrats for finishing it!


Great job. 

Some score or something would be nice, didn't really know what to do at all when I started.


Yanniboi said most of it but yeah it was fun and functional.  It was pretty simple but done in a clever way for what it is. 

Echoing a lot of the same feedback points, the win condition wasn't clear but I did end up winning.  I just found the border and walked it until I found the building.  The spawn position for the top snowman made it a little tough to hit just because of how it works but it wasn't impossible, just had to get a lot closer than the others first lol.

I think either making them move faster or making them spawn faster over time would be a good way to amp up the difficulty, or both.  I didn't end up losing any health in my time playing so difficulty wise it was definitely on the easier side.

Great job though, glad you finished and submitted something.


thank you


This game was surprisingly fun given how simple it is :)

I played it for way longer than I should have and in the end I let the snowmen get me just to see the game over screen :P I haven't played part 1 yet, but I'm gonna go check that out to see where you started.

I enjoyed the sound. It works well with the survival theme and doesn't get boring. It was also easy to understand and the instructions were very clear.

 - Some feedback

I couldnt work out a win condition. Is there a way to win? Maybe something as simple as a count of how many snowmen you have killed would be enough. Then you could keep track of a highscore/leaderboard.

There is no incentive to walk anywhere. Once you have worked out that there is no exit and no collectables you can just stand still and shoot. Maybe it would be good to hide or randomly spawn health boosts that the player needs to look for. 

The snowmen coming at you are good. But again walking has no impact on them. Most snowmen come at a good angle so you can shoot them from any distance, but some of them come at an angle and you cant get them until they are closer. If this is on purpose to make it more difficult, then that is working well. However I would expect walking to change the angle between the snowman and the player. It could be a very slow change, like walking for a long distance by the player might only make a small different to the snowman approaching, but having some control to better line up the shot would give the player a sense of satisfaction and achievement.

Hitting the snowman with a shot works. However it feels a little bit off, like the timeing is a bit delayed (sometimes you think that the shot didnt hit for a second and then realise that it did). Hard to explain. Some improvements here might be that the bullet disappears when it hits the snowman rather than going through them or maybe moving the collider slightly closer to the player so the hit happens a bit earlier? I dont know what would work here, but maybe some small tweaking would improve the effect.

Difficulty - It is quite easy to play once you have worked out the controls. You could play this game for a long time and not lose. Maybe the snowmen should speed up as time goes on. Or you could have "waves" of snowmen where suddenly you have lots before it slows down again, giving you a chance to find health boosts between waves.

 - Final thoughts

Overall I enjoyed this game. It is REALLY impressive given how little time you spent on it. I think with a clear win condition, and a difficulty modifier, this would be really re-playable. Well done!


thanks for the feed back

I tried to make a win condition with the building(oddly colored spot) but now I see you can't get to it