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Thank you very much! We do our best :D

Hi thanks for the comment!

Just FYI, this is a very old game, we remade it here:

More updates and more features (although you still cant vanquish enemies :P that will hopefully come later )

Thanks :)

There was no plan for the platform glitch, but it was quite funny in the end so I didn’t fix it. Some people tried to use it for secret shortcuts


oh the down key dropping faster is a good idea thanks

Breathtaking!!! So much to love about this, I’m blown away!

More compliments during my playthrough here:

Love a good tank game! Really impressed with you adding controller support. Not sure why my aim wouldnt work :shrug:

My feedback and gameplay is here:

So much love for this game!! Really well done :)

Full gameplay and feedback here:

I was not good at this :P

But a really nice idea well executed!

I played it live here:

Really fun game. Gets you in the mood to show off maths skills :)

I played it live here:

If the webbuild was broken you probably played the old version. I fixes and updated that and the game generally 10 minutes ago :)

But thanks for playing:)

I was close to giving up 😅️ - part of me hoped that the story might continue automatically if I spent more than 5 minutes failing to get into all 3 baskets. But luckily I did manage in the end.

And the music was fantastic ;)

I loved this so much! The one thing I would suggest is after playing with the option sliders on the next page reset them again. I accidentally ended up having to spend 10 minutes on the leaper remake part because I set the wind speed to minimum :P Still loved it and am happy that I spent the time to get through to the end.

Great prototype! Very polished for a simple game.

Full playthrough/review here:

This was really impressive! You obviously put a lot of time into this, great work :)

Full playthrough/review here:

I am really impressed with how well this game worked! Almost wouldn’t believe it was for a jam!

Full playthrough/review here:

Thanks :)

Did you finish? Good job 👏

Thanks! I really lived watching you play!

I agree with all your feedback. I did have the levels at the side change colour as you progress, but I’m aware that as it doesn’t show the full list at the start it doesn’t give you an indication of overall progress because you don’t know how many are coming. If I push an update in the future I’ll address these.

The art looks so nice, I would really love to see this game if you have time to develop it further.

Really good!

The sfx are good and varied, but some background music would have been nice.

Hands down the best jumping/flow I’ve played.

Its a bit strange that the level is wider than the camera, but doesnt take away much from the gameplay :)

WOW! There is just so much here!!! Multiplayer, cheat options, multiple control schemes! Really loads! The music is good, the playing is fun! I like the torch element and the art! Really good submission.

One thing I would have liked to have seen is screen warping (running off the screen) to make it a bit easier to escape from boulders.

Other than that, great work!

Great twist on the original. I like how much you made it your own while keeping lots of the original elements.

I dont think I could find an end state, after lighting up all the letters it just kept going. Also while you copied all the UI elements from the original (lives/energy/etc) they didnt do anything, so it would have almost been better not to have them.

The colliders were a bit rough when it came to jumping landing, but that didnt make the game harder or distract from the flow as movement still worked quite well.

I liked that the letters actually light up the sorroundings but the colour choice might have been better with something other than yellow on a white background as it made it quite hard to see the platforms.

Was there any sound/sfx? I couldnt hear any…

Amazing how close to the original you got this. It was quite fun, but the one thing that might have been worth fixing is the platform colliders/jumping. Because the edges of the platform aren’t solid I find myself aiming to jump through the platform not the hole, which is a bit jarring. But great attempt :)

Wow! That is commitment! Thank you so much for sticking with it 😅


Yea I went all out on the pigs. 🐖

There’s no winning against them, just need to be quick to avoid them. 🏃‍♀️

The original ghosts were quite hated because they would kill you the instant they appear. I added a grace period so that they don’t kill you while they are fading in and that is much kinder now 😄

A couple people pointed the scaling put to me now. I hadn’t noticed but yes that would have been an easy fix if I had thought of it 😅

There is some variation in the platform speed across levels, but having seen some people play there is a lot of start and stop and I agree that it messes with the pace of the game having to stop and wait so much.

I have never invested any time in learning to do my own art. I always choose a pack and then work within its limitations to accomplish my goal, but yes I am aware that some asset packs get old/boring when you’ve played so many games made with them.

Thank you for the insight.

You should have played the mvp 😂 it was super inconsistent what was wall/obstacle and what could warp. I tried to make it more consistent, but yea it’s not super obvious.

awww good job! The penguins are super cute and the multiplayer is a really good idea. Well done :)

(btw, are you on Xanderwoods discord? I dont think I’ve seen you there?)

Euch I think you swayed me… I’ve pushed an update :P

I’ve added a grace period to the ghosts (a whole second!!! 👻️) and I’ve changed the mushroom behaviour ever so slightly ;)

v1.2.2 will be out in like 20 minutes.

Your point about ghosts, I agree. There should be something like particles or something when they appear to give the player time to escape (or await their impending doom if there is no escape) :) Maybe I will tweak that slightly.

Mushrooms are one of the few enemies that actually fall down the platforms and I haven’t come up with a solution to that other than once the player has encountered them before they will rush that level the next time to avoid them.

And yes the pigs are basically the complete boss of the game. The only way to avoid them is to time a double jump and not spend any time on their platform. Way OP.

The exits is kinda a design decision. Since it is an arcade game I didnt really want to vary up level design quite too much, but maybe one or two variations would have been good.

Also with a lot of the game I kinda ignored some bugs and difficulty spikes because a lot of arcade games are like that. Punishing and unfriendly, from a time where gamers didnt have any handholding and “completing” a game was an added bonus, not the objective :P You can call that an excuse for lazyness if you like ;)

BTW, the max score is 3500… 😉️

Can anyone beat my time?

(You would think I’d be better at this game considering I made it 🤣️)

Sorry R3inis… I may have gotten too carried away with the difficulty.

Hope you still enjoyed some part of it :)

Brucey would have been proud. Good job :)

Thanks :) I’m gonna still be working on it for another week or so. But it will mostly be polish.