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Math Spells TournamentView game page

Wizards casting spells doing mathematical operations.
Submitted by Forja Games (@forjagames) — 3 days, 14 hours before the deadline
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Game Design#53.0003.000

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Well done!

Unfortunately I havn't really had the possibility to use my computer much these last two weeks and the game doesn't work on the phone. I have been able to watch Yanni and Zach play though.

The game looks really nice. Making good edutainment games is difficult but you might be on to something here.

On a small screen it isn't super obvious if you answer correctly. I would have wanted more obvious visual feedback right be the equation on an incorrect answer.


It looked nice, but to be honest I didn't see much more than the menu wit the math while playing


This game was fun! I liked the menu and concept. You miss out on some of the gameplay action since you're mostly looking at the math problem box. Overall, it was exciting and made me want to play again. 


Well presented and polished game. Made solving math problems fun with the right amount of tension. The one UI critique I have is that the health bars should have maybe been on the lower part of the screen where the math boxes are. Sense the player is so hyper focused on the math box, you cant really see the health bars where they are currently. 

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Thanks for the feedback! I appreciate it.
I've tried to prioritize polishing the game as an important task (I think your podcast episode "Ep 009 Polishing your game" has helped me a lot). I've decided to took pretty much of the time polishing my game. For that reason I also had to remove some things from the scope, but I think it was worth it.


I was not expecting math lol. love it! the game is polished and beautiful.


Really fun game. Gets you in the mood to show off maths skills :)

I played it live here:


Nice menu (rotates, SFX). The art is nice, fun being in an arena, leaderboard is always a nice touch

Nice little game! I could see this being a great way to get kids to practice their math.

Nice menus (I like the rotation & SFX), the art is great, the arena is a fun atmosphere with the SFX & everything, and having a leaderboard is always a great way to motivate players to compete.

I'm curious - are the equations set or procedurally generated? I would image that one of the biggest challenges with making the game "fair" is giving players problems of "similar difficulty". For instance, I played the HARD round twice, one time the hardest problem I got was 86 ^ 2, then playing HARD a second time, the hardest problem might've been something like 72 - 96


Thank you very much for your feedback!

And  you are right! The equations are procedurally generated (according to the difficulty and the seconds since the match started). I've been working a lot to balance it, like avoiding divisions with decimal results, or powers greater than 3, but stills happening that some matches feels easier than another in same difficulty.


Neat! Yeah that sounds like an interesting/difficult problem. Overall though, I think the difficulty was quite well done for something that, by it's nature, has to be random and slightly different each time, so can't be completely fair


Interesting concept and very nicely made! I liked the music, the sounds and the UI. However, I was mostly looking at my keyboard to type the correct numbers, so I wouldn't really see what's going on and what the health bars were at; I just focussed on solving the math as quickly as I could. Perhaps if the intervals between casts was longer I'd have time for that, or if you get 6 possible answers and you have to quickly (with a timer?) select the correct one; then you can stay looking at the screen.


You are absolutely right! Now that you mention it, when I'm actually playing to compete and try to get a high score, I don't look at anything but the equations. I hadn't realized that.


I really like this as an educational game to make learning math more fun. The balance of difficulty in equations that the game presents felt a little bit sudden at times in its shift in level of difficulty, but overall it was a fun game to play and forced me to flex some math muscles I haven't flexed in a while haha


Thank you very much for playing and for your opinion! Yes, the operations balancing was more difficult than I thought. I've made a lot of adjustments, but you still feel abrupt jumps sometimes. Thanks Kevin!


This game was really well polished. It was a neat concept, I'm not sure how it used the theme of changing environments, but it was still fun and obviously a lot of work. Really the only complaint I had was that the math goes from incredibly simple problems to fairly difficult problems. I had 7-0 which was then followed but something like 68 * 78. The second time I played it I was able to take out the enemy before any of the more difficult problems came up. I'm not sure what kind of replay-ability there is on this, but it sure was well polished. No issues whatsoever! Well done!


Draekdude, thank you very much for your feedback!  (And congratulations for being within the ranking of the game!)
When I started listening to the Zackavelli's podcast (a short time ago, like a few weeks ) I decided to make a small game, that's why I started. Then I decided to include it in the Jam to have a deadline. You were right to say that it doesn't use the Jam theme, since I found it (and joint it) after I was halfway through the game.
Thanks again for your feedback! I appreciate the comment and the time you spent


Very nice! The visuals are very nice, the UI is super clean and I like the overall premise. I think my math skills need some definite work, I'm not brave enough to try the hard difficulty lol


Gg. Im so bad at math.


Hi! Thanks for playing the game. Do you consider the easy mode is a little bit harder? 


It was all a nightmare for me. The crowd was booing and I was getting blasted on. It felt like I was back in highschool *).   After a few games I wasn't so rusty and I even found a new way to add large numbers quickly.

Developer (2 edits)

Thanks for the Feedback! I'm glad you were able to remove some of the rust after a few games. And in the name of the Crowd members, I apologize for the booing 😂 They sometimes gets mad, but trust me, they're not bad people, they just get too excited.
PS: I'll try to balance the game a little better according to the difficulty.