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It looks amazing! Congrats!! 

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The art of this game is stunning :O I really like it

You can also shrink the button ;) Have you tried?

Thank you so much for your kind words and feedback! I'm thrilled to hear that you enjoyed the game. It means a lot to me. Creating this game for the jam was a fantastic (and exhausting) experience. Your encouragement truly motivates me. Thanks again!

Thanks for your feedback Stinow! I really appreciate it!!

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Hey, thank you so much for sharing the video! I loved it. I was really happy to see that you managed to find all 4 cassettes! Best regards!

Thanks for the beedback J0Beck!

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Thanks for your comment!

I'm glad to know that you managed to win the game! And yes, I agree with what you said about being left with nothing when you make a decision that leads to losing the game. It's really crazy because I played the game thousands of times while developing it, but I only realized it this morning, and it was already impossible to make a correction.

Thank you very much for your feedback!! Honestly, I would love to make an extended version or a continuation after entering the black hole.

Take care! And again, thank you for reaching out to me!

Thank you for your comment Julian!

I realized that it is not clear to win or lose only today :( testing the game again. I wish I could fix it for the Jam but patches can't be submitted anymore as I understand it.

To make it easier, I'll tell you: if you managed to get out of the ship and float into the black hole, then you won.

Thank you dragon mushu!

Thank you so much, I appreciate your comment!

Congratulations on the game! I absolutely loved the models and the concept. Looking forward to more of your creations in the future! Keep up the great work!

Thank you very much AdventureKid! :D 

Hi! I just played your game "Secrets of the Forest" and I wanted to say that I really enjoyed the graphics and atmosphere (and also the difficulty). Great job! 

I even made a video about my experience (I speak Spanish, but I've added subtitles) with the game and I'd love for you to check it out. Thanks!

I had a hearth attack but I'm fine now 🤣 Nice game

I like the game style! The art and the sounds are nice and well balanced. (I think) I've found a little bug. When I hit a cactus and after it started blinking, it attacked me and then disappeared. It took a heart from me.

Nice work! I couldn't reach level 2 but I will keep trying.
At first I thought the game didn't work. It was because it was actually been downloaded. While it was downloading, I only saw a black screen without a bar or a loading message (the total download took 40s). My advice for you, is to include an initial loader, even if it's simple. It's better than nothing ;)

I really like the art style of this game! Nice work guys!

Good work! I only got 100 points max, but it was a lot of fun. Keep it up!

Good work! I only got 100 points max, but it was a lot of fun. Keep it up!

Hi Dari! It should work fine for 1v1 games. However, I do not recommend (for now) that you use the library for "serious" projects, because it is in "beta" phase.

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Thanks for the feedback! I appreciate it.
I've tried to prioritize polishing the game as an important task (I think your podcast episode "Ep 009 Polishing your game" has helped me a lot). I've decided to took pretty much of the time polishing my game. For that reason I also had to remove some things from the scope, but I think it was worth it.

You are absolutely right! Now that you mention it, when I'm actually playing to compete and try to get a high score, I don't look at anything but the equations. I hadn't realized that.

Thank you very much for your feedback!

And  you are right! The equations are procedurally generated (according to the difficulty and the seconds since the match started). I've been working a lot to balance it, like avoiding divisions with decimal results, or powers greater than 3, but stills happening that some matches feels easier than another in same difficulty.

Thank you very much for playing and for your opinion! Yes, the operations balancing was more difficult than I thought. I've made a lot of adjustments, but you still feel abrupt jumps sometimes. Thanks Kevin!

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I love this game. I've finished it in 5 minutes :D I can't wait for the Toggle Tanks 2! Also, I really like the sounds and music. They gave me a sense of peace, and its volume was adequate.

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I like the difficulty, it's perfect. I mean, I've lost several times, but at the same time I was learning, and it gave me satisfaction to pass each level.
It has the exact level of difficulty, for my taste. 

Honestly, the boss part was the part that cost me and at a certain point made it not so much fun. When you hit the boss from behind, then he stands screaming and allows you to hit him. I loved it. The problem, (it's a super personal opinion, not professional), is that when I did that for the fifth time, I felt that it was a very repetitive "game loop", and that it would never end. I would have felt better if it were three or four times that this loop occurred, or at least know (by a life bar or something like that), how much longer I should hit the boss.

Draekdude, thank you very much for your feedback!  (And congratulations for being within the ranking of the game!)
When I started listening to the Zackavelli's podcast (a short time ago, like a few weeks ) I decided to make a small game, that's why I started. Then I decided to include it in the Jam to have a deadline. You were right to say that it doesn't use the Jam theme, since I found it (and joint it) after I was halfway through the game.
Thanks again for your feedback! I appreciate the comment and the time you spent

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Thanks for the Feedback! I'm glad you were able to remove some of the rust after a few games. And in the name of the Crowd members, I apologize for the booing 😂 They sometimes gets mad, but trust me, they're not bad people, they just get too excited.
PS: I'll try to balance the game a little better according to the difficulty.

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Nice game! I couldn't defeat the boss, but I really liked it (especially the mechanics and art style).

Hi! Thanks for playing the game. Do you consider the easy mode is a little bit harder? 

Math*Spells Tournament

You are part of a spell tournament, in which you must solve mathematical operations to defeat the enemy. Each resolved operation launches a powerful attack.

MathSpells Tournament

You have to try to accumulate many points to be the best in the world in the leaderboards!

It offers math exercises and problems to be solved in an easy, normal or hard way. 

The game is fast paced and very dynamic. It covers the basic math operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and power. 

Enjoy it!

Hi Stepford. Yes, it should work (client-side only). It uses the default GameMaker sockets system.  You need to export the Server in a different platform (like linux or windows), but the client should work fine. Also, it allows you to replace the standard gamemaker sockets engine with another (in your case, would be great).

Thank you very much! I will upload some updates soon!  

Hello (again)!

We've (just) added a tutorial. I think it should help to be more friendly. 

Also: Could you give us any recommendations about what you would change to make the interface more friendly?

We want to improve the game and make it more friendly, as you and the other users said :) 

Thanks in advance!

Luciano R

Thank you very much!

 You are the second user who told us that, and we really want to know more about that. Please, can you give us advices about how we could improve the game UI?

We want our game to be friendly for all users.

Thanks in advance!

Hi! Thank you very much for your advices!

Thank you very much!