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it’s my plan to expand on this. Probably not hordes of enemies, but there will be other challenges planed. 

I never intended to do an action RPG or an arcade shooter.

It was limited time and I had to cut out a lot of features for this. That's the reason why the status is prototype.

And I'm going to add a setting to turn of the postprocess. 

I have many of those things in the backlog. 

Might add looting things in the future.

That's planed for the future. But there are other stuff that needs to be done before I can add it the way I want it.

Nice work.

Would like to see what this leads to in the future. 

There where some areas where you couldn't place tiles not sure if its intended or not but my guess is that its invisible UI over it.  

also when moving the camera you lost the selected tile

Nice game,

Was a bit to hard for me never made it passed the level where you got double jump.

I liked the art. 

Had a few of the bugs that where mentioned below

Nice idea.

Maybe you shouldn't let the player change direction but let the happen when he bounce into stuff.

Very nice music and polish 

My biggest issue was that I had trouble controlling the thing as my mind wanted to use WASD to move instead of just AD.

Nice idea and fun, I like the polish of the game.

When I miss clicked the color I always also clicked on the third one right after as so always got double time penalty.

 Got to Tritanopia

Yes, thats not done, got alot of ideas for for that, time just run out this month.


We added a hint section on the games main page here on itch

Can add it for Mac when voting is over if you want to try it.

Nice level design 

Its a bit hard to see where your heading while moving downwards on the screen as most of the map is on top.

I liked this game alot.

Not sure if i was to fast or what but the first two times i only got the WASD and space to sprint message. never got the other to instructions. so i had no clue what to do when i headed out to the forest.

I had people walking on the side walk in one build. But removed it as it was hard to get to the fire without driving over people on the way there. If I ever work on this game again I might add it again. 

I added feedback when hitting the fire. But for some reason it’s not visible in the built software. Just when running from inside unity. Never figured out that bug

I liked your levels a lot. I did cheat a bit jumping on the walls up.

Had a glitch on the second level where I guess your supposed to jump down to a platform you cant see. but I fall straight trough it and got stop in fall that never ended and had to restart the level.

Nice platformer, a bit hard for me maybe, died a few time over before I got past the first jump.

Never got passed 4 or 5th screen. the one where you jump on walls up and have pointy things in the roof.

Also didn't figure out what you do with the throwing stars. but I get that's a bit further into the game.

Great job. 

Some score or something would be nice, didn't really know what to do at all when I started.

Fun game. I started to go backwards in levels instead, but didnt find a way to get passed the level with the falling block, think it was level -2

I liked this game. its nice that you have to plan your movement so you get close to refill before the fuel runs out,

I missed a high score feature. Or maybe that you have to survive the night or something so a level end after some time or that you had to kill a certain amount of plant before next level.

Good level design and I really liked the background art. 

I had a bit of trouble with the floating blocks, kind of fell of then, maybe they need a bit more friction and the walls a bit less.

Never figured out what to do with the balls I was shooting and the baskets  that was on the track, Tried to put the balls and jump pads in them but nothing happened. 

Fun puzzles, some sound would have been nice

Had to try first level a few times until i figured out what to do.

Its a fun simple game, Nice music and I liked the physics, 

To bad you couldn't use the water can on the radio.

Nice and simple art,

Nice idea, I liked the design and art a lot. and that you could design your car. 

Had a bit of trouble designing the car, when I dragged the item I wanted it added my previous dragged item instead, 

First time I tried it I didn't see the buttons on the right and managed to press start race without any parts, and then I got a car that couldn't move and was stuck in the race, until I pressed space and was thrown of the track in some red sky with a high sound in the speakers

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There is an update to the game with creatures eating other creatures now and they try to flee

showing the path should have been nice. 

I thought about directions but didn’t want visual. Tried to figure it out with sound but didn’t find one that I thought made it better. 

Fun game and a good idea,

It was very hard to play with the S and D swaped. 

I like the idea here and good music.

When i won a level i couldnt move after i pressed play again,
Was a bit to easy to beat levels, maybe the plates could be harder to spot, 

Interesting audio, a bit to easy when you figured it out,

Was fun to play, I liked the relaxed part of it. Didnt realy get what the goal was