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A simple game about colours
Submitted by yanniboi (@lockdownpatrol) — 9 days, 15 hours before the deadline
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What did the time frame of your development look like?
Evenings 2 or 3 times a week for a couple of hours.

Probably 20 - 25 hours total.

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Definitely enjoy that it taught me about colorblindness in addition to being engaging and crunchy to play!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

cool idea i like how this kinda teaches you about color blindness and thats cool. the game play is simple and short but that's to its benefit good for one more game. Over all cool stuff. ooo also liked the screen shake and sound when you loose makes it hurt that much more very cool


This is an example of a very simple idea with a ton of polish, which I think is a great strategy for a game jam. Its the little things like the screen shake, naming the clinical conditions in the top left and the way they pop up on screen, the smooth slide of the buttons, etc. Very well done. Would love to see you execute this level of polish on a game with deeper mechanics, but given the time frame you had, this is excellent. 


Nice idea and fun, I like the polish of the game.

When I miss clicked the color I always also clicked on the third one right after as so always got double time penalty.

 Got to Tritanopia

(1 edit)

Sound effects were nice and the concept was cool. Definitely fit the theme modifier of a 3 color palette, and of "testing out" what it's like to be color-blind. I did notice a bug - I got stuck on the same mode for a long time, seems like it was done cycling through the different types of color-blindness. Overall the polish level was decent, it was complete, and I did have fun with it for a few minutes!


Yup, I think its less of a bug and more just not finished, I haven't quite worked out what to do yet once people have gotten through the different conditions. I need to add some element that makes the game harder over time so that everyone fails eventually and then it can just be a high score game. Not sure yet.


Really clever concept. Even though I had a rough feeling about what would happen i just lost it on the first try :D

Great Job!

only game that made me wish i was colour blind


Oh but then you wouldn't be able to play my game ;)

It's only a test so perfect response to the theme. a bit repetitive however (it seems I was stuck with deuteranomaly indefinitely). It could be a great addition to other educational means for children to discover color blindness.


Yea, I ran out of time before I could actually figure out the 'win condition'. It needs something that increases difficulty over time until everyone loses, then a scoreboard showing highscores. I will hopefully come back to it at some point.

I wouldn't say its a game, but it works and respects the theme proposed


Definitely wasn't what I was expecting when I started the game lol.  Great job though, really interesting twist to it.


Yea I put a lot of trust in the surprise element :P 


For such a simple game (just clicking squares), there's some real nice juice to it...the pings when clicking the buttons, the why they pop a little, and how the pings escalate each time you get one in succession made it feel really good to click the buttons, well done. 

Honestly, I didn't read the game description and just jumped in. So when I first started, I was very tentative, wondering where this was going...and then wham! All the colors changed. I got a kick out of that.

I thought this was pretty clever, and a really interesting way to give a window into what being color blindness. I liked that you showed the name of the type of color blindness with each shift.

Well done!


Thank you! Getting a better understanding of "Juice" was one of my objectives this month so glad that it translated well.