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Totally Not Hunting SpiesView game page

A simple car game inspired by an old arcade game.
Submitted by Arc105 — 2 hours, 32 minutes before the deadline
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What did the time frame of your development look like?
All work done in May 2021

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I think you have a good base for a "spy hunter" type game ;)

The core gameplay is there, just need to add some polish and bug fixing, but the core mechanics are there.  Nice job!

This is your best game yet! The car controls and shooting are great simple mechanics that are satisfying. The e-brake was a awesome idea and really led to some cool maneuvering moments. The bugs with the ai caused some issues and held the game back a little, but when it worked it was fun. Some sound effects, and maybe some polish and juice would really improve this game. If we ever have a "revisit an old project" theme again, I think we will ;), then I think this is a top candidate. 


I liked the art. 

Had a few of the bugs that where mentioned below

Felt smooth, but the enemy AI was buggy to the point of being near unplayable. I don't see how it connects to either the theme or the modifier, very lacking on juice/feedback.


A few bugs:

if you lose and restart and the enemy cars don't move or respawn (you have to esc and restart to fix)

if you shoot in the grass area your bullets don't replenish.

if you bump an enemy car it will careen off the stage never to be seen again and none will spawn after

But, the concept is straight forward. I like the fact you have a pause screen, restart button, health and enemy counters. Add some sound effects and a few bug fixes and tweaks, throw some random barriers and places the enemy cars could spawn and you'd have something pretty solid


Simple but good. The controls were on point and worked for me.
The E-Break is definitly a great option to get that damn red cars where thex belong :D

Some sound effects would have been nice when getting rammed or shooting the enemies.


Cool! The lighting looked nice (he shadows of the cars were perfect) and the emergency brake control felt really good - I felt cool when I lured the enemy car up and e-braked to get behind them and shoot them.

I feel like this could be really cool with a few additions: maybe "civilian cars" getting in the way and acting as obstacles? 

Bug Report: The first time I played, I defeated the first enemy, and then subsequent enemies never showed up?


Not gonna lie, the light is the straight up default light in the scene lol.  I did make sure to raise the background up so the shadows weren't way off though so I guess there's that.  Yeah I liked the idea of the E-brake, pretty much for that sole purpose.  It gives you a new option for outmaneuvering opponents.  Civilian cars definitely could have been a cool addition and honestly wouldn't have even been that hard to put in now that I think about it.


after seeing 2 enemies, didn't find the other 8 and had no ammo left to shoot. player car can be lost outside screen so it's a bit hard. Definitely not only a test to comply to traffic laws.


The ammo thing is weird, it should allow them to be fired again once they go off screen or hit enemies.  As for the boundaries, yeah I realized that a bit too late and didn't have time to add them in.

Ya, if you're in the grass area and fire there's no barrier off screen to replenish the bullets

this... needs A LOT of work


Oh for sure.  Didn't have a lot of time this month, completely admit I didn't put nearly as much effort into this one as past submissions for that reason.  Thanks for playing though

It's completely understandable. For the record your older works look good ^^