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Play as a firefighter. Drive a fire truck and extinguish fires
Submitted by bei — 3 days, 12 hours before the deadline
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What did the time frame of your development look like?
A few evenings each week

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Loved the atmosphere; I think that with some story this definitely has potential for a Chibi Robo style game. Only criticism has been already discussed; the flame putout could've done with some feedback and truck was floaty. I think the way you successfully implemented 2 game stages was very impressive for the time frame.

I crashed into an apartment complex but saved another, 10/10

Really nice job! The graphics looked great - did you do it all yourself?

I enjoyed the music and difficult to control truck. I found myself chuckling to myself as a rammed back and forth into the buildings. But I think it would be fun to take the time and master control of the truck.

A couple bits of feedback:

1. When I tried backing up the truck and turning, it would start actually moving forwards? Or turning the opposite way? Didn't always perform quite the way I expected.

2. Would be nice for a bit more feedback when the water is hitting the fire. Wasn't quite sure if I was hosing the fire or not until I saw the fire going down.

Also, just wanted to say I really appreciate you making a Linux download available :D

And wanted to note - when I tried downloading for Mac, I tried following the steps I've taken in order to open Unity games (, but for some reason got an error: "'Firefighter-macOS' is damaged and can't be opened. You should move it to the Trash."

Good work!


I added feedback when hitting the fire. But for some reason it’s not visible in the built software. Just when running from inside unity. Never figured out that bug

Huh, that sounds like a very frustrating bug haha

(1 edit)

This is your best work I have played bei, nice job! A nice and simple, yet unique, experience. The start menu was really nice and started the game of on a high note visually. The only criticism I have is with the camera. At some points it would lag in correcting its orientation resulting in some confusing perspectives and controls. allowing the player to control the siren is a nice touch and provides just a little bit more interaction with the fire truck, a very simple feature but I think it adds a lot for what it is. This game is a good example of how a simple idea can be executed to be a fun experience.


The start menu was great!  I think active start menus are a really great game feature.  The driving was pretty fun too XD if you get going pretty fast the fire engine can start to do a little power slide.

Overall great game loop: drive to the fire, put out the fire.  I think it would have been cool to add some overall objective like having to put out the fire in multiple places in a time period or something like that.  It didn't feel like something I could fail at, but it was fun to play regardless.

The art style, sound effects, and UI all fit together nicely.  I think it has a consistent theme and it's got a fun game loop.

Nice job!


Awesome game! Love the art. I thought it was cool how the background was blurred to keep your focus on the foreground. The noises and music were nice as well. The transition from driving to firefighting was also cool. I got a kick out of just driving around blaring sirens lol.

I think this game, if you ever wanted to, could be expanded greatly. I saw that I had many active fires but the game was done after the first. It would be cool to see how many you could do in the time frame. I never did figure out what the helicopter meter was for but it appears others did so I must have missed it! Adding traffic would be a nice feature and your siren could make them pull over or something to get out of your way. The fires could also be timed so if you took too long to get to a certain fire the building would burn down and you would have to navigate to a different one?

Overall just a fun game to play! Nice work!


I had people walking on the side walk in one build. But removed it as it was hard to get to the fire without driving over people on the way there. If I ever work on this game again I might add it again. 


is it bad if I think running the people over would be a funny part of the game? 😮 Lol.


Really cool simple game.  Music was great, really liked the art as well.  Gameplay was simple but it got the job done.  My only suggestion which is entirely preference would be to make the siren a toggle vs hold and that's about all I can say I would have changed honestly, great job.

I love this!!

I like the fire engine, the houses, everything looks great :)  I especially love that the fire engine handles better driving backward than forwards (IMHO) and dont ask me how I found that out :P

The music is good (especially the siren) but the leveling could be improved (the fire stage is much quieter than the rest of the game),.

I LOVE the start menu! Good job on that.

The difficulty is quite easy. I can normally get to the fire in less than a minute and that is with a few crashes. But the level is designed well with most routes taking a similar distance. The putting out of fires is also quite easy.. And the helicopter takes a long time (about three times as long as it would take to just put out the fires) and when it does come, it doesnt have a huge impact (that I have noticed, maybe I'm missing something).

I would love to see where you would take this game next. I would love to see people on the game (either that you can hit while driving) or that you can rescue from the burning house, ricking the fire to spread more.

But this is a good game. I enjoyed playing it!