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Neat! Yeah that sounds like an interesting/difficult problem. Overall though, I think the difficulty was quite well done for something that, by it's nature, has to be random and slightly different each time, so can't be completely fair

I really love this concept. I've played games like Dominion and also the action-card game Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories and Megaman Battle Nework and I love how you've brought that here to platforming. I love the idea of using Curse cards to track health - I think that's really innovative. Giving players the option of "packs" to add to their decks is a great way to let players choose a playstyle that fits them - love that. While I don't think I liked the platforming elements of the game a whole lot (I felt like they distracted from the "actual" game), the "wall of bats" in that one level was a fun little twist that forced the player to act and not have time to think about their hand. That was interesting.

I really like the idea so I have a lot of thoughts on ways it could be expanded:

  • Would love to see more types of cards. Cards that let you draw more, discard your entire hand, search your many possibilities!
  • I think there are exploration elements that could be added to the game, where if you explore enough you can find rare cards, or maybe by defeating hidden, optional bosses or something.
  • Having an option at certain points to "edit" your deck? Like maybe instead of getting a new pack, you could opt to remove 3 cards from the deck.
  • Being able to rearrange the cards in your hand might be a nice little player experience enhancement, so they can prep before a big battle.
  • It could change the dynamics of the game a bit if drawing was based on collecting an item or getting to some checkpoint rather than time-based. I felt like I could sit there and use up cards that I didn't want at that point so I could have a hand that I preferred, so I feel like that could encourage the player to work with what they have rather than slowing the pace of the game.

A few pieces of feedback:

  • When I fell of a ledge, I'd keep respawning over the pit and was unable to get out of the loop. I'd have to restart the game at this point, and this prevented me from playing a whole lot.
  • Arrows for the fireballs being bigger would be helpful.

This really inspires me to think about making my own action/card game...awesome stuff!

I really appreciated the loading screen. I loaded up the game twice and found different messages each time - that was pretty cool.

The art was excellent, and controls felt spot on (challenging, but purposefully so - felt like something I could build expertise in).

I think besides just wanting more gameplay + music/SFX, two main pieces of feedback: 

1. The tutorial instruction felt obstructive. I would've liked it to have gone away after some period (maybe pop up periodically if the player still hasn't completed the task) or maybe just more subtle (smaller, in a corner of the screen or a less vibrant color)

2. I went the completely wrong way to pick up the passenger, so ended up exploring the whole map until retracing my steps to the beginning to go right at the start instead of left to find the passenger. I think it'd be worth considering making it so the player can't possibly go the wrong way for the first passenger, so they don't get bored/lost from the very beginning.

Some really nice puzzle design! I think you all have done a really nice job of taking some simple mechanics and producing some interesting puzzles from this simplicity. I genuinely had fun playing this. I liked when the levels started having all the conveyors, I thought that started to get quite interesting.

The early levels do a good job of teaching you the mechanics. Controls are simple and intuitive. Music, SFX, and atmosphere are all consistent and work with each other. And the homage at the end is fun.

I'm honestly having trouble coming up with constructive criticism - most suggestions I can think of are just like adding more worldbuilding, more puzzles, leaderboard, multiplayer...just adding more features haha. Really solid job.

Nice menu (rotates, SFX). The art is nice, fun being in an arena, leaderboard is always a nice touch

Nice little game! I could see this being a great way to get kids to practice their math.

Nice menus (I like the rotation & SFX), the art is great, the arena is a fun atmosphere with the SFX & everything, and having a leaderboard is always a great way to motivate players to compete.

I'm curious - are the equations set or procedurally generated? I would image that one of the biggest challenges with making the game "fair" is giving players problems of "similar difficulty". For instance, I played the HARD round twice, one time the hardest problem I got was 86 ^ 2, then playing HARD a second time, the hardest problem might've been something like 72 - 96

Wow, this was pretty incredible! That was like a fully-fledged game! I had fun exploring and each boss was unique and I think the just the right amount of challenge. I loved that it felt like a whole world with lore and what felt like a good amount to explore. I thought the art style was charming and I loved all the details like the Bestiary and drops about the GDFG community. I think the degree of challenge was just right, and the mechanic created interesting choices for the player.

Biggest piece of feedback is having more feedback from hitting enemies, especially the first gear boss, would've been helpful. I wasn't quite sure if I was doing the right thing and hitting enemies sometimes.

Also, what I think was a "bug" - after I beat the Zachavillain, when I said I didn't want to look for the rest of the colors, it took me back to the last point where I died.

Really awesome stuff!

When I try to run the game, I get this? Running from Windows

Haha I liked how you start and end the game with the surprises. Biggest piece of feedback is I'd jump into platforms and kinda get stuck to them horizontally?

Haha wow that's awesome. I'm so fascinated by the different approaches to AI...sometimes the implementations are so simplistic.

I'll have to checkout - in the past I've mostly just looked at but I liked what you had

Excellent! Very well polished! The gameplay itself looked excellent and the sound effects and music all fit cohesively.

I'm curious what your model for the AI looked like?

Are you planning to do more with this project?

Did you find the music from as well?

Hahaha that's amazing, congratulations! And excellent choice of name!

The visuals were excellent! I like the art & atmosphere. And I like how there's clearly a background story & world thatmkes it more interesting.

Was the scanning blue light for part of the gameplay, or just visual? It looked like I should've been using it for something.

Good work!

Thank you very much - and thanks for sharing the bug!

Thank you! Haha I'm not familiar with that - is that lady in real life or a movie or something?

Thank you! Agreed with the feedback - I gotta do some pathfinding & steering or something.

Thank you very much for this, it's so helpful to see you playing it live!

Haha yup. Yeah I'm guessing there's some 'RT Bot_data' folder alongside the executable that needs to be there. For instance, I've seen this for another one of the Unity games:

Cool, those were the feelings I was hoping to invoke!

100% agree with your thoughts on more interaction with the wombat (more food, etc.)

Thank you very much!

And for full disclosure (in case you didn't see the credits) I didn't write the music - found it here:

Very cool, thanks for the detailed summary! Haha it's cool when a bug becomes a feature :) yeah you don't want the AI to be too perfect


Visuals were great! Very simple but consistent and colorful. I think the parallaxing background was particularly appealing with the little details.

And the music was great too! I thought it worked well, especially with the little musical chimes the characters made when you jumped - I thought they added to the relatively simple background theme.

Gameplay-wise, I thought it was a clever way to mix up the endless runner. Having several runners with different attributes, but being advantageous to switch it up and use several runners instead of just sticking with a favorite. It reminded me of the Pokemon Trainer in Super Smash Bros Brawl.

Also, I really liked the character switch. You very easily could've just swapped a character in but it made it that much better to slow the game down and visually swap the characters with an animation rather than just replacing them.

Couple of thoughts:

  • I felt the long-hold for switching characters was a little too sensitive. I found it switching frequently when I didn't mean for it to.
  • I think one interesting thing that could be done to encourage switching characters is switching up patterns in the platforming for periods, where the obstacles are easier to maneuver with one character over another.

Excellent work!

Nice music & sound effects!

A good little endless runner.

If you wanted to expand on it, the next thing I think would be cool is to start increasing the difficulty or different jump patterns or something. Maybe  introducing a second set of platforms above the lower ones that are harder to maneuver but offer more circles for faster points. Or increasing the speed of the level scroll. Maybe some circles cause you to lose and you actually have to avoid those.

Good stuff!

Same - I download the 3 files but get an error:

There should be 'RT Bot_Data' folder next to the executable.

Are there are bunch of files that should just be zipped together and uploaded?

The music had a really nice vibe to it that was fitting. The clicks from collisions were really nice as well.

Visuals were nice! I like how you used the blackboard to display the score rather than a UI.

I was a bit confused by the gameplay and the controls. It took me a while to figure out that I needed to just start hitting the ball - I was waiting to my turn but the AI kept going. A tutorial of some sort would be helpful, especially since it defies the conventional rules of pool?

I'm curious how you did the AI? Interesting how you made the different difficulty settings.

Getting level difficulty right is probably the hardest thing in a game jam - I think that's really what the players of the game jam are for haha (to give feedback and help you tweak the difficulty)

Haha yeah I imagine doing it all on your phone would be challenging. But a cool experiment!

You're very welcome and looking forward to playing more of your games!

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Wow. Amazing job with this. I think this is my favorite game jam game I've played. Bunch of thoughts:

What I Liked:

Very impressive all you were able to build given the short amount of time.

The main menu was great - the background both provides something visually interesting AND serves as a tutorial.

The music was solid and sound effects effectively juiced the right points. Other little bits of juice that I noticed and thought were effective was having the item icons shake in the top left when introducing new types.

I think the tutorial was really well done. Demo'ing the placement of items with just a bit of overlaying text (that you don't even really need) and then immediately putting the player in a situation to try it out. Also, introducing each new item with a fitting level was done very well.

Overall, I thought the level design was great. Admittedly, I haven't gotten through the whole game (yet) but I think there was a nice challenge curve.

I also think in general, the concept is very clever. At the surface, it seems very simplistic, but as I went through the levels, I started to realize the possibilities, choices the players can make, and interesting situations you can create (and could easily expand on with more items).

But I think my favorite part of the game is the humor - found myself actually laughing out loud from the commentary.

Critical Feedback:

The game might possibly too challenging. I would be interested to hear how others feel, but I got kinda stuck around level 5 or so (not quite certain which level).

I'm wondering if having Easy, Medium, Hard modes that simply adjust Billy's speed might be a nice way to address this? Then you can cater to a variety of audiences easily.

Also, a level selector would be nice. I know you might not want to open up later levels until the player beats them for the challenge, but I don't want to have to beat all the early levels again to get back to where I was stuck haha. Maybe having  "level passwords" for each level that you get after beating it would be a way to get around this? (I'm imagining how old games used to do this, like Megaman X

Nit: I tried pressing the icon in the top left at first to place the springs (because it looked like that was how you did it from the tutorial and I wasn't super clear from the text). Didn't take long to figure out, but I think just making the text say "Tap WHERE you want to place an item..." (and really cool to show a tap, with a little bubble icon or something)


Ahhh a Phaser developer! I used it too a few years ago (I think it was Phaser 2 then), how do you like it?

game is made entirely on a phone

^ So you actually wrote the code, GarageBand, and Assembly using your phone?

Really enjoyed playing this game and I feel like I learned some game development tips by just playing it. Well done!

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Glad to see you're continuing your work on this! This is awesome.

I like your take on the theme risk-reward theme with the lava. A little more "juice" when burning from it would be cool (maybe have the screen edges flash red or something).

I think the pacing of the levels is great, and the way you introduce mechanics/buttons isn't intrusive.

I'd love to see improvements with the engine in future jams. It's really amazing what you already have, but, for instance, one thing that I think would make this look that much better is doing some things with lighting. Walls that are close look pretty much the same as ones that are far away and generally the grey is a bit dull. Plus, I think the buttons and lava would look awesome with a glow that contrasts from the rest!

Really awesome stuff - looking forward to seeing more!

I think that'll be cool, looking forward to seeing future iterations!

Interesting! I haven't really played text-based adventures before so this was a different experience for me. I like your writing and it had some nice humor!

I found it a bit overwhelming figuring out what was going on. I know you have that reference page where you click to start, but I'm wondering if you could somehow include the reference info alongside the prompts so the player can see it right there? It also would be helpful during the combat sections to have the HP/MP of you and all the characters involved in the battle always showing to provide some reference for how much damage is being done comparatively.

Also not sure how, but some sort of tutorial would always be helpful! (I know its hard w/ a game jam)

I'm curious what tools you used to develop this?

This was really neat to try out, thanks for sharing!

Wow, this is really excellent! Really well done given the short amount of time.

The sound effects were spot-on.

I thought the tutorial levels were really well done and properly introduced the mechanics, while providing some degree of challenge.

I think it's really great that you track the player's time to complete the level. Really adds a competitive edge.

The menu is really nice. The background is cool and the HUD itself is crisp!

Cool that you were able to do so many levels and a playground.

Some small feedback:

  • On intro to the the double-jump level, I got stuck between the cubes and the wall.
  • Some music would've really rounded it out well! Had just about everything else you could ask for.
  • If you could get a public leaderboard going, I think that could make for fun competition

Btw, I was curious about what you're saying:

This is my attempt at working on a project all year round.
I will try to use every theme from this and all upcoming "Game Dev Field Guide Monthly Game Jams" and include it in the game. This means that at best there will be a few new features every month.

This mean you're planning on adding on to this game every month? Would be cool!

Well done!
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Wow, that's really neat! Good stuff!

Wow - this looks amazing! Really well-polished?

The music fit very well and was perfect.

I thought the HUD is pretty good and fits with the overall vibe.

Your logo at the beginning is awesome btw.

I also like that you have a "Quit Game" option haha - not a lot of jam games do that you have to Ctrl-Alt-Delete to exit, so it's nice to have the button in-game!

A few critiques:

  • I think it'd be nice if the player moved faster. I found myself a bit impatient waiting for the player to move from place-to-place.
  • I think giving hints about where the player might get to eventually might compel the player to move forward more. I get the sense that you "ascend" to be some sort of god-like being, but I think a preview of that power might incentivize the player.
  • I wasn't clear who was "talking" to me at first through the tutorial and wasn't sure to click - if you could somehow have the text box right above the speaking orb, I think that would help.

  • BTW - my massive monitor often struggles when rendering game jam games, but I think the HUD and menu were a bit off as the result of my big monitor.

This is really awesome and I hope to see you continue with it!

Hey just checking - is this supposed to be played via browser pop-ups? It felt a little weird (my instinct was to avoid a potentially malicious site)

This is awesome! I think it really feels quite well polished for a game jam game.

In general, I like the art style and I think it's really cohesive. I like that the player "Viggy" subtly stands out from the background and the rest of the characters.

I think there's some interesting gameplay of deciding whether you want to take risks to get potions to do magic, or just YOLO it and go directly to the keys.

I think that it's really cool that you got virtual controls working so you can play on phones. Did you program that yourself from scratch, or use a plugin or something?

A couple critiques:

  • Collisions didn't feel quite spot on - occasions where it didn't look like I was touching the wall, but I was blocked, or I swore I didn't touch an enemy but I died (I suppose we always feel this way haha).
  • I felt that the music didn't quite feel like it fit....I think it would've been really awesome if you had been able to find an 8-bit track to complete the feel!
  • I felt the virtual control buttons could be a bit bigger

But really awesome stuff!

Thank you and thanks for playing!  Happy holidays!

Thank you, and thanks for playing!

Good ideas! Thank you for playing!

Beautiful! Thanks for playing!

Not at all! Yeah, I think there's actually a good place for short narratives. There's so much out there, sometimes it's nice to have a smaller commitment haha :)

Really interesting concept! Where the glitchiness is a feature. How did you make the "glitch" effect?


  • I felt like the text was quite small
  • I felt like the jump button didn't reliably work, which made the platforming a bit frustrating (which maybe was the point w/ the glitchiness? haha)

The game looked great and I liked there was a narrative! Awsome stuff!