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I like the art style! And the sense of humor! Also, I thought you did a good job teaching the player and introducing the controls.

I felt personally felt that maybe gravity was too strong and I sank too quickly. Some of the jump obstacles felt frustrating because of it.

Nice job!

This was a really neat game! I laughed at the ending

The background looks really nice, I like how it moves.

I feel like as a player, I could get into a really good flow state if I spent enough time on the game. Getting the rhythm for just the right amount of bounce to move through the obstacles. I feel like you might even want to remove the option to move backwards in order to encourage the player to figure out how to find that rhythm.

Also, just wanted to note that I was able to slide along the bottom wall and bypass the obstacles in order to each the end of the game.

What engine did you use to develop the game? The executable tries to install the game on my computer, which I'm not too comfortable with - is there a way to export the game as an executable itself that doesn't require installation?

Happy to try it if you're able to get that working!

Awesome, thank you for sharing!

Figured as much, always turns out to be more difficult than you anticipate.

Cool, well if you decide to do more with this, would be interested to see where it ends up!

Cool! The lighting looked nice (he shadows of the cars were perfect) and the emergency brake control felt really good - I felt cool when I lured the enemy car up and e-braked to get behind them and shoot them.

I feel like this could be really cool with a few additions: maybe "civilian cars" getting in the way and acting as obstacles? 

Bug Report: The first time I played, I defeated the first enemy, and then subsequent enemies never showed up?

Extremely beautiful. Well polished. The menus felt good. The style as a whole felt cohesive. And a really neat concept - I like the idea of seeing yours and others' failures and learning from that. Nice.

I couldn't get past the first level of Chapter 2. I'm trying to think of a way to nudge the player in the right direction without giving it away...I suppose as more players play, there will be more hints about what not to do? XD

I don't love the isometric view - felt it made some cause for frustration because it's difficult to get a precise turn, especially when there are limited frames of reference (but I'm also just not a fan of isometric view in general, so take that with a grain of salt!).

But really, this is an awesome idea and looks stunning, well done.

P.S. I'd be curious what you use to collect data about other players' paths and how you reuse that for future players? Any tutorials or documentation to point to? Thanks!

A "delete" or "undo " button to undo something would be really nice!

What do the numbers represent? How deep the water is?

Some tutorials that teach you the different cells would be awesome, feel like you could have some really interesting puzzles with this!

For such a simple game (just clicking squares), there's some real nice juice to it...the pings when clicking the buttons, the why they pop a little, and how the pings escalate each time you get one in succession made it feel really good to click the buttons, well done. 

Honestly, I didn't read the game description and just jumped in. So when I first started, I was very tentative, wondering where this was going...and then wham! All the colors changed. I got a kick out of that.

I thought this was pretty clever, and a really interesting way to give a window into what being color blindness. I liked that you showed the name of the type of color blindness with each shift.

Well done!

Cool stuff! The game looks quite nice and some nice sound to go with it. The controls felt natural.

The encounters felt a bit simplistic - I'd find an enemy, get in position to shoot, and click on them until they were defeated. It didn't seem beneficial to move and shoot or anything like that - maybe controls that enabled that or sneaking up on enemies or something like that could spice up the encounters?

Lol, enjoyed the game. Appreciated the play on traditional JRPG tropes and great dialogue (I think my favorites were you father's last request on his tombstone and "now that you're 12, you're old enough to kill a god")

Fun little game play loop for this small game and it felt really polished

Yeah that makes sense, thanks!

This is really cool! Having to chant, dodge rocks, collect things and pierce the heart really made for a challenge! I really liked the chanting and once I got into a groove, it felt really good. I liked how there was generally a pattern to the chanting (with a few mix-ins for challenge).

I think it might have been cool if you're encourage to chant in-time with the drum for a bonus, or penalty if you don't, but I think I found myself in my own natural cadence anyway.

Haha thank you!

Anything particular with the level design you think could be adjusted, or did you think it was appropriately frustrating?

Thank you very much! And thanks for playing on the stream!

Thank you! I'm really glad the message came across.

Yup, definitely need to learn how to fill in the seams between tiles, thank you for the feedback!

Thank you very much! Haha no you aren't reading into it too much at all! I'm really glad that the theme came across!

I definitely need to take the time to learn how to fill in the gaps between tiles, will look into that video, thanks!

And yeah, this doctor wasn't a particularly competent one lol

Thank you!

Was able to play! (new PC arrived in the mail)

The art looks fantastic! The animation was nice, changing the perspective of the room was kinda neat, and the main menu and music all fit together very well.

I had some difficulty figuring out what I was supposed to do. Had to look at the hints to figure out what the batteries were. I noticed the battery lights up - maybe if it kind fizzled or made some sound effect to indicate a charge would help the player notice the difference with the black cube?

And a few glitches where it seemed like my player fell of the map (usually when trying to go up the stairs, I think)

Awesome stuff!

Unfortunately, I'm unable to play (I've only got a Mac and a Linux right now and my little Linux machine can't handle this game :( )

But I liked the the music at the intro!

Thank you very much!

Thank you!

I'll have to sharpen up the tutorial - thanks for the feedback! And streaming the playthrough!

The map looks really nice! Interested to see where you take this - what kind of game play are you planning?

Huh, that sounds like a very frustrating bug haha

Really nice job! The graphics looked great - did you do it all yourself?

I enjoyed the music and difficult to control truck. I found myself chuckling to myself as a rammed back and forth into the buildings. But I think it would be fun to take the time and master control of the truck.

A couple bits of feedback:

1. When I tried backing up the truck and turning, it would start actually moving forwards? Or turning the opposite way? Didn't always perform quite the way I expected.

2. Would be nice for a bit more feedback when the water is hitting the fire. Wasn't quite sure if I was hosing the fire or not until I saw the fire going down.

Also, just wanted to say I really appreciate you making a Linux download available :D

And wanted to note - when I tried downloading for Mac, I tried following the steps I've taken in order to open Unity games (, but for some reason got an error: "'Firefighter-macOS' is damaged and can't be opened. You should move it to the Trash."

Good work!

Nice stuff! The art looks really crisp.

I like that you have some tools that you can deploy. I admittedly didn't make it very far, but I can see how you could have some interesting options as a player and cool level design.

I admittedly got a bit frustrated trying the first level - I think some very simple levels slowly introducing the controls/mechanics would go a long way.

Hope to see more with this game!

Nice job! Atmosphere is great between the art style, music, and sound effects.

Really like that bit of "juice" you get when you dash mid-air, feels really satisfying.

And I think the level design is great slowly introducing the mechanics.

Really excellent job! The game felt very polished - I'm impressed you were able to get this much done particularly considering it's your first game!

I like that you took the time to include a backstory, I think that really fleshes it out.

And the sound effects and music were spot on.

Level design felt spot on as well (admittedly, I didn't make it very far haha).

One bit of feedback is: I think it might feel nicer to have the jump button as the space bar? Or something other than the up arrow. It didn't feel natural doing the wall jumps with the up arrow, I think the space bar or a button with the other hand would help?

The music was perfect! And I liked the popping sound effect when shooting.

I like that you provided a little story as well!

My biggest piece of feedback would be making the player and snowman move at different speeds (I think that was the issue I was seeing?). I would try to move left-right in order to line up with the snowman to hit him, but we moved at the same pace so I couldn't align my shot.

Also, a kill count would be nice to gamify it a bit more (try to beat the high score).

Good work!

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That was fantastic! Loved the atmosphere between the dark setting and music. Really made me FEEL the dread.

Also, a really clever twist on the theme. The juxtaposition between the chill game you made last game jam. Really got a kick out of that.

And the game looked great and the darkness/lighting was perfect.

One bit of feedback I have: I it would've been nice to have a little more "juice" - primarily when hosing the plants, seeing them burning or hearing some crackling or something just to make it clearer that I am in fact hitting them. And a sound effect or something when picking up more ammo.

But great job!

Thank you, that's some really helpful feedback! Yeah, I took notes from your Twitch stream and will for sure polish up some of those things, thanks!

Thank you!

Ahh I see, right right. Yeah I think the problem was my noob level and accidentally placing the pad when I didn't mean to. But I see why you don't want to allow the player to re-place the pad.

Thank you, that's awesome to hear!

Thank you! Haha I'll take submissions if you have ideas for levels :)

Thank you very much! And thank you for the playtesting! :D

Thank you!

Thank you! Yeah I think you're right, there's only so many different challenges you can throw at the player when the map is empty.

Thank you!

Thank you! For sure, yeah I think I should definitely add some sound effects/music if I continue with this.