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That's great to hear, and thank you for the feedback! I'll have to update this to incorporate it.

Haha for sure, just a couple of tweaks away (<1 month, I think :) )

You're welcome! Yeah it's cool seeing someone else actually playing it haha and very helpful too, I think

Ohhh haha yeah I felt like when I got to the clearing, I was on the right track.

Haha yeah I know what you mean, it's hard watching players "not get" what they're supposed to do when it seems so obvious!

That's a really good twist though, I wish I had found it!

All in all I think this was a great jam project

Maybe, but I think it's generally better to fault on the side of "too easy" rather than "too hard" for a game jam!

One final playtest - great job kids! 

One final playtest! Great job team!

Great job team! Uploaded a final playtest video: 

Uploaded a vide of me playtesting!

Uploaded a video of me playtesting!

Uploaded a vide of me playtesting!

Uploaded a video of me playtesting!

Uploaded a vide of me playtesting!

Uploaded a vide of me playtesting!

Uploaded a video of me playtesting!

Uploaded a video of me playtesting!

Uploaded a video of me playtesting!

Uploaded a video of me playtesting!

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Uploaded a video of me playtesting!

Haha yeah, it always ends up being mostly a matter of not having enough time, doesn't it :)

Nice job!

Sorry, I don't have a Roblox account :\

Well done! It's awesome to get out your first game!

Pixel art looked very nice

I'm curious how the level is generated endlessly? Does it loop, or is it dynamically generated?

I think my biggest piece of feedback would be more juice with the orbs - I had difficulty understanding what they did and what happened when I collected them

I love the art style! It's simple but dynamic, and unique. The black/white contrasting with  the colored words for instructions and things you should pay attention to works really well.

I love the intro and story! That's a great touch to add, and to contain the "tutorial" within that.

You did great with sound effects and feedback, even with the menus in the intro making noises as you click through.

And the music is great haha

That's great how you include the level information (speed/time) embedded in the level itself (rather than a HUD or menu) I like that.

That's really neat how you included upgrades to give the player options, have them make decisions, and play to their style.

And overall, the mechanic of changing gravity as a mechanic is super interesting!

Some thoughts for improvement:

  • One thing I thought was a little unclear was what was happening when the player "exploded" haha. The story is, the bad guys caught up and shot him, right? I think somehow having them in the background, or even showing a bullet whizzing up to the bunny would be helpful.
  • Also, my first couple of play throughs, I was trying to ake everything in and wasn't paying close attention to the timer, so I was a bit confused why the bunny was exploding - I'm thinking having the timer pulse and some count down noise effects when its the final 3 seconds would be some helpful juice for that.
  • I think the start of the game could be a little slower and slowly introduce concepts, mechanics one at a time. I found myself a bit overwhelmed the first couple of play throughs (not that it took too much effort to figure it all out)
  • To be honest, I'm not quite sure why you want Gravity Charges? I thought that you needed them to change gravity, but I felt like I could change gravity whenever I wanted, so accumulating them didn't seem worth it?
  • I couldn't get past this one point haha  

Overall, I think this is one of the most entertaining & polished games I've played in a game jam, well done!

Very clear instructions! I think you did a good job with feedback and making it very clear when you grabbed the right thing vs the wrong thing with sound effects.

I think you could probably ramp up the difficulty a bit faster.

Tip: With pixel art, its good to keep the pixel sizes consistent - for instance, the cloud pixels in the background were much larger than the bucket in the foreground.

Love the theme :)

Super helpful, thank you for taking the time to elaborate!

Yeah, those are challenges by design (I wanted there to be a resource management element) but I'm second-guessing whether they're fun challenges or just annoying haha. Or maybe just need a bit of tweaking, or alternate mechanics for drawing/healing...

Anyways, thank you again for taking the time to respond!

Thank you for playing!

Thank you very much for playing and the feedback!

If you have a second: were there particular areas that you thought needed more balancing? For instance, deck count, enemy speed/count, card types or abilities, etc

I just wanted to share my usage of this asset pack in

Thank you for sharing! It's a great, complete pack. I'd love (and pay) for more if it's expanded!

Just wanted to share my usage of this font in

Thank you for sharing!

Thank you so much for playing and the very detailed feedback!

That's a really interesting idea about having the game slow when you hover over and getting even slower. I debated pausing vs realtime interaction with the world and cards, and ultimately decided to have it pause because I wanted to take the game in a direction where it's more strategic rather than action-based. I did build-in a player setting that removes the pause all together (just never got around to exposing a way for the player to change the setting haha). But slowing is an interesting "in-between" option...

Anyways, thanks again for the feedback and thoughts!

Wow, the game is gorgeous! By far the nicest-looking jam game I've ever played. My little computer couldn't handle it very well (I was around 6 FPS most of the time).

The hardware limitations made it hard to play much, but a couple of thoughts:

  • I like the use of the computer and e-mail to guide the player and provide instructions without using a menu or something
  • It would've been nice to have a smaller wave to start - to provide a quick win & learning experience before diving in
  • The e-mail made it sound like we'd be pursuing someone - more like a chase, but then it seems the game was more about surviving waves of enemies? So it felt a bit dissonant and confused about what the goals/story was.

This is so cool!

I found that I was quite restricted in what I could do (for instance, in the beginning, when I was approached by the guards, I tried doing a lot of different things but was shepherded into doing the riddle) but I love the idea and possibilities.

I'd really love the option to type and read text, instead of relying on volume and voice.

I'd love to understand a bit about how you've implemented this.

Thank you, that is very helpful!

I'm realizing that players don't like that their deck is low and think that they're doing something wrong if it is, but I don't think it's possible to beat that game without managing a low deck for much of the playthrough. I understand why given the red/yellow health bar and flashing indicators. But I don't think the game would be challenging if you didn't have to manage a low deck. I suppose there are other ways of doing that, or maybe communicating that a low deck is acceptable somehow...also, I think it's almost definitely true that I think the game is easier than it is.

Anyway, the details are super helpful. Thanks!

Thank you! This is helpful feedback.

If you wouldn't mind elaborating a bit, was there a particular reason that you didn't get very far? Losing interest, too hard, simply not having the time, or anything in particular?

Thanks again!

Thank you so much for taking the time to explain all of that!

Interesting! I've used the Naviation2D with TileSet navigation layer before, but I think it was somewhat limited and was curious what other approaches there are for pathfinding in Godot. 

Cool stuff!

Hey, thanks for letting me know! 

Yeah, I found out towards the end of development that Godot 4 doesn't work with Mac web yet ( However, I was able to run it from Firefox on my Mac? So if you have Firefox, that might work. Otherwise, I did include a native MacOS build that you could download if you're up for that.

I appreciate you trying and letting me know :)

Cool, yeah that makes sense, thanks for explaining!

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First of all, I love the idea of adjusting walls to navigate the game rather than direct action from the player. I think there are a lot of interesting puzzles that you can do with that.

Also, I think the controls work quite well and I like the point-and-click movement with the grid.

If you build upon this, I think I'd suggest introducing the enemy who can move through walls in later levels, and be careful about how you do it. I think there's a lot to explore with setting up walls to avoid enemies before subverting that mechanic. I think it also really shifts the gameplay from a slow-paced puzzle to something closer to action requiring urgency from the player.

A reset button would be a really nice convenience for the player!

I really like this concept and would be interested to see more!

Also, I'm curious - this was made with Godot, right? How did you implement the pathfinding?

@ztunison - it says there's a password required to view the page?

Nice polish! From the main menu with the title dropping down to all the bits of SFX, visual queues.

I appreciate the challenges of designing the game to have an invisible tutorial - I'd say you succeeded. It was quite clear what I was supposed to do as a player. One suggestion I would make is have the mouse turn into scissors while in the game window? Or maybe even just when it's over strings?

Question Why wouldn't you trade stars for extra scissors? Is there any other way to spend your stars?

The stars are a nice touch - as a bonus, not necessary to complete the level, but to encourage the player to give it extra thought.

Excellent work!