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Jump and Shoot your way to the Final Boss! Including two levels, made for the March GDFG Monthly Game Jam!
Submitted by Arc105 — 22 minutes, 39 seconds before the deadline
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What did the time frame of your development look like?
March 1st 2021 to March 30th 2021

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I could see a lot of influences taken from Mega Man X (looking at you, Armored Armadillo). Aside from the apparent visual issues, I would say that a parallaxed background would've greatly compensated the moving platforms with the wait time / no indication of movement. I think that your goal for this jam was focused on platform mechanics,  which you achieved very well!

I defeated Big Red and brought honor to my creator Dr. Pharma, 10/10


Nice stuff! The art looks really crisp.

I like that you have some tools that you can deploy. I admittedly didn't make it very far, but I can see how you could have some interesting options as a player and cool level design.

I admittedly got a bit frustrated trying the first level - I think some very simple levels slowly introducing the controls/mechanics would go a long way.

Hope to see more with this game!


Thanks, I appreciate it.  Yeah level design is something I'm still trying to wrap my head around a bit so I've got a ways to go in that regard.  Glad you liked it though


This is your best work so far Arc! The platforming controls I thought were done really well compared to last months entry. You have definitely improved from that standpoint. For further improvement I think there were two key things that held this game back. The first is that I feel like the level design was a bit off because it relied on a lot of blind jumps in the first section. I would have preferred for more traditional platforming were the path is clear to the player. Secondly, I would have liked to see a player character sprite as it would have helped with determining which way the player was facing and would have helped with the shooting mechanic. Keep working hard! you have already improved so much, looking forward to seeing your continued improvement. 


Yeah a few of those blind jumps weren't intentional but I didn't realize until later.  Also I agree on a character model or sprite being needed, that's a big thing I plan on working on in April's game.  Thank you though for acknowledging my progress, I really appreciate it


As Brian said a lot of good platformer mechanics! It was fun to play and a good level of challenge as well. Two critiques I would have is to add sound and maybe put the fire button on the keyboard since the other controls are there. Nice work Arc! I look forward to what you make next.


Thanks for playing.  Yeah sound was something I just didn't have time for at the end unfortunately.  The keybinds, I can see where that would make more sense.  I guess I'm just more used to things being KB/M vs just keyboard.  Will consider it in future entries


I think you have a lot of really cool platformer mechanics in one game.  It was impressive the variety of obstacles that you had placed!  I especially enjoyed the ability to spawn your own platforms and jump pads.

I can see how you expanded on your previous game; this is clearly a sequel to that and I think you hit the theme really well.

If you're still interested in expanding this game, I'd definitely look to do that as a future project.  I think you have a lot of the great core elements of a platformer in a nice place.  With some polish, it'd be a solid game.  Nice job!


Thanks, I really appreciate it.  Yeah this is definitely a style of game that I'd like to make one day as a full game.  I took a lot of inspiration from Mega Man/X and those games have tons of obstacle variety.


I liked your levels a lot. I did cheat a bit jumping on the walls up.

Had a glitch on the second level where I guess your supposed to jump down to a platform you cant see. but I fall straight trough it and got stop in fall that never ended and had to restart the level.


Yeah I encountered that bug a few times as well, didn't have time to fix it but at least I put a checkpoint right there lol.  Glad you liked it though