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Collect your shuriken..... You will need them....
Submitted by Scrapy Ninja (@ScrapyNinjaGmes) — 55 minutes, 5 seconds before the deadline
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What did the time frame of your development look like?
Some longish days in the first few weeks and then pretty spotty after that. It was my first game so a lot of the upfront time was learning!

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Really excellent job! The game felt very polished - I'm impressed you were able to get this much done particularly considering it's your first game!

I like that you took the time to include a backstory, I think that really fleshes it out.

And the sound effects and music were spot on.

Level design felt spot on as well (admittedly, I didn't make it very far haha).

One bit of feedback is: I think it might feel nicer to have the jump button as the space bar? Or something other than the up arrow. It didn't feel natural doing the wall jumps with the up arrow, I think the space bar or a button with the other hand would help?


Wow thank you for the awesome feedback! Really appreciate the kind words! I think your critique comments are common across the board which I'm glad because atleast it's consistent and not all over the place! I also agree with them 😂. 


Very impressive work for your first game. I thought the platforming from both and mechanical and level design was down well, albeit a little hard. I have a minor gripe with how the wall jump controls were set up (maybe have the wall jump automatically work with consecutive spacebar inputs) but like I said that is a minor thing. Art was charming and interesting and pulled together nicely with the music. Overall very well done!


Just watched your twitch stream! Sorry I missed it. Woulda been nice to chime in at parts. Appreciate the review/critique as well. Level 5 I added right before submission so it wasn't play tested really... I agree that it was really hard and that is a bummer cause the next level was the samurai boss battle and rescuing your son.  In level 5 when you get to the top of the wall jump you are supposed to jump out and up and then back in to land on the platform right above you. It is tricky with the spikes. In hindsight this level would have changed to make the final level more accessible. Originally I was trying to figure out how to do the  wall jump controls in the way I have always experienced them, but was running into issues and this way worked so I kept it, but agree it should change. I hope to participate in more of the GDFG game jams! Currently deep diving into Godot and gdscript so I have a feeling my next game may be much more simple lol. Thanks again and I look forward to the next podcast!


Great job, especially for your first game!

I'd echo the same as the other comments: the speed is a bit fast for the dexterity you need to land on those platforms and it made the game extra difficult.  I'm not very good at 2D platformers in general, but this one was definitely up there in difficulty!  I think when you make a game, you get used to the controls from hours and hours of playing it, so it can be difficult to balance.

I really enjoyed the story!  I haven't seen a game jam game yet with a back story, so that was fun to see.  I think the text ran a little fast for me, but I caught up to the pace and was able to get it.

I think you have a nice consistent art style and a good solid game base here.

Nice job!  Especially for it being your first game, I think you made an impressive first game :)


Nice platformer, a bit hard for me maybe, died a few time over before I got past the first jump.

Never got passed 4 or 5th screen. the one where you jump on walls up and have pointy things in the roof.

Also didn't figure out what you do with the throwing stars. but I get that's a bit further into the game.


Hey Bei! Thanks for the critique! Ya that level you are talking about is the last one before the boss, which is where you would use the shuriken. Unfortunately after I posted it I thought back and was like "ya that's too hard..." Ultimately you have to time the wall jumping so you land on the right side. Then jump out and in to above the spikes. From there it's pretty easy. I will be playing your game shortly!


Great simple platformer.  Love the art, especially being your first game that's pretty impressive.  It works, it's fun to play, not much to complain about with this one.

My only critiques are largely just small things that could be tweaked to offer a little bit of a better experience.  The jump is really high and a bit jarring at first and the horizontal movement speed makes some of the platforming a bit tough but that's really it.  Nothing serious or hugely detrimental to the game, great job.


thank you Arc for the critique and kind words! I look forward to playing your game when I get home tonight!