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Blown away by the density of the city. There was a lot going on and its very impressive for a jam game. The actual game its self could have used a little more polish especially in the UI department. The gameplay was fine but not very deep. All the different creative weapons were awesome and cleaning droids were a spectacle. The main character design and environment design was also great. A little bit more polish and deeper game design would have taken this pretty good game to the next level. That being said I enjoyed it. I can tell you guys worked very hard to get this done so nice job! 

I quite like this puzzle game. Simple and satisfying mechanic. I think you had mentioned that it was random. This might be one of those situations were you actually want predetermined level. You could figure out some cool and interesting level layouts. Anyways, I think there is a good game here as it is. Could be something really good with a little more polish.

Really great idea and nice blend between two genres. Would have loved to see a little bit of polish like being able to jump up through platforms. With some work and more levels, I could see this doing well on mobile.

The mood and atmosphere was set up nicely with the music, alarm, and decorations. I would have liked to seen a few smaller levels explore twists on the shooting mechanic/zombies rather than one big level. Great "Juice" with the screen shake on the gun.

This game has some rough edges but has a lot of raw fun. The text at the beginning scrolls way too fast to read and the enemies move really quick often with no warning (flying in from off screen). But even with those flaws I couldn't help but smile and laugh well playing. The intro popup screen is awesome as well! Nice Job.

Needed something extra to really make it a game. Some kind of challenge or something. On the plus side the fireball special effects looked good.

Very interesting concept with tons of polish. Love the idea of seeing the echoes of your peers, and how solving the puzzle felt like a collaborative effort.

This is your best game yet! The car controls and shooting are great simple mechanics that are satisfying. The e-brake was a awesome idea and really led to some cool maneuvering moments. The bugs with the ai caused some issues and held the game back a little, but when it worked it was fun. Some sound effects, and maybe some polish and juice would really improve this game. If we ever have a "revisit an old project" theme again, I think we will ;), then I think this is a top candidate. 

This is an example of a very simple idea with a ton of polish, which I think is a great strategy for a game jam. Its the little things like the screen shake, naming the clinical conditions in the top left and the way they pop up on screen, the smooth slide of the buttons, etc. Very well done. Would love to see you execute this level of polish on a game with deeper mechanics, but given the time frame you had, this is excellent. 

Really like the voxel art style! The movement and shooting was an interesting blend of RTS, and a top down twin stick shooter. I thought it was fun when there was combat, however the levels and enemy placement made for times when there wasn't much action. Would have like to see levels that through a lot of enemies at you, or guided you to enemies so that there wasn't as much down time. Hope you stick with this project and work on it more because it has a solid foundation!

The art for this game is fantastic and in my opinion the best use of the limited color palette modifier. There is an extreme difficulty curve spike right when the double jump is introduced, which led to some frustration when playing. I think if the difficulty curve didn't have such a large spike the game would really benefit. Maybe try adding a double jump introduction section that is quite forgiving, that way the flow of the game isn't broken up right as the first interesting mechanic is introduced. Like always, your game has a unique charm to it. Your very good at the emotional exploration aspect!

I love dwarf fortress and this is a cool recreation of the fluid system. I think this has potential for a good puzzle game. At the moment it was unclear to me what each of the unique tiles do. I think you could remedy this in a puzzle game by introducing them one at a time through various puzzle levels. I bet making this fluid system was a complex and difficult task, so I most say I am impressed that it works so well. If it was framed in a nice puzzle package, I think you could really have something here.

The movement system in this game is pretty unique and and challenging. It's the kind of challenging that's fun to try over and over again. I wish there were more levels that explored the different aspects of movement. The parallax star effect was really nice. Also, the ascending pitch of the bounce sound was a nice touch. Overall well done!

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I wouldn't recommend anyone download and install this. Suspicious executable. HetBest maybe you should try a web build or something like MurphysDad said. I think people would trust it more then.

The trance like state is what I was hoping to do to people lol. Trying to get them in that flow state.

Chanting in time was definitely the original idea, but alas was left on the cutting floor for scope management. Maybe I'll revisit and make it more like a primal Guitar Hero.

In my opinion a collect-o-thon game needs at least one thing extra to keep it form feeling like a chore list. On extra mechanic would have helped this game feel a little more engaging. The level itself was interesting and had some unique layouts and locations that were worth walking to see. For your next game I think something that would really help is to try a very small idea executed fully if that makes sense.

This is a perfect example of a game with a simple idea that was executed well. The mechanics themselves are moderately interesting but shine within the context of the game. The simple narrative takes this game to an entirely new level. It is a smart use of telling a very simple story but using the strength of video games (interaction, or in this case the lack of) to sell the themes. Very impressive.

The core mechanics and starting puzzles were a little unclear at first. Once I figured those out however, the game had some interesting albeit few puzzles.  Music and atmosphere where done great and I love the visual look. Would love to see this game expanded and given more levels as I was just getting into the mechanics when it ended. Overall, great work!

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This is your best work I have played bei, nice job! A nice and simple, yet unique, experience. The start menu was really nice and started the game of on a high note visually. The only criticism I have is with the camera. At some points it would lag in correcting its orientation resulting in some confusing perspectives and controls. allowing the player to control the siren is a nice touch and provides just a little bit more interaction with the fire truck, a very simple feature but I think it adds a lot for what it is. This game is a good example of how a simple idea can be executed to be a fun experience.

Very interesting mechanic, and wonderfully atmospheric art direction. I couldn't quite get level -2 to work, partially I think because it was hard to line up the falling block and player do to the player movement. By that I mean there is a sort of sluggish acceleration of the player in my opinion. It wasn't really noticeable until I had to line up the falling block. Other than that I thought the game was really well done, unique, and presented with awesome style. Nice work!

This is your best work so far Arc! The platforming controls I thought were done really well compared to last months entry. You have definitely improved from that standpoint. For further improvement I think there were two key things that held this game back. The first is that I feel like the level design was a bit off because it relied on a lot of blind jumps in the first section. I would have preferred for more traditional platforming were the path is clear to the player. Secondly, I would have liked to see a player character sprite as it would have helped with determining which way the player was facing and would have helped with the shooting mechanic. Keep working hard! you have already improved so much, looking forward to seeing your continued improvement. 

Very impressive work for your first game. I thought the platforming from both and mechanical and level design was down well, albeit a little hard. I have a minor gripe with how the wall jump controls were set up (maybe have the wall jump automatically work with consecutive spacebar inputs) but like I said that is a minor thing. Art was charming and interesting and pulled together nicely with the music. Overall very well done!

The atmosphere and artistic polish all came together for a visually interesting and impressive presentation given the time frame. I felt like the gameplay pacing design could have used more ebbs and flows. A round system I think would have helped with this. Easy round at first to introduce the mechanics, followed up with increasing difficulty rounds (with maybe a few dips as to not exhaust the player).  Awesome play on the theme with your past game as others have pointed out.

The art side of things I thought was well done with a consistent direction and style. I think the game mechanic could be interesting but I think a goal presented to the player to achieve held it back. I would like to see some sort of kill count/ round system. 

The art side of things I thought was well done with a consistent direction and style. I think the game mechanic could be interesting but I think a goal presented to the player to achieve held it back. I would like to see some sort of kill count/ round system. 

You are definitely improving! I think this game was much more complete than Golem Core. I would make some tweaks to the physics system so that the collectibles only interact with the player, and the platforms don't knock the player around.  The place able jump pads was a great and unique idea. Overall I think with the physics tweaks and some additional levels this could go on to be a complete game.

This is a cool simulation but I'll admit it was hard for me to understand fully. It was like watching a nature documentary with no commentator, fascinating and peaceful but the innerworkings were lost to me. Maybe being fascinating and peaceful was the point and I missed it. I think this simulation has a lot of potential if you wanted to make some challenges to "gameify" it. Things like start the player with some creatures that are blue and small and use the evolution to make them orange and big. 

Once I got to level 6 the challenge started and I had fun problem solving the puzzles. I feel like levels 1-5 could have been condensed a little. Also some quality of life stuff like clicking and dragging to draw walls would have been nice. Overall though I had a fun time. It was an interesting idea and take on the theme. Would love to see new levels with new mechanics.

This is a well polished game with a complete and fun game mechanic. I would have liked to see the win state explained a little more clearly. It also would have been cool to explore the mechanic more with some additional levels. That being said the most important thing is that I had fun while playing it.

Nice Job!

Best mood and sound design of the jam. I could have done with a little bit deeper game mechanics or engagement. At the moment the game is quite easy and not engaging enough. The thing that kept my interest was the horrifyingly delightful skittering noise. Only reason I 4 starred the art is because I never got to see what creature made this noise. 

Interesting take on the theme and a stealth mechanic. Unfortunately I think it falls short in a few places. I think the game could have used some more clear direction as to what the trap plates and debris do. Also the pulsing mechanic was unclear and hard to tell what exactly the tower was doing. The music I thought was done well and put me into the stealth mood. If this game were to have additional levels, I think it would be interesting to try moving towers or more than one. At the moment its too easy to keep the line of sight broken and just rush the tower to win.

Best sound based hide and seek game design concept of the jam. Unfortunately the overall polish held it back. I think the S and D keys are switched for movement, resulting in some pretty confusing controls. Also at times the player character would get stuck and move extremely slow making me have to reset. Lastly I ran into a bug where Mopsa got stuck on her way to a barrel and was just out in the open. 

Had it not been for the bugs I think this game would have scored much higher. The laughs coming from the barrel is an very creative mechanic and at time honestly creeped me out a little lol. I love the subtle mechanical quirks of how you can kinda peek and see where Mopsa is going with your eyes closed. 

Interesting concept that matches the theme and modifier of the jam perfectly. Spatial audio cues worked great. I feel like a secondary mechanic is missing. Something additional I think would have spiced the gameplay up a little more. Maybe a bad sound to avoid. 

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Extremely charming game with a great sound track. Game is casual and fun with a challenging and interesting boss fight. Only flaw was that at times it was unclear what the objective was, but I figured it out with the hints. I have to re-iterate how catchy and good the soundtrack is. Sometimes I would just float around doing nothing so I could listen to it. 

Interesting idea with potential! I wish I had a little more control of the rhino. The rhino model itself though is excellent. 

Such a cool idea with the maze changing in the dark! Most original idea I have seen this far. Those are some squeaky floors in that dungeon lol

I couldn't get it to work even with the src folder in the the right directory. I think the concept is cool though!

Took a second to figure out the mechanics but once I did I had a lot of fun! I like to let the shots build up so to increase the difficulty. 

This was my first time with compiling an installer and I was unaware of the flaws you pointed out. Thanks for educating me, I'll try the ZIP next time!