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Survive the IslandView game page

Protect yourself from the elements and collect your ship parts to get the highest score!
Submitted by MurphysDad (@HaywardMorihara), Scrapy Ninja (@ScrapyNinjaGmes), 00Her0, immortalicecream — 6 hours, 10 minutes before the deadline
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Game Design#62.7953.125

Ranked from 8 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Cool game, the idea feels new and unique!

Unfortunately I havn't really had the possibility to use my computer much these last two weeks and the game doesn't work on the phone. I have been able to watch Yanni and Zach play though.

My main concern is that, at least on a small screen, the player blends a litte too well with the background. So Perhaps add more contrast between the player sprite and the background mountain.

But again, cool game! I look forward to testing it when I'm on my computer.


Fun idea. Had some issue with the players collider got stuck when trying to jump between blocks.


I had fun with this game and thought it was nicely polished with extra features such as the leaderboard. I would have maybe stuck with the genre norm spacebar for the jump, as I think that added some clunky-ness to the controls. 


The shaking with the storms really irritated me. Other than that, it's good.


I was not good at this :P

But a really nice idea well executed!

I played it live here:


Great job with this game. I loved the concept, the setting, the sounds and the music. It gave a really tense feeling. Then controls did not work so well for me; at some point I kept accidentally making blocks where I wanted to just jump; maybe my mouse is broken.


I really enjoyed the core game loop for this game! I got better each time (though not nearly as good as some on the leaderboard, haha). I agree with @CaptainRipley's comment about the shop, I think that was a really great idea to add. To make it feel even more attainable/impactful, incorporating it into each individual playthrough (upgrading mid-game and balancing accordingly) could add an exponential number of additional strategies. Really great job to everyone who contributed to this!


Really enjoyed this! Fits the theme very well and is just super creative. Love how there is this balance to getting up high above the rising lave, but needing to go low initially to get the resources needed. It's nice that the longer you wait the more points you can get, but, at the same time, the more perilous it becomes. makes for a  fun run where the player can strategize and plan on what they want to try on each run.

I think the controls were a barrier though. Jump is generally binded to space bar, and I think it could have helped. Also, usually the character is usually in the middle of the screen, you can aim with the mouse relative to the character, but at the edges of the screen, the camera stops moving and the player moves out of the middle of the screen meaning that the player then needs to reorient around the moving camera which feels really wonky. There is a similar issue with the screen shake.

The Shop is a nice touch, but felt a bit unattainable lol

Very nicely done though! Great job!


This game was a lot of fun. The leaderboard is great! The lava filling up the screen was a great touch. Occasionally you could get stuck a few times if the block wasn't aligned or if you dropped the block on your head. But then just picking the block up again fixed it. One thing that I think would be nice, would be to move the kind of block you're putting down closer to the player (or maybe have the player holding the kind of block he will put down). With the screen shaking and trying to jump around, it was hard to look across the screen to see which block you had selected. Other than that the game was pretty neat. Right when you run out of time it starts getting a bit repetitive, but I felt like the game loop was a good length. Great work!