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It has potential.

I'm sure this is in the works, but it would be cool if you could plant crops, in addition to just gathering them.

An update to make the little guy walk faster would also be appreciated. 

Overall, it's a good start. The art's cute.

Why is there a dragon throwing fireballs at my fish?

Rad. Goose. Fun.

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I've fished about ten times and haven't caught anything. What am I doing wrong? 

I'm pressing X by the pond, then when it shows the exclamation point, I spam the X key. Then there's a little splash in the color of the exclamation point, but I still have no fish in my inventory. 

I've also been mining, but again, my inventory says I haven't gotten anything from it. 

Sorry, man. I should have warned you.

"Aelian fays that this Animal knowing that Men do hunt it only to get this Liquor of so great use in Physic, tears off its Testicles when it sees it self closely pursued by the Hunters, and leaves them to them as for its ransom."  From "The natural history of animals: Containing the anatomical description of several creatures dissected, by the Royal academy of sciences at Paris." 1702. 

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Free mess!

It's fun! I'm excited to play more of it. 

My one note is, I wish there were more rocks, trees, and bushes in which to search for bugs. It would be cool to have distinct areas to find different types of bugs.

Returning after a few months to try this again. It's not going great.

 How do you make money to get new plants? The plus button pulls up a menu that looks like mictotransactions, but does nothing.

How do I tell if my plants want water? Do I just guess? 

There's a button to the left of the watering can and the button to get more plants. It looks kinda like a potion bottle. It could also be a flowerpot. It doesn't seem to do anything.

Can I rescue an overwatered plant? 

I really want to like this game. I like chill simulation games. You've obviously put a lot of work into this. But I just can't figure out how it works.

I have some random ball facts. 

In the 1600s, people used to believe that male beavers bit off their own testicles. 

American football was invented by Native Americans. 

Pinball was widely considered to be illegal gambling until the 1970s.

I like frogs

This is a really cute game! I'd love to be able to trade with the adventurers for rare potion ingredients.

I love it.

The storybook art style really adds to the atmosphere. I like how the main character looks so nonchalant.

I think that's in the "City Of The Key" scenario.

I've been playing this game for awhile and I just got the paid version on Steam, because I beat this version four times. I was expecting it to be the same, and I was kinda just buying it to support the creator.

As it turns out, I am very happy with my purchase. I've spent an embarrassing amount of time playing it. My brother apparently gets Steam friend notifications whenever I open the app, and he recently asked me why the hell I like the game so much.

Anyway, the paid version includes many of the suggestions in this comment section. I'm not spoiling which ones, but they're fun. 

It also includes more scenarios, more groups with missions, fish, frogs, and creatures not otherwise specified. 

Can this be played on a laptop? If so, how? 

It's pretty good. My one note is, the price difference between the Fairy Critter and the next most expensive critter is pretty extreme.

It's fun! I'm looking forward to the enemies and NPCs. 

It's a little hard to see which rocks have ore sometimes. What if you could get a lantern or something from the dwarves at some point in the future?

Thank you so much!

I remember this being a pretty good game, but I can't play it now. It only showed about a third of the screen when I tried today. 

Replaying this again. 

Can I just say how impressed I am that the enemies are still scary, even after I've seen them a thousand times? That's really cool. 

I heard the enemy sound effects, but couldn't see what was chasing me. When I turned around and saw the ant, I legitimately jumped.

I like it! It kinda slows down after forty waves or so, but for a game jam project, this is excellent.

I couldn't get past the first screen.

I'm abysmal at video games, so it's probably my fault. 

Just from what I saw, I like the graphics. The audiovisual feedback is well-timed, but I wasn't a fan of the staticky jump sound effect. 

The controls were fairly responsive, more so than a lot of finished platformers on 

I'm looking forward to being abysmal at the finished version of this game someday!

(perdoname, espanol no es mi idioma primera)

Me gusta! La idea es original. Es un poquito raro, pero facil para comprender. 

Un bug, o posiblamente mi error: No podia traer el gato Hernan al Hernan humano, pero el juego me diga que ya completa. 

Creo su animal favorito es... un gato, una rana, o (animal con dientes como conejo, les gustan arboles y cacajuates?) 

I enjoyed this! The concept was very original. It was a little weird, but not so weird that I couldn't understand it. 

One possible bug, or possible error on my part: I couldn't bring Hernan the cat to Hernan the human, but the game still told me I had done it. 

I would guess that your favorite animal is... a cat, a frog, or a squirrel (I don't know how to say squirrel, so I said "animal with teeth like a rabbit, they like trees and nuts?)

Okay, who else imagined doing exactly this along the side of the car every time they went on a road trip as a kid?

The little dancing arms on the dance floor! I love it.

I'd love to hear the player character's thoughts. Do they recognize the area? Do they remember anything? Why were they in the woods in the first place?

Also, time for what? Why can't I enter the tent? It's intriguing.

Who is our companion? Why were they in the woods? Do they see the player character as a curiosity? A burden? 

Despite there not being much story yet, I'm deeply invested in the story.

I'm looking forward to seeing this game grow. 

It's not very good right now, but I feel like that's just because there's not much of it right now. I can tell you worked hard on this, you care about this, and you will continue working hard on this.

Once there's some more interaction, it's going to be really good. I like the premise and I'll be checking back in every once in a while to play it again.

If I click on the wrong temple, I can't select anything else until I die.

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Also, I can't seem to talk to the forest critters or the pregnant-looking nudibranch.

 I'm really, really bad at the combat, to the point where I was most successful when I tried to avoid it altogether.

 I get the feeling I'm doing it wrong. Nonetheless, I had fun doing it wrong. Because the enemies are quick, and their patterns difficult to discern, my failed attempts at sneaking past and running away were tensely captivating.

With a little more content, this could be a really good game. I'd love to see NPCs, puzzles, and a little more story.

How do you play?

Pretty good game! Definitely promising.

Sometimes two orders come at once. Is that a bug or the "something" after the first 10 orders? 

Also, the character feels too slow-moving. I find myself spending precious seconds watching the character move, with nothing I can do to speed things up. 

My complaints are purely indications that I'm invested in the game.

I want to give an opinion of this game, but at this stage of development, I feel like any opinion I might have would be unfair. 

My first note is that the framing of this game is weird. Important parts of the game are cropped out of sight. I can't see which potions I'm using in combat, just three tops of bottles with corks.  I'm playing on a laptop, btw.

My second note is that the little squirrel looks a little out of place with the background. The trees and sky look really nice; flowy and like a children's book. The squirrel, while cute, looks like it belongs in a mascot platformer, more than a bedtime story.

But really, the main thing is, make more of it. I like squirrels and alchemy and your environments. I like the idea of gathering potion ingredients for fights. I feel like I'll really like this game once it's finished.

I could move my character and open the tool wheel, but nothing happened when I pressed the arrow keys.

I tried to use the arrow keys to select the seeds, and it didn't work. I must have done something wrong.