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This was a good game! I just wish it reflected the ways that toxic masculinity can make it harder for men to get mental health care. Toxic masculinity says that men should be able to solve any emotional problem by exercising. "You're stressed? Try a kickboxing class."

You did a really good job portraying the medical community's attitudes toward trans people. I check one little box saying I have a uterus, and I get called "She, sorry, um, He? They! Okay, they." for the rest of the appointment.

How do you get cream for the ice cream maker?

It won't let me place any vehicles. Am I doing something wrong?

I'm having this too. If you click and drag an ingredient that you don't have, it lets you add it to the burger anyway.

Took me awhile, but I collected all the magnet treasures!

I'm having a hard time figuring out which ingredients are which. Is the red bottle hot sauce? The reddish jar is tom yum sauce, but what's in the other jar?

This is a cute game so far. I look forward to seeing where it goes. I like the art style.

It would be cool if you could buy a new storefront shelf. 

This is a problem that will resolve itself as the game is more finished, but it's pretty frustrating to spend 1500 coins to unlock a tile, only to reveal the "You have finished the demo!" sign. 

I'd like a little tile in a corner telling me which color corresponds to which number. 

It's very difficult to read the little numbers on moving blocks.

Ok, now it's working. Thanks!

When I manually open the shop.

Hey, whenever I close the shop, even when I open it again, I can't use any of my ingredients. Like, it'll let me start a recipe, but it won't mix, and I have to end the recipe to throw the spoiled ingredients away.

Okay, I found them. 

I was confusing the inventory with the item bar. 

Yes, but I'll try again.

Update: I tried the Windows version. 

It still said "You are playing in the browser version." 

It also crashed twice. 

I'll still come back and play it from time to time. It's got a lot of problems, but it's still a good game. 

How do I get seeds to start out? I don't see them in my inventory.

Right when I started.

Whenever I click a button to place something, the game freezes for between five and thirty seconds.

You delete rooms by holding the right mouse button.

This is a pretty good game. It's got cute cats, and it appears that I've spent over an hour playing it.

The cleaner just stands in the doorway, seemingly doing nothing.

I've also found a glitch with the reviews. Sometimes, the reviews just don't load. 

But I still like it. I'll probably play it again.

I've played through this game a few times now. I like it.

I'm extremely bad at this game. When I run out of time, I usually only have about $200.

I got 208! I'm so proud of myself!

I noticed that the Gourdlets don't build snowpeople or sand castles in the Steam version.

Hey jsyk, all ten of my scatterballs got stuck on the top, spamming a giant trail of mini balls behind them.

You may or may not want to fix this. Bottom line, you made a good enough game that even the glitches are kind of fun.

I really liked this one. 

There appears to be an invisible wall around the seed packet. 

I really like this game. 

People have made some really cool things. I'd love to be able to put the star-eyes emote on a sign to show my appreciation for the Pokemon portraits I found.

The market is pretty saturated with match 3 games, so my standards are higher. 

I feel like I'm judging this game too harshly, but I wasn't very fond of it. 

It's very competently made, and it has a level of polish that should make it feel superior to some of the jankier games on But personally, I'm just not a big fan. 

I want to suggest some improvements, but I'm struggling to think of any. It's a good game. It's just not for me.

Love the new intro! 

Is there a place where I can see the city's entire revenue and how much time I have before the end of the term? 

Also, how do I pause?

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I like fungi. They're cool. They're weird. They're squishy. They're my friends. 

You know what they say: If you want to go on a hike, go with a biologist. If you want to go on a short walk, go with a botanist. If you want to very slowly meander from tree to tree, go with a mycologist.

I wish I could just harvest the mature mushrooms, and leave the baby mushrooms to grow.

Edit: This is my weird way of saying I liked the game.

This looks potentially pretty cool, but I can't seem to actually do anything. Am I doing something wrong, or is this a proof of concept at this point? 

Like, is there currently anything to do? 

For an early alpha, this is excellent. 

I do wish I could start upgrading earlier though. 

What if you had to keep your character happy in order to keep your work speed up? Like, you can buy the little fella a coffee, or let them go take a nap. Play music for them. Get them a cat to pet. Just an idea. 

Overall, it's a good game, and I'm excited to see it improve.

It's fun! 

What are the red plants? Are they weeds? Plants I killed? I can't tell, and I can't seem to pull them. 

It's also kind of hard to tell what tile I'm standing on and which plants I've watered.