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This was nice! I loved the Error-egg!

It's a cool concept, but like you write yourself, could use some more work.

It started lagging for me after a while and my laptop got pretty warm.


If you buy an interval light you only have one of those. So if you place one you have to switch back to the regular "light tool" to go back to toggling the other lights. The interval light should keep working where you placed it.

But as another commenter suggested, that should have been an automatic thing when you run out of interval lights to place.

I enjoyed this one, and played through all the levels. I think the coyote time required jumps is introduced a bit early. If you want coyote time to be a part of the game mechanics and not just a quality of life-thing, you might want to introduce it a bit more to the player.

I liked the jump feel, but had some issues positioning the cube precisely sometimes. Perhaps you could reduce the hitbox so you don't die if a bullet just barely touches you. I think this game would benefit from being slightly more forgiving.

I loved that the level just instantly restarted when I died.

Very well done!

Haha, I didn't plan on making the game a tool for taking out aggression on random drivers, but if it works it works!


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From the other comments I think You're right about the difficulty. It's a challange to tune it after you've gotten good at the game!

Thanks for the great feedback!

Thanks a ton!

Great idea with the lights going back to default, I should have thought of that!

Thank you! It's difficult to tune the difficulty of a game without alot of different play testers!

Hehe, I guess there is some work to be do if I were to keep working on this game!

If you end up with a score under a certain threshold on a level you get to play it again until you get a good enough score. Or something like that.

Thanks! And sorry for shortening your life slightly with that stressful experience!

Nice and simple mechanics and the sfx work very well. Especially the Bubble popping sound is very pleasant.

The title screen feels a bit messy, I had a hard time processing the information there (might be because of lack of sleep on my end though). In the game my biggest concern was the Bubble hitboxes. They could be a bit bigger.

Well done!

It's a good start! Aiming works well but the movement didn't feel super satistying. Perhaps you can put a texture in the background that moves slowly as you move to make it feel more like you're moving?

Unfortunately I got stuck after the first fight. I could only see half of the two bottom cards, the rest was cut off. I could select cards but not press End turn. Perhaps there is a "Choose card" button that was cut off. It looked promising though!

wow, really cool graphics (of course, it's you!)!

How did you do the ship? Is it a 3d model with a pixel filter, or is it a hand crafted spritesheet or something else?

Very nice little game, it's kind of meditative and makes you focus on the method.

The YES/NO buttons after each round feel like they don't really match the style of the rest of the game graphics wise, and perhaps it would benefit from some music, I'm not sure.

I ran into trouble when there were repeating numbers. I can't think of any way to finish a level with 2 identical numbers without guessing. It would be good if each level could be finished every time given the correct strategy.

Thank you! Yeah, that was pretty much exactly what we were going for, including the timeline!

Nice little interactive story! I liked story elements, that you got tossed into the middle (or end) of something that is much bigger than the game. You don't get much information on what has happened up to that point, but you can figure some things out and guess others.

I enjoyed it, thanks!

It's a very cool aestetic. I would have liked some more information on the stats and actions. What does DEF and MAG do? Is DEF an active ability that just affects the rest of the current battle, or is it also a passive skill that makes you take less damage?

I ran into a couple of bugs. If you end a fight right next to an enemy, you can push that enemy, it doesn't trigger the battle scene until you move away from them.

If you have two enemies right next to each other and approach the closest one at high speed, you first see the name of the first enemy, but it changes into the next one. Probably because the player keeps drifting to the next one.

I really like the super low res graphics, but the buttons and progress bars break that limitation being rounded rectangles. I think I would prefer if they were also low res.

Very well done, I enjoyed it!

The concept is cool, and it looks and feels great to interact with. The point system let's you try over and over again to work your way to finishing a level, which is probably a good thing. That way you don't get stuck. It would be nice to know the par for a level though, to see if I figured out the optimal solution. Often times it felt like most of the blocks went down to 10 a few moves before I finished the levels.

thanks for the feedback!

Yeah, both things are on the TODO-list if we choose to keep working on this one. We just ran out of time (and energy)!

I tried to play tennis once. Just slapping a ball can be quite difficult, let alone make it hit something else!

I'm glad you liked it! Thank you for playing!

awesome! Keep up the good work!

thank you! I'm glad  you liked it!

Wow this is very satisfying to play with! Placing the roads just feels nice. Well done!

Wow, Will you snail looks cool, but this was yet another snail game called "Snail Trail". Was on the Vimlark stream a couple of days ago!

Just stumbled across this game, nice game!

Less than a week ago I watched a stream about another snail game, and I am just finishing up my snail puzzle game! What are the odds, are snails the new Italian plumbers?

Thank you! I'll pass along the compliment to Marcus! He will be very happy!

Thank you, Alex! I'm glad you liked it!

Thank you! And yeah, I like how the music transitions turned out. I thought it would require alot of trickery to get it to sync, but luckily it didn't.

That's good feedback about the falling blocks. I don't want this game to be about execution, so I'll have to do something about that.

Thank you for the feedback and kind words!

Level 13 should be beatable (20 levels in the game), but I havn't tested the game on all devices so there could be some hidden bug of course.


To beat the level, first make the block fall to the exit rotate back to the first orientation. Then make the block fall towards you but quickly rotate back. That should slow down the block enough to fall into the hole.

Marcus O'Snail

Marcus O'Snail

The gravity-defying snail

This a free full puzzle game about Marcus O'Snail, a friendly snail who is abducted by scientists and forced to navigate through mazes all day long. 

The game including all assets (music, sound effects, art and code) were all made using only a smart phone. If someone is interested in how it can be done feel free to ask me any questions. I'd be more than happy to share and discuss workflows.

Thanks for the feedback and for playing our game!

The real time idea is great, that sounds like a much more fun game!

I also agree that there isn't much strategy involved, but a little. In the early game it is probably much better to repair targets as soon as they are hit. In the end game it might not be though. If your opponent is close to sinking but have no targets down, you might be better off shooting at them than repairing your boat. 

A hidden feature in the game is that you can knock your opponents out, which interrupts their target repairing. They stay knockad out for quite a few turns and if all opponents are knocked out you win. Hitting a pirate with a cannonball isn't easy though.

The graphics are great and the concept works really well.

My only issues were with the controls and the bouncing. The bounces didn't really feel natural. More like the ball was being sucked upward than getting it's velocity from the bounce.

I did have some trouble getting the ball to move exactly as I wanted sideways. Sometimes it moved pretty slow other times it went straight to the wall.

But like I said: cool game and great graphics!

Nice little game!

One one hand I like that everything is displayed on one single screen, including the career stats. On the other hand it can make the screen look a bit cluttered. Playing on a smartphone it was difficult to see and hit the bubbles with all the graphical "noise" in the background.

I still enjoyed it though!

Oh thank you! I am glad that you enjoyed it!

It was the first game I released, and I've learnt alot about difficulty and learning curves since. 

Still, I like the game with all it's flaws (difficulty and graphics being the biggest ones).

Thank you! We've had alot of fun making the game!

100 points is not bad at all! You should be happy to get triple digits!

Super cool game!

Unfortunately I havn't really had the possibility to use my computer much these last two weeks and the game doesn't work on the phone. I have been able to watch Yanni and Zach play though.

The graphics are very nice, and the cut scene animation that pans to the gameplay perspective is cool. When you finish a level and the camera pans to the exit, would it be difficult to make it seamlessly go into the entry anination? I think that might help keeping the player immersed. 

I can't wait to get a chance to play this game!

Very nice! I get flashbacks to the old Micro Machines game from the tank graphics.

Unfortunately I havn't really had the possibility to use my computer much these last two weeks and the game doesn't work on the phone. I have been able to watch Yanni and Zach play though.

The game is really well made. The shadows that hide corridors the the tank moves around a corner is very cool, but Perhaps it would look smoother if the efter wasn't so Sharp.

Cool game, the idea feels new and unique!

Unfortunately I havn't really had the possibility to use my computer much these last two weeks and the game doesn't work on the phone. I have been able to watch Yanni and Zach play though.

My main concern is that, at least on a small screen, the player blends a litte too well with the background. So Perhaps add more contrast between the player sprite and the background mountain.

But again, cool game! I look forward to testing it when I'm on my computer.

Well done!

Unfortunately I havn't really had the possibility to use my computer much these last two weeks and the game doesn't work on the phone. I have been able to watch Yanni and Zach play though.

The game looks really nice. Making good edutainment games is difficult but you might be on to something here.

On a small screen it isn't super obvious if you answer correctly. I would have wanted more obvious visual feedback right be the equation on an incorrect answer.