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Thanks, and yeah I hadn't considered that but I'll try to keep that in mind for future projects.

I didn't have plans to do much else with this one but it was something I hadn't tried before.  I chose this because it was simple and gave me a lot of time to learn how to make models in Blender.

Thanks, it was my first time making Blender models so they're still a bit rough lol.  Other than that I just used the standard Unity terrain painting materials.

Thanks, yeah I didn't plan as well as I should have and didn't have time to put in the barriers or those nice simple QoL features.  This was mostly just a simple project so I could learn and practice with making models in Blender.

Short but functional, definitely fit the theme well.  After finding out the secret of the game it definitely made navigating back through the forest much easier lol.  Great job though.

Definitely incredibly well polished for this jam especially.  Took me a minute to figure out how to charge the time machine properly but I did finish the game pretty quickly after that.  Got stuck in the world geometry a few times but otherwise it played well.  Great job.

Yeah I encountered that bug a few times as well, didn't have time to fix it but at least I put a checkpoint right there lol.  Glad you liked it though

Thanks, I really appreciate it.  Yeah this is definitely a style of game that I'd like to make one day as a full game.  I took a lot of inspiration from Mega Man/X and those games have tons of obstacle variety.

Thanks for playing.  Yeah sound was something I just didn't have time for at the end unfortunately.  The keybinds, I can see where that would make more sense.  I guess I'm just more used to things being KB/M vs just keyboard.  Will consider it in future entries

Yeah a few of those blind jumps weren't intentional but I didn't realize until later.  Also I agree on a character model or sprite being needed, that's a big thing I plan on working on in April's game.  Thank you though for acknowledging my progress, I really appreciate it

Thanks, I appreciate it.  Yeah level design is something I'm still trying to wrap my head around a bit so I've got a ways to go in that regard.  Glad you liked it though

This one is really great and the work that went into setting the mood really showed.  Loved the visual filter on it, making everything dark was a great choice, the music really brought it all together too.  After playing your last game, it was nice to get revenge on the plants lol

Great simple platformer.  Love the art, especially being your first game that's pretty impressive.  It works, it's fun to play, not much to complain about with this one.

My only critiques are largely just small things that could be tweaked to offer a little bit of a better experience.  The jump is really high and a bit jarring at first and the horizontal movement speed makes some of the platforming a bit tough but that's really it.  Nothing serious or hugely detrimental to the game, great job.

Really cool simple game.  Music was great, really liked the art as well.  Gameplay was simple but it got the job done.  My only suggestion which is entirely preference would be to make the siren a toggle vs hold and that's about all I can say I would have changed honestly, great job.

Really well polished and simple concept.  Made it to level 6 but that's about as far as I got.  Was unclear if there was a way to beat it, but I imagine there is.  Really good though, especially since it was made in roughly 9 days altogether.

Yanniboi said most of it but yeah it was fun and functional.  It was pretty simple but done in a clever way for what it is. 

Echoing a lot of the same feedback points, the win condition wasn't clear but I did end up winning.  I just found the border and walked it until I found the building.  The spawn position for the top snowman made it a little tough to hit just because of how it works but it wasn't impossible, just had to get a lot closer than the others first lol.

I think either making them move faster or making them spawn faster over time would be a good way to amp up the difficulty, or both.  I didn't end up losing any health in my time playing so difficulty wise it was definitely on the easier side.

Great job though, glad you finished and submitted something.

Thanks!  Yeah there were definitely some issues with the platforms moving without the player, I've fixed that in March's game jam though so hopefully it'll feel better.

Thanks!  So yeah with the jump pads, it's supposed to be something that's just thrown down and that's it you can't pick them back up.  I put the limit in place so that you couldn't just use them instead of normal jumping but I took the inspiration from Mega Man and the Rush powers you get.  

Yeah the walls and platforms had some strange behaviors.  Definitely gonna look into ways to fix that.  Thank you though

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Yeah a friend of mine said the same thing, he started it up again and then it worked fine.  The orb is supposed to go into the basket to slow down the rotating platforms.  Seems it may have been a bit touchier than I thought.

Thanks and yeah, one of my friends I sent it too said he was having trouble with one of the platforms so I had to go back in and adjust it a little.  Also I agree, it's definitely a foundation but it just isn't too much else.  

Yeah, I wasn't quite sure how to fix the issue with the walls but if I ever make another platformer it's gonna be a top priority lol.  And agreed, the theme connection was a bit of a stretch but it was all I could really think of within my skill level.  Appreciate it though

I mean it's funny as a meme I suppose.

Interesting take on the age old "catch falling things" type game.  I thought the music was great, though the sound effects were far too loud and drowned out the music while playing most of the time.  

Really cool idea, especially letting you create custom boards/setups.  I feel like this could be really popular within its niche, especially with different rule sets and more pieces.  Could even get crazy with it, add in stuff that's obviously unbalanced to let people play with.  Really great job on this one, on point with the theme.

Really interesting ecosystem simulation.  Could definitely become an interesting game, though admittedly just not quite my cup of tea.  It was fun watching them run around, though from time to time one or two of them would break and just stand still lol.  

The chilled out groove of the music belied the true panic and terror of attempting to take care of all of these plants at once lol.  While I did not succeed, I kept them going for a while.  Fun idea,  would have liked maybe a few more stages of wilting or being healthy to show I have enough or too little of everything.

Really interesting puzzle game.  I think I preferred the maps with some spaces filled in because it presented a puzzle that required more thought.  The blank ones, imo, were often too easy and just leant themselves to the same zig-zag strategy.  Really good job though

Really cool idea, the sliding/drifting felt really fun once I got the hang of it.  Definitely more of an arcade-y racing game in a good way, could definitely be made into something really good if it was taken further.  I especially liked the little screen that showed you zooming by, even if it was only for a split second.

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Thanks for taking the time to play it.  

Yeah, I agree with pretty much everything here and honestly most of that had crossed my mind at one point or another while I was making it.  I think I either needed a better "How to Play"section, maybe with some visuals or I needed to better visually convey what was going on.  Definitely gonna work on that in the next jam.  There's definitely a lot of ways it could be expanded if it was a project I was going to pursue further.

Credit for the music is on the game page.

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Appreciate you taking the time to play it.  Hmmm that's weird, must have forgotten to reset something with the movement after hitting Play Again maybe.  

Credit for the music is on the game page.

Really cool idea and execution.  I do like that there was sometimes a need to grab power ups at a certain time to rewind back.  

Super interesting game.  I think your level design does a great job at teaching the player about the relation between the two halves.  Especially given the time frame I think there's a great diversity in the puzzles and it feels like a fair amount of thought went into them.  

Only real complaint is, as others have mentioned, the jumping is a bit wonky.  Mid-air control and getting stuck on walls while jumping at them are the biggest offenders. 

Other than that though I think it's a really cool idea that was well executed.

Fantastic demo, feels like your game has a super solid foundation.  Combat feels good, progression looks solid.  

Few small things though.  At least for me, d-pad up/down input in menus is inverted.  Analog stick works fine though, PS4 controller with no 3rd party program running.  

Crafting is good though once there are a lot of blueprints I feel like it'd be nice to have the icon be the item you're making or at least have something on the scroll that denotes what it makes so it's easier to find them.  

Other than that though I think it's a fantastic little game, keep up the good work.

First thing that really stood out to me was the music.  It reminds me a lot of the era of PS1 JRPGs and it's amazing.  

The platforming is fine in most parts, though some of the repeated jumps with small platforms are a bit tough.  

Upgrades are definitely a welcome addition though it feels like mana could regenerate faster.  Most boss fights I end up out of mana potions just dodging attacks and waiting for it to regen. 

Overall though I feel like it shows a ton of promise and has a very solid foundation.

That's a completely legitimate point that I hadn't previously considered and I absolutely understand why you did it that way then.  It definitely seems like a lot more thought went into it than I initially realized. 

Very fun yet simple game.  First thing that stuck out to me was how the game has such a cohesive aesthetic, a lot of time was put into the art style especially.  I'm sure it has been suggested before but I think for me it would be a lot easier to wrap my head around population control if it was limited to a number of bees instead of a % of the population.  It's easier for me at least to say I want 5 builders instead of I want 17% of my population to be builders.  Otherwise though it was a fantastic experience.

Very cool idea and well polished.  Definitely feels like a lot of thought and work went into the game, though if I had a single criticism it would be that the upgrades are straightforward to a fault.  

Simple and fun.  I thought it was a great choice to let you take out enemies with the grappling hook as well as the gun, adds some choice and variety.

Very interesting concept, surprisingly fun for how simple it is.