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Submitted by flamewolf14 — 39 seconds before the deadline
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What did the time frame of your development look like?
AHHHH I had like 39 seconds left

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Really unique controls and the sound effects made just bouncing around very fun.  It was pretty challenging at first until I found out I can still mode left and right and not just rely on bouncing myself off of things.  I could also just hold up or down to lock myself to the ceiling or floor, which also made it a bit easier, but even given that it was a good challenge.  Nice job!


The movement system in this game is pretty unique and and challenging. It's the kind of challenging that's fun to try over and over again. I wish there were more levels that explored the different aspects of movement. The parallax star effect was really nice. Also, the ascending pitch of the bounce sound was a nice touch. Overall well done!


Nice idea.

Maybe you shouldn't let the player change direction but let the happen when he bounce into stuff.


yeah i was thinking about doing something like this but i didnt use my time very well 

Was fun! I wish there was more! Also, I was able to easily avoid the final/hardest section by just sticking to the very top ceiling - Probably want to use OnCollisionStay[2D] to detect if the player is staying connected to the wall.


thanks ill definitely have to use that thanks :D

This was a really neat game! I laughed at the ending

The background looks really nice, I like how it moves.

I feel like as a player, I could get into a really good flow state if I spent enough time on the game. Getting the rhythm for just the right amount of bounce to move through the obstacles. I feel like you might even want to remove the option to move backwards in order to encourage the player to figure out how to find that rhythm.

Also, just wanted to note that I was able to slide along the bottom wall and bypass the obstacles in order to each the end of the game.


im glad u liked it and yeah i couldnt figure out how to fix it but someone else in the comments had  a helpful idea that i will try ou

Kind of a "flappy bird" meets pong, cool concept. Maybe some speed up, slow down bars, gravity wells, random shrinking/growing items, spinning cube hazards a timer to get to end of levels or power ups for added time for an infinite stage. There's tons of options for expansion. Very cool


great ideas i would like to do more with the game so i might implement some of those thanks


First a Question... Are there any secrets? :D Turns out, Death does not come to all of us :P

All in all great. The sounds are nice. The Controlls are good!
Simple but entertaining. Good job!


Broooo I can't believe you've done this


Ending was pretty funny. Great job!

Nice concept. It's possible to cheat (by locking ourself to the top or bottom wall multiple times) and then going forward without obstacle.


yeah true gotta fix that someone gave me a good idea too


Really interesting concept, loved the sound effects as well.  


thanks i appreciate it i was really proud of the sounds even though there arent very many