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I think it was the appropriate level! The sprinting with the energy bar was a balanced mechanic that made it entertaining enough. If I had to adjust it, I guess I would put subtle visual differences in the crossroads or dead-ends (e.g. a broken jar in a dead end, or a stump at a crossroads), to have some sort of frame of reference when backtracking.

It's a cool concept! I'm reading here this was mostly to practice 3D modeling in Blender so I won't be too critical on the gameplay, but to further its potential I would say that some work on the character movement would greatly improve it, so that could be next steps towards your dev journey?

I clipped through a mountain and fell, but then I found the knife I left behind on my second run, 10/10

I really liked how you implemented the replay-able elements which totally caught me off guard. Level design had me a bit frustrated at first haha, but a little perseverance got me through it. The visuals and the music fit the charming story very well!

I got to spend more time with my daughter, 10/10

I could see a lot of influences taken from Mega Man X (looking at you, Armored Armadillo). Aside from the apparent visual issues, I would say that a parallaxed background would've greatly compensated the moving platforms with the wait time / no indication of movement. I think that your goal for this jam was focused on platform mechanics,  which you achieved very well!

I defeated Big Red and brought honor to my creator Dr. Pharma, 10/10

Loved the atmosphere; I think that with some story this definitely has potential for a Chibi Robo style game. Only criticism has been already discussed; the flame putout could've done with some feedback and truck was floaty. I think the way you successfully implemented 2 game stages was very impressive for the time frame.

I crashed into an apartment complex but saved another, 10/10

The environment was awesome, all the details came together very nicely. As people pointed out,  no feedback when hitting the plants made me feel unsure and that sense of progression as the level went on wasn't emphasized that well. Loved the "scary sequel" concept, it made me think of the time I thought Jack Frost 2: Revenge of the Mutant Killer Snowman was a sequel to the Michael Keaton drama film.

Anyways, 6 plants surrounded me at the end and now I have PTSD, 10/10

So the progression felt very confusing, but I did start playing on WebGL and the cutscenes might've hinted it a little better... Gameplay wise, the control & physics were near perfect and the art was really good. Story wise, would've liked some sort of closure better than that "Clear," but the idea of interacting with both heaven and hell was very intriguing and kept me going. Audio set the mood really well.

Anyways, the angels were hot 10/10