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Fluid Simulation with some specials
Submitted by BolrikDev — 8 hours, 39 minutes before the deadline
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What did the time frame of your development look like?
At most 20 hours spread over the entire month

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Pretty cool simulation.  I'll admit I was a little lost at first and had to go back and read about each component and how they work.  I think a little guide to get started wouldn't be a bad idea, but it's really only because you coded something so complex, which is perfect for a simulation, so nice job!


I like the music and art style. Seen some pixel animation as well which was well done, the water effects were pretty sweet. Nice UI considering how much you had to put in. I'm excited to see it in the future if you continue with the idea. 

I love dwarf fortress and this is a cool recreation of the fluid system. I think this has potential for a good puzzle game. At the moment it was unclear to me what each of the unique tiles do. I think you could remedy this in a puzzle game by introducing them one at a time through various puzzle levels. I bet making this fluid system was a complex and difficult task, so I most say I am impressed that it works so well. If it was framed in a nice puzzle package, I think you could really have something here.


Nice work.

Would like to see what this leads to in the future. 

There where some areas where you couldn't place tiles not sure if its intended or not but my guess is that its invisible UI over it.  

also when moving the camera you lost the selected tile

I can tell you've put a lot of work in to it! Unfortunately, I have no idea what I should be doing - how different pieces interact, and from a little experimentation I wasn't able to figure anything out either. I do applaud the amount of content you were able to get done in the timeframe, and I'd echo what others here have said - if there was a little more in the way of a tutorial, even a player manual on the game page, I would have given a higher rating.


First of all Thank you! I appreciate your feedback.
That is true, a tutorial or within a puzzle game an one by one introduction would have fitted better. The main bottleneck was the first pressure system which i have discraded. After that there was little time left so I decided to just roll out the Editor :-)

Sorry, I've never played Dwarf Fortress I have no idea what is going on. Messing around a few minutes I did feel like it could be made into a puzzle game with a little more work and clear instructions.


Thank you for the feedback. To be honest, You do not need any experience with Dwarf Fortress. I just mentioned it in the description as after i discraded the first pressure system (which failed horribly) i found an article about the way DF ist handling that and expanded on that. :)

I totally agree that it would have been much better as a puzzle game. I could have introduced the single piceses one by one but right now,

there is just an open pit of possibilities with so many werid things!

Thanks You!

A "delete" or "undo " button to undo something would be really nice!

What do the numbers represent? How deep the water is?

Some tutorials that teach you the different cells would be awesome, feel like you could have some really interesting puzzles with this!


Good suggestion! That would definitely help.

Exactly, the numbers represent the 'Water Level'.

Yes, it was planned as a puzzle game.
Unfortunately, due to major problems with the 'water pressure simulation' (which I ultimately replaced with a simpler solution), I didn't achieve as much as I wanted. So I only published the editor / sandbox mode.

Thank You for your feedback and playing


Figured as much, always turns out to be more difficult than you anticipate.

Cool, well if you decide to do more with this, would be interested to see where it ends up!

I'm lost : is there any hint somewhere about the gameplay effect of the elements you can place ?


Hi, thank you for your comment. Currently there is no hint. You could observe the sample scene and find out by yourself but i will add an description to the games page as soon as i return home.