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Overthrow the Goodfather's "Clean Regime" in this Trashman's anti-hero uprising.
Submitted by Coffeepot (@CoffeepotCoder), chickywicky (@chickywickyllc), Mugamoomoo, flamewolf14 — 7 minutes, 45 seconds before the deadline
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Provide constructive feedback and vote on games depending on critera#34.1004.100

Ranked from 10 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Explain how your team worked together
Roughly an hour a night from each member of a cross-disciplinary team of 4

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As others stated... Very impressive! Lots of detail not only in graphics and level design, but also sound and animation. A little more narrative could make it better. Nice work!


Greetings and thanks for playing! We're happy to hear you enjoyed what we managed to cobble together, especially the sound and animation. Should we feel brave enough to wade through this mess of ours again in the future, you can be rest assured that a coherent narrative is among our top priorities! :D


As I have read from other comments, Scope Creep was your friend too? :D
I liked the concept and the idea. The Gameplay was smooth and the controlls felt on point. A little more guideance regaring objectives and that there are weapons to unlock would have been nice. Maybe it would have helped to show the progress in and every so slightly filling garbage 'Symbol' or something like that.
But it was so enjoying to shot that darn robots :D

Great Job


Hey there, thanks for taking a moment to cause some mayhem!

Not only were we friends, scope creep was our (creepy) roommate, sales-pitches on all the wonderful bells and whistles we could have, and we fell for every one of 'em. All those essential quality-of-life features like tutorials, narrative purpose, and intuitive UI fell to the wayside to experimental features and unfamiliar development techniques. Despite that, we learned a ton, and couldn't be more proud :D

We're thrilled to hear you had a good time, and appreciate the feedback.
Thanks for playing!


This game had a lot of depth to it! It was pretty funny and really reminded me of the Lego games where there's a lot of interactions. But as others had said, it was difficult to understand what your objective was. I also agree that having a sprint or something would have sped up the gameplay. I didn't notice the goal of trying to get the city in general to a percentage until I was watching Zackavelli's play through. I wandered around for a while, shot some people with bananas and then gathered enough garbage to unlock a few other weapons. Anyway, great job!


Hey there, thanks for playing!

Lessons learned, as cool as dynamically mesh-wrapping decals and IK weapons are, the primary gameplay loop and the player experience should take precedence, especially on a deadline. We had started with a narrative focus, but it got sort of buried by all these fancy features. As for a Sprint, if you weren't able to bust into a jog with LShift, that's a bug we'd be happy to squash, though I confess even that could be faster.

Perhaps in a post-jam update, we'll rummage through the mess we've made and bring to the table the tutorial and narrative purpose this ambitious project always deserved (along with a heap of bug fixes). We're glad to hear you enjoyed it nevertheless, and appreciate your time and feedback! :D


Wow, those were some incredible graphics! Everything felt very clean and what you might expect from AAA game.

Also, loved how the characters said funny things when you shot them.

And the "Press [E]" to interact prompts were very helpful

My biggest suggestion would be to add some narrative/intro to introduce the player to the world and what their objective is.

Another thing: I wasn't able to figure out how to switch between guns? Tried the scrollwheel, numbers and tab, but never was able to switch off the banana shooter - when I pressed tab, I got a wheel, but couldn't figure out how to select a gun?

Last thing: movement felt slow, I think it would have been nice to have the player move faster?

Awesome job!


Hello there, and thanks for taking the time to play our game. We appreciate the feedback!

Full disclosure, that AAA feel comes from a AAA source; Synty Studios SciFi City, the demo scene from which we stripped out unnecessary details to suit our needs. For everything else (custom weapons, sounds, voiceovers), our team was fortunate to have multiple talented artists to bring it all to life. Needless to say, we're thrilled to hear you enjoyed those little details.

It was every bit our intention to include some sort of narrative introduction, and even a tutorial gameflow, and we still very much intend to do so. But alas, we became consumed by scope-creep and the challenges posed by lofty goals that they didn't quite make the cut for the deadline. For all the extra bells and whistles we got swept up in implementing, those things sure could have benefited from taking priority. Lessons learned for the next Jam!

Though it could most definitely be a bug, your weapon-swap problem may be linked to not having crafted the weapon you intend to use. That's on us; it's never adequately explained to the player that they only begin with the Bananapult, and must return to the Lair they start in to craft/upgrade weapons at the workbench with the scrap they've collected from the surface. There couldn't be a better argument for a tutorial than that, but for the meantime I've updated the game page with a little extra instruction to get new players pointed in the right direction.

We're on board with you when it comes to movement speed, and it's in large part due to having experimented with Root Motion Animation in conjunction with Inverse Kinematics to get the character movement behavior we ended up with. Whilst editing the page with the previously mentioned details, I noticed I had also forgotten to list LShift as the control for running, which if you haven't tried already I hope will somewhat sate the need for speed. Rest assured, experimentation will continue in the effort to get the character controller really nailed down!

In the interest of making the best game we can, this feedback is valuable to us.
Many thanks for your time and thoughts! :D


Ahh yes, the dreaded scope-creep XD

Awesome, would be very interested to see any future work on this game! Great job!


Blown away by the density of the city. There was a lot going on and its very impressive for a jam game. The actual game its self could have used a little more polish especially in the UI department. The gameplay was fine but not very deep. All the different creative weapons were awesome and cleaning droids were a spectacle. The main character design and environment design was also great. A little bit more polish and deeper game design would have taken this pretty good game to the next level. That being said I enjoyed it. I can tell you guys worked very hard to get this done so nice job! 


Greetings Zack, thanks for stopping by to give it a whirl. We appreciate the feedback!

Credit where credit is due, our environment is just the demo scene from Synty's SciFi City asset pack, stripped down and shuffled around to accommodate performance. The Weapons, Lair, and custom Cleaner Bots were all lovingly handcrafted and animated by our team's artist, and by golly did they knock it out of the park.

In keeping with a common GameJam trope, we approached the project with great ambitions. Most of us had never worked in a team setting before, or even on 3D projects, yet that didn't stop us from exploring what could be done with unfamiliar mechanics or APIs for questionably necessary features (such as Animation Rigging and Mesh Decals). As a natural consequence, polish and balancing took a back seat right up until the last day of the Jam, so we were quite pleased to see that despite that, you were able to intuit the goal of the game without any sort of formal tutorial. Most heartwarming was that you played it through to the end, and equally heartbreaking was that the reward scene never loaded when you crossed the finish line (This is now fixed!). Needless to say, we've learned a valuable lesson in playtesting.

Though ambitious and wrought with feature-creep, we all learned valuable lessons and enjoyed the journey, and we're thrilled to hear you could say the same about playing it. Many thanks for your time and thoughts! :D


To start, to me it works perfectly in WebGL. But it is not the kind of game I would have upload to WebGL, it is clear that it is easy to not work for many people. In WebGL you're making the game working inside a web browser, so your resources are limited.

The idea is interesting but the gameplay is slow. Incredible you had created all this map. I am not sure if the assets are yours or not, but it is incredible work.

Well done


Hey there, happy to hear you had some luck with WebGL build, and we couldn't agree more that the project stretched the limitations of the platform. We decided to build to web as a courtesy to anyone not interested in downloading the game, and as an experiment in what would happen, having never uploaded a 3D project before. Now we know!

To jump start the project, we made use of Synty's SciFi City asset pack, and stripped out the demo scene of everything we didn't need. Custom weapons, enemy bots, and their respective animations were all meticulously handcrafted by our team's artist. You can find links to his other work and the aforementioned pack in the Attribution section of the game page.

In classic GameJam fashion, we allowed ourselves to get consumed by feature creep, so balancing took a bit of a back seat until the last day before the deadline, and it shows. We appreciate the feedback and are glad to hear you enjoyed it nevertheless. Thanks for playing! :D