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This game is really simple but also really fun!! The sound fits and sets the tone, the lighting is dim so you have to squint but in the light of the flamethrower you can see the enemies. The fuel tanks are hard enough to find so that you eventually run out and have to look for them, and the flowers are actually pretty scary when they get close. 

The one suggestion I would make is that when the flower gets close enough to bite me once, it normally bites me 3 times and kills me pretty quick. Maybe I'm not good enough :P but maybe it would be good if there was a sprint function that you could use when not using the weapon to get a quick boost of speed to escape tricky situations?

I really enjoyed this! Fantastic work on the fire and lighting!!


Thanks!  Yeah I think you're right, it is pretty hard when the plants get close.  Adding an escape mechanism would have made it a bit easier to escape rather than leading to almost instant death.