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ta muito bonito, me lembrou o minecraft dungeons

esse jogo é incrível tudo nele é incrível

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Thanks for the feedback. Sadly, we didn't have time left to improve the AI of the enemy, but it rolls higher or lower depending on how much dice you select.

My favorite idea so far, very creative use of the theme and the launching mechanics are so fun to play with.

Could have more mechanics like moving the fire warrior horizontally, but it was a nice use of the dice element, good entry overall.

The concept is simple, but it was very well executed, the modifiers make the game really fun.

I liked the concept of the 3D dice in the top corner changing the quantity of the attack and the graphics/fx are nice. Some shooting or more dynamic attack types could work well in this type of game.

Simple, but nice and addicting puzzle and the visuals/fx/sound design are very well done

omg thanks for the feedback, I've played your game and loved the characters, it's so cool


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there's a button to end turn at the bottom right corner

Nice and charming

Nice game, loved the characters and the multiple dice games.

91147604 is nice, you have to keep the triangle fast without touching the walls

Poxa, incrível essa mecânica, bem criativa, e os visuais estão muito bonitos também, até lembrou um pouco undertale. Na minha experiência de jogo achei bem difícil vencer ele com o set vampírico e bem fácil com o de combo, principalmente o "combo punch" jss é muito apelão. Amaria um jogo inteiro top down com essa mecânica de combate e vários inimigos diferentes, muito lindo.

ai meu deus a animação dele levando dano muito fofo, arte está linda musica, menus e a luta com o boss muito bem feita também, jogo super legal

O nome desse jogo é genial

Incrível como esse simples conceito de ter que repetir as frases escrevendo traz uma imersividade enorme pra narrativa, puta ideia genial. Amei muito a história, tanto o texto como arte e sons tão perfeitos. Lindo trabalho, só não me arrepiei tanto assim porque dava pra ficar escrevendo bobajada jshjjsk amém.

one of the best things I have ever played in my life

Woah, nice game, loved the planting mechanics, well done. I farmed so much then died at the end haha

Top 10 most awesome sound effects of the world. Really impressive mechanics and fun puzzles, such a good game. 

oh my, the way the images compose a 3D space is a very nice idea, truly creative, maybe just a bit difficult to know where you are going sometimes hehe, but nice game

truly amazing art and puzzles

Wow, thanks. actually planning of making more of this point-and-click stories with similar style maybe. It was just a quick idea that I had, but it turned out being really fun to make.

the physics are really nice and i liked the soundfxs haha

amazing drawings, that robot is so cute, and loved the soup variations, really well executed game idea overall


the mechanics are simple but well done, art and music are very good and fitting to the s too, fun game overall.

lovely art, the idea of collecting letters is really cool, would love to beat that marilyn monroe giant head haha but its ok

amazing game, i just hate those cameras

nicee one, the minigames are really creative and fun to play, just a little too hard for me, and the artstyle works well. loved it

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very fun game concept and the art fits really well, just passed the 100 score

mannn that's amazing omg, loved the music and art

thankss ;3

( '-')/  ~♡

Trabalho muito bem feito tanto nos elementos visuais como na musica que compõe a atmosfera da narrativa. A mecânica em si é bem criativa e com possibilidade de vários puzzles interessantes, só achei um pouco pegado a dificuldade pelo menos pra mim sjsj e poderia ter também um menu de seleção de fases. No geral lindo jogo, extremamente bem polido e aconchegante. Parabéns a equipe.


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Cool, creative idea and well executed. I loved the art and music. Sadly I killed some of the flowers.

Great game. I really liked this mechanic idea of you placing the jump pads and orbs yourself, it can be improved into something really cool. It just has some little problems with the player colisions, pretty normal in unity 3D, and the faster platforms are maybe too hard to stay on at some point, but nice game overall.