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It's actually the ending!

Nah, that's you.

Thanks for the tip!

I haven't done a desktop build, but I wouldn't discount it.

So glad you enjoyed them!

This is a fantastic concept and very well executed! The art and sound is on point. Awesome!

A fantastic concept! I accidentally left it running when I left the house earlier and I accidentally stockpiled enough resources to build a planet! I really think this one is worth revisiting and expanding after the jam.

Very juicy. I didn't see the enemies list at the bottom of the screen at first, so was super surprised when the asteroids turned into ships! If I could add anything it would be powerups and more common drops. But it's great for what it is.

Thank you for playing!

Excellent question! Given the sensitive nature of the subject, I opted to avoid that kind of stuff. There are a handful of de-rezzed images of civil unrest, but otherwise we're good. I also avoided overtly sexually suggestive imagery. In spite of the name, the game is absolutely 'safe for work'.

Thank you so much for playing!

Thank you for playing!

Try clicking inside the game window

The number of posts you flag doesn't matter, but that isn't super clear. There's a lot of room for improvement. Thank you for playing!

That's the end. Thank you for playing!

That's awesome! I'll be following the project. I love idle games like A Dark Room and I don't think you're super far off achieving what they were able to achieve. I looked at your roadmap, so I know there's a lot to be excited for.

I think you're on track to get something pretty neat going. I made a list of notes while playing, and I'll go ahead and share them below.

Upgrade tree wasn't super obvious

Most of the resources don't feel super useful in the greater context

Encouraging bots is not great and the related objectives feel tedious

Some of the objectives seemed impossible based on the map specs

Some of the location perks aren't immediately obvious by the tile. Maybe a tooltip could help.

Building box didn't fit neatly within screen, selecting a building space close to the edge made it impossible to close window

I didn't really get a lot of strategy and after a couple hours of letting it run in the background while I worked, I switched it off.

To begin, I enjoyed the PS1 aesthetic. I also thought it was interesting to implement a JRPG style turn based combat system. As a matter of fact, from art to sound it very much had a JRPG feel to it. In that way, it reminds me of Shin Megami Tensei.

The inventory system confused me a little. I tried to use a health item I picked up after a fight and it was discarded. It was only after that I saw the sign that said selecting an item discards it. Felt a bit counterintuitive to me.

With the combat, I appreciate what you were going for with the "Last Resort" combat option, but the problem comes when you pick up a bunch of shields and then you have to sit and block attack after attack until the option opens up. This can take a while if you have a lot of shields.

I think there could be a way to beat it, but I wasn't able to myself. I think the weapon durability and the lack of a melee option really got in the way.

Altogether, very good entry, though.

There was definitely more room for variety in combat. Something I'll keep in mind if I ever make a proper dungeon crawler.

Thank you! Getting that right was important to the concept. I don't think I could have sold it without it.

That is correct

It's not funny. There are people that have to live with thoughts like this. In real life, there isn't an option for positive self talk. What it did do, making you feel sad and unable to help, was the intention.

Screw the other comments. As someone who struggles with this kind of negative self talk, I think this was an excellent portrayal. Very well done.

Nothing does

Thanks for the shoutout! Really enjoyed the game. Very polished for a jam submission.

A simple to use API that allows you to create and manage leaderboards for your games.

You simply sign up through the login page here on, get your GameID, then you can start using it as a unique ID in API calls to my server. All the data is stored in a safe and reliable place and there's no charge for using it. The project is open source as well, so you can see what makes it tick here.

Nice! Thanks for the credit. One thing I would mention is using the spacebar to fire is causing the page to scroll down, even if the game is in focus. I'm downloading it now to see if I can play that way, but it might be something to think about.

Thank you for your words and for sharing. I love seeing these guys get used.

Looking at your license terms, I was wondering if I might use this in an open-source playing card api I'm making. It would be similar to this one I did earlier this this.

I was wondering what your license terms were for this pack. I'd like to use them in an open source api, similar to this one I did earlier this year.

Thought I would share the title and premise of my entry.

The Gleeful Decay of Urban Youth: A Shoot-Your-Own-Adventure Story

Walking-sim/FPS where your only interaction with the environment is shooting things.

I have a friend that once told me that stories in games can't be good because they're just an excuse to kill things. This was well before the walking sim genre took off, but it's always stuck to me. There's a grain of truth to it and I'm going to play with that grain in my entry. Not looking to team, but feedback is welcome. Thought it would be fun to document my brainstorming process here.

They are in the public domain, you can do whatever you want with them. I would love to see them put to comical use though, I'm a huge fan of comedy.

That's awesome! I'd love to see the project.

Fair dues.

This is a really clever idea. Love the concept of making your own rules for a board game.

This was a funny little game. I'd much rather drink monster and eat hot cheetos than talk on the phone.

This was a fantastic fit for the low effort jam. Less so here. Got a few chuckles out of it, though.

This game was tough. After awhile, I gave up and committed to just saving one plant. Thankfully, the win screen saved me from my reckless ignorance. Very well done, awesome submission.

Very good. Love the level of difficulty. Very well designed. It took me forever to get that last puzzle, but when I did it was genuinely rewarding.