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That does help. Though not related to games, other content creators and event producers all say that consistency is key. I guess then the idea would be not to pin my hopes on one event, but just try to do the best events I can consistently over a period of time.

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I've finally reached a point in my life where I can invest a bit more time and money into my hobbies. I'd like this to include a jam or two a year where I can fund cash prizes to drive interest. The first jam I hosted was loosely themed on the ps1 aesthetic (lame, I know). Most of the participants were my RL gamedev friends. As cool as that was, I didn't really see any broader interest. I know just injecting cash prizes won't really drive it either, as I've seen jams with prizes fail as badly as I did. 

My real question is, what kind of jams are people really interested in seeing? I personally like jams centered around a solid theme with a fair amount of rules to reign in the wild brainstorming my mind defaults to. I'm probably looking at doing this a bit closer to the holidays, so there will be a glut of jams already. Honestly if I don't get a huge turnout, it's really not a big deal. I'd just like to do something a little more interesting than I did last time and I'd like some opinions on which direction I should take it.

This seems to be the artist's page on DeviantArt. Judging by the comments, it looks abandoned. They have a Patreon, so you might be able to reach out there. It's possible they decided to make it exclusive and haven't announced it for whatever reason.

In fairness though, I worded that in a way that made it seem like I had contributed a large volume of work. The reality is, I'm a small time indie, just like most others here. The only thing you have to judge me by is my actions. My actions, though admittedly few, do align with what I'm saying. I'm not talking out of my ass about this stuff.

All of the assets listed on my account here are public domain. I also keep all of the code for my games in open repositories.

Essentially, I wouldn't say I have a large body of work in the public domain, but I don't have a large body of work. In terms of ratios, everything I've drawn, written, coded, or recorded is in the public domain. The only stuff that isn't listed as public domain is stuff that relies on CC stuff, and you generally can't have a more or less permissive license than the licensor.

What's up, folks? I'm trying to get a small publication put together that is specifically made for this community. I'm not trying to start a business or scrape ad revenue with SEO. I'm paying out of pocket to make sure none of the people writing for us work for free. There are currently no plans to monetize this, and I believe my personal history of contributions to the public domain are enough to back me up when I say that my only purpose here is to share knowledge and experience.

Articles will trickle in as the process takes a bit and I can only afford so much content each month. We have our first article up and two that are going through the editing process. I have info on what I'm trying to do and the process for submitting if you want to get involved here

I've bought all the articles I can afford this month, but I'll be commissioning more after the 2nd.

This was hilarious. I had a lot of fun with it. I didn't feel compelled to trash the bad stuff, but even just getting the good stuff into him was enough of a challenge to keep it interesting. I was surprised by this one.

Awesome! I love seeing these get used! Thanks for the credit!

Sweet! I'll check it out!

Have you tried running it from the game page?

Really enjoyed this one. I loved the player progression and the shot types. It was a little tough for me, but the game knew that and taunted me mercilessly for it.

I would have liked to have played this, but the resolution wasn't there and I couldn't. Maybe you can rebuild and resubmit. I'm interested in figuring out what you mean by "reverse Tetris"

This was an excellent first game. I really loved the sprites for the enemy mobs. Very well put together.

This is definitely the selection I've played the most. I think you put the most time out of any of us into your submission and it really shows.

Probably the most accurate limpet simulator I've played

Thanks, man. If nothing else, I had a lot of fun.

I'm removing this from the jam as everything about this is super suspicious. You'll have to provide some kind of proof that you're not trying to pull something with this one. If you resubmit before you do that, I'm going to block your account and kick you from the jam entirely.

Thank you for playing!

I'm down to work with an artist.

Awesome! I love to see people use them!

I got worried there a few times. Really glad I made it to the end. Very poetic.

Got all four endings! Absolutely loved the art and the tone. I wouldn't mind at all to see a longer game in this style.

This game is hilarious! I got 177 on my third go. The player sprite feels a little big, so it took a minute to get used to.

Had a lot of fun with this one. The art style is great. The small enemies attacks felt a little hard to dodge and the big enemy was way easier. Great for a jam entry! I could see a full fledged Action RPG in this style.

Thank you, it's the Rosy 42 Pallette in Aseprite. This is the original author.

Downloaded to screw with the lathe. Was not disappointed.

The sound it makes when dude picks up the dead aliens is a little discomfiting. I don't really think I got it, but that's probably due to it being unfinished.

Finished it! I'm used to sokoban games having a gradual difficulty progression, but the puzzles were good nonetheless. Awesome!

Too real! Ha! This was awesome.

The art is super cute. The concept is also simple, fun and clever, everything I expect from this type of game. Great job!

Had a hard time with this one. The conceit seems clever, but I'm having a hard time grasping the platforming mechanics.

31 Days. Very clever. I was surprised to find how difficult it can be to rock 3 letter non-words on a typer-style game.

The art here is absolutely fantastic. The sound effects were great as well. Combat was a little bit tedious, but I definitely stuck it through.

Definitely weird! The little sprites were great.

Every part of this was hilarious and wonderful. The art, the music, the play. 100 percent on point. I don't want to say what I think the Jam dispenser looked like...

I don't know if this is intentional, but I find that when I'm out of gold and played my hand, if there's still AP on the board I end up stuck. Won't let me skip. That said, very clever. It's not immediately clear what every card does, but I was able to gather enough to complete the game.

This was hilarious. Love the art. Sad to say, I wasn't able to get any slaps. I'd love to check out PICO-8, seems super interesting.

Love the sound design here. I also like the little overview in the top left corner. Using the mouse buttons to turn also felt a little weird. I have to say, the color changing thing felt a little bit arbitrary, I didn't really feel like I was solving a puzzle. Altogether, solid entry.