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Gerald Burke

A member registered Oct 20, 2016 · View creator page →


Recent community posts

Would you care to build an .exe? If you do, I'll play and rate it for the jam.

Also, played FizziFred. Super clever with the slow-fade mechanic.

Howdy! Programmer and Sound Designer team here. We have a text-based 'College-Survival' game that we're working on for the jam. The prototype is largely built. Let me know if you'd be interested in helping us finish it.

Word of warning, the UI is super ugly atm.

I got to the victory screen and had to replay to figure out why. Very clever.

I think I may have wiffed it.

If you guys need a programmer, let me know.

If there's only good, then there is not free will. Without evil, good isn't a choice. A good follow up would be: Why is free will vital to God's plan? This game made me think more than I had intended. I'm not even religious.

Nice! Very well put together for the time limit. I love the death animation.