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Looking at your license terms, I was wondering if I might use this in an open-source playing card api I'm making. It would be similar to this one I did earlier this this.

I was wondering what your license terms were for this pack. I'd like to use them in an open source api, similar to this one I did earlier this year.

I'm unable to get the game to run on my PC and most others are unwilling to download it. Out of fairness, I'll give you five days to upload a web version of this game. If you need help with that, the docs are here.

Thought I would share the title and premise of my entry.

The Gleeful Decay of Urban Youth: A Shoot-Your-Own-Adventure Story

Walking-sim/FPS where your only interaction with the environment is shooting things.

I have a friend that once told me that stories in games can't be good because they're just an excuse to kill things. This was well before the walking sim genre took off, but it's always stuck to me. There's a grain of truth to it and I'm going to play with that grain in my entry. Not looking to team, but feedback is welcome. Thought it would be fun to document my brainstorming process here.

They are in the public domain, you can do whatever you want with them. I would love to see them put to comical use though, I'm a huge fan of comedy.

That's awesome! I'd love to see the project.

Fair dues.

This is a really clever idea. Love the concept of making your own rules for a board game.

This was a funny little game. I'd much rather drink monster and eat hot cheetos than talk on the phone.

This was a fantastic fit for the low effort jam. Less so here. Got a few chuckles out of it, though.

This game was tough. After awhile, I gave up and committed to just saving one plant. Thankfully, the win screen saved me from my reckless ignorance. Very well done, awesome submission.

Very good. Love the level of difficulty. Very well designed. It took me forever to get that last puzzle, but when I did it was genuinely rewarding.

I really enjoyed the simulation. If I had one suggestion, I really wanted to get in and crank the values up to 11, get some silly stuff going or break something. Destruction and chaos are two of my favorite tools for creation and my favorite simulators are those that give you those tools with no oversight.

Not a bad take at all on the platformer genre. Some of the warts of Unity's physics engine came through, but all around it was a solid jam entry.

Absolutely loved this. Tried to crack the top ten for a bit, but I'm just not great at racing on a keyboard. The car design setup was super clever and well executed. If I had to pick an opportunity area, it would likely be the sound design, but you've spoken pretty extensively about that.

This isn't a good look buddy.

Thank you for sharing! I love seeing the projects these are used in.

You're welcome!

Thank you for these! Used them in a simple free API for a card reading app some friends and I are working on. Made sure to credit you as well.

That's probably the best any of us can hope for.

Indie is definitely a dirty word. Just look around.

Because that's my late grandfather's name and I'm trying to honor his memory.

I hadn't really thought about that, but I guess I can just stick them in this thread as they come in. Here's the first one.

That does help. Though not related to games, other content creators and event producers all say that consistency is key. I guess then the idea would be not to pin my hopes on one event, but just try to do the best events I can consistently over a period of time.

? Community » General » Game Jams · Created a new topic Jamdeas?

I've finally reached a point in my life where I can invest a bit more time and money into my hobbies. I'd like this to include a jam or two a year where I can fund cash prizes to drive interest. The first jam I hosted was loosely themed on the ps1 aesthetic (lame, I know). Most of the participants were my RL gamedev friends. As cool as that was, I didn't really see any broader interest. I know just injecting cash prizes won't really drive it either, as I've seen jams with prizes fail as badly as I did. 

My real question is, what kind of jams are people really interested in seeing? I personally like jams centered around a solid theme with a fair amount of rules to reign in the wild brainstorming my mind defaults to. I'm probably looking at doing this a bit closer to the holidays, so there will be a glut of jams already. Honestly if I don't get a huge turnout, it's really not a big deal. I'd just like to do something a little more interesting than I did last time and I'd like some opinions on which direction I should take it.

This seems to be the artist's page on DeviantArt. Judging by the comments, it looks abandoned. They have a Patreon, so you might be able to reach out there. It's possible they decided to make it exclusive and haven't announced it for whatever reason.

In fairness though, I worded that in a way that made it seem like I had contributed a large volume of work. The reality is, I'm a small time indie, just like most others here. The only thing you have to judge me by is my actions. My actions, though admittedly few, do align with what I'm saying. I'm not talking out of my ass about this stuff.

All of the assets listed on my account here are public domain. I also keep all of the code for my games in open repositories.

Essentially, I wouldn't say I have a large body of work in the public domain, but I don't have a large body of work. In terms of ratios, everything I've drawn, written, coded, or recorded is in the public domain. The only stuff that isn't listed as public domain is stuff that relies on CC stuff, and you generally can't have a more or less permissive license than the licensor.

What's up, folks? I'm trying to get a small publication put together that is specifically made for this community. I'm not trying to start a business or scrape ad revenue with SEO. I'm paying out of pocket to make sure none of the people writing for us work for free. There are currently no plans to monetize this, and I believe my personal history of contributions to the public domain are enough to back me up when I say that my only purpose here is to share knowledge and experience.

Articles will trickle in as the process takes a bit and I can only afford so much content each month. We have our first article up and two that are going through the editing process. I have info on what I'm trying to do and the process for submitting if you want to get involved here

I've bought all the articles I can afford this month, but I'll be commissioning more after the 2nd.

This was hilarious. I had a lot of fun with it. I didn't feel compelled to trash the bad stuff, but even just getting the good stuff into him was enough of a challenge to keep it interesting. I was surprised by this one.

Awesome! I love seeing these get used! Thanks for the credit!

Sweet! I'll check it out!

Have you tried running it from the game page?

Really enjoyed this one. I loved the player progression and the shot types. It was a little tough for me, but the game knew that and taunted me mercilessly for it.

I would have liked to have played this, but the resolution wasn't there and I couldn't. Maybe you can rebuild and resubmit. I'm interested in figuring out what you mean by "reverse Tetris"

This was an excellent first game. I really loved the sprites for the enemy mobs. Very well put together.

This is definitely the selection I've played the most. I think you put the most time out of any of us into your submission and it really shows.

Probably the most accurate limpet simulator I've played

Thanks, man. If nothing else, I had a lot of fun.