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Great vid, everything you experience was just about what's expected. Thanks for being so understanding with the amount of time we had to develop it, the ambiguity was a result of that, but apparently it really helped with the "mystery". And don't worry about the end, the game over is unavoidable. I'm unsure what's up about the audio you got, there should definitely be some, there's even an OST!

I've created a collection which contains 12 games, 7 chosen as my picks for particular categories and 5 honourable mentions. Here it is: (The list was made during the submission period and finalised before the results of the game jam were revealed)

They are the games I would recommend the most, I'd put more in but I had to cut it off somewhere and 12 seems reasonable.

Also, if anyone is looking for a particular game maybe I'll be able to direct you to the one I think you'd like the most!

No one got #1 and 5 stars for everything so we should all be encouraged to do better next time. :)

Lovely character animation! I don't think the game needed instructions, it was pretty self-explanatory, also the instructions themselves had a bug which leads to the music being played twice at the same time. The game is really trial and error, the player picks a direction and sticks to it, hoping it was correct. If the player walked a bit faster, they might be encouraged to go in more directions rather than restarting to go back to the center to try a new one.

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The puzzles were really smart! Very unique take on the theme too. Just needs some better presentation, and this will turn out to be a good package altogether.

It was really fun just bouncing around, if there was more people with specific requests that would've made this a bit more interesting.

Fun visuals and music, I like to think this astronaut is tripping out due to oxygen deprivation.

The music changing when the player is low on water was a nice touch. For such a simple game there was a nice effect with the snakes moving, if only they were animated!

Smart take on the wave-based genre, but in the end it was very easy to defend the loot once you only had to take care of one piece. This getting expanded to something more fleshed out would be great!

Odd that you didn't manage to export this properly, I do have the ability to run it though. Not sure if the theme was really demonstrated as well as it could, it was extremely easy to get super rich!

Very cool concept, it just took way too long to really achieve anything, and the complete lack of sound alongside having to press the space key continually made it really monotonous, it just needs some touching up and something real good will come out of this.

It looks very neat, shame the controls were optimised for touchscreen, though it wasn't completely unplayable since it's not like the player's reflexes were put to the test all that much.

The artstyle I absolutely dig, though when moving around the visuals were really shaky. Story was told nice, very cute... I think. I'm just a bit worried most people won't really know what exactly they're supposed to do.

It looks really good, not sure what I was doing, but I liked what I saw.

The camera having to catch up to the player felt kinda weird, and enemies just being an the way, easy to get rid of makes me think their inclusion could have been batter. 

Very cool magic system going on here, I just wished there were more things to play around with! At least having more ingredients at the start would be good, so the player can experiment more.

Shooting does feel very satisfying but the game seems to lag every time the player hits something. Presentation was well done, audio too, there's very little downsides to it really, it's just that the momentum can be killed easily.

Visuals are absolutely fantastic, love the bounciness. Controls are a bit hard to get into, and I didn't enjoy the bag filling up so quickly. And the hit detection wasn't all that exact, like if the player punches down they'll be hitting in front of them instead. Nice music though, really suited the game.

I'm impressed how so many mechanics managed to make it in, and it doesn't seem like too many things surrounding them suffered, especially the visuals (the intro was well done). Unfortunately it risks just being a bit too complicated for a jam game, if there was more focus on maybe one spell and expanding that rather than having three it would make a better experience all around.

Controls felt pretty imprecise, but the animation was really on point! Really cool style with everything too. Overall I think it was let down by the audio, it was kinda lacking.

Too many SFX was going on all at once, combined with music which suited a rave more than an underwater adventure I had to just turned down the audio. Everything has a nice look though, controls are a bit hard to grasp, it just feels a bit too restrictive.

The music made it seem more grandiose than it actually is. I like the game mechanics, if it was present in a game with a bit better presentation that would be awesome.

This was really charming, a platformer where you can't defeat enemies and you can only use stealth is a breath of fresh air. There was a few collisions which could be better to get the gameplay exactly right though.

Amazing game mechanic, looks and sounds great too. It's just that it seems a bit trail and error at least at first, especially because the player isn't centred in the camera at all times, it lead to leaps of faith leading to lava or pits of death a few times.

Controls were tight, gameplay experience was pretty simple but doesn't bog itself down on any unnecessary stuff. The enemies were too cute to shoot though.

I like how if you leave an orb long enough they disappear and it spawns another, that was really considerate. The room getting smaller was great, but that ended up making the moving orb being much easier to get if the player just hooks to on to the middle of the room and doesn't bother moving left or right.

This looks really good! The thruster sound was a bit too harsh and drowned out the rest of the audio, and it can continue to play when docked in the base. The graphics were slick, but the asteroids within the GUI itself was a bit unnecessary. The materials homing in on the player for collection sometimes goes wacky and they fly away in a weird direction. Just needs some more refining and this will turn out fantastic.

I thought I was watching a short film at first since it just went into it and didn't tell me any controls! Once I got that down though the game was very cute, not that challenging but still requires the player's attention. Tells a story only using two shapes, very impressive!

I like the simplicity, really takes a load off having to control multiple characters. It's pretty good for a jam game but if you're planning on building on top of this to flesh it out as a full game, that would be sweet. Next time I bigger window would be appreciated.

Tone down the walking SFX, add checkpoints, add a different type of bomb which could make chain reactions. All of these will make me play again.

The text is really hard to read, and I'm not sure if it's the font or game but there's some letters with odd parts to them. And I'm unsure if it was a glitch or the story is unfinished, but the dialogue just goes blank at one point. Other than that it was a pretty interesting read.

Pretty good all around, a jack-of-all-trades really, every aspect was done quite well.

If the visuals were a bit more consistent, like if the entire thing had a pencil drawing style I think there's something really special here.

Slick style, whatever it is you nailed it. I especially liked how you can traverse rooms in multiple ways which allows you to save up bullets for later rooms.

Really interesting take on the theme. I like how no expense was spared on making an environment fit for a bug, spiders will eat you, ants will eat you. Everything looks real nice too. I feel like I can make a haiku out of this insect sex simulator. I think I will actually.

Playing as beetle

I'm easily distracted

By giant penis

The feel of the environment was brilliant, really good music too. Can't say the gameplay itself was all that compelling, it seemed heavily trail and error to me.

Shame this didn't get finished, something real cute was going on with what was here!

I hid under some coats and hoped that somehow everything will work out. And it did. I refuse to unlock that door.