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An Unfinished RTS Game by SlickRamen
Submitted by SlickRamen

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I like the simplicity, really takes a load off having to control multiple characters. It's pretty good for a jam game but if you're planning on building on top of this to flesh it out as a full game, that would be sweet. Next time I bigger window would be appreciated.


Yeah, sorry about that. my laptop is really small so it's not optimized for bigger windows. I'll add a fullscreen feature in the future.

First off, I really enjoy the concept! I love turn based civ building games, and I love RTS, and this seems to do a great job at combining them :) It seems to have lots of untapped potential, so keep working on it :D

However, it does pose a slightly big difficulty curve, as I barely got started before numerous enemies appeared. It took me a couple tries before I could get somewhere, but once I did, I felt like it was cool how there were secret things like ores in the corners of the world. 

If I could make some suggestion: Enemy tribes, which start off in the same place as you. They could be much further off the map. There could be a fog-of-war coupled with this that would require explorers maybe to be able to see more. If you conquer an enemy tribe, it becomes your own.

Anyways, keep up the good work! It might be unfinished, but what you put out makes me excited to see where you will take it ;)

~ Adam "PixelDough" Worrell, from the Duck Jam team


Yeah, I was going to do this in the remake, And I was also planning that to be in this version. But due to a lack of time I had to remove many of my ideas that I wanted to have in it.

Overall I think this was probably for the best because half implemented features would've made the game look worse.                                                  But yeah I think I should've at least added a wait timer for the enemy villages for attacking.


I'm remaking it as a non jam game, hopefully it'll fix all of these errors!


I had a similar experience to the others with this game. It looks like it will be really fun when you get it finished! Please keep me posted if you continue work on it.


Impressive to get all of that done in such a small window! There are some issues, but I think if you continue to work on it, it could be fun to play. Right now the enemy army arrives a little too fast and in the build I played I couldn't create archers. :\ Keep going though! And congrats on entering!


hmm, I'll fix this. Sorry about the bugs.

The version I played (right before leaving this review) started on day 2? No villagers? Then after waiting around a while some spawned, but immediately an army showed up and killed them all, the base camped me.