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Submitted by Unicorn Studios (@unicornstudios_) — 1 hour, 12 minutes before the deadline

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Jesse Eisenbart

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Submitted (3 edits)

Liked the game premise of having limited ammo (can't miss used any of it), just the crouch tip would had been nice from the start XD. That 2nd jump saw me die many times.

The art was nice but the character color blends with the background making it a bit more hard to do some jumps.

Music was great. 

For the enemies: launching the spear would had been a nice addition so you were forced to use crouch and learn about it before the 2nd jump.

Edit: For the jump maybe it would had been easier to put it on space also.

You can check my game jam entry out at:


The camera having to catch up to the player felt kinda weird, and enemies just being an the way, easy to get rid of makes me think their inclusion could have been batter. 


Liked the art, but it could have benefited if the player was a different color so it didn't blend in so much. Can't get enough of the blood coming out of those things. Jump controls seemed weird to me. Game ran really smooth (120 fps?), overall good job.


Glad you enjoyed it! The color was just a concept originally, but after a while I deiced I liked it, it feels unique to me.  And to answer your question, 60 fps.


It runs really well!


If only I had read the crouch tip before playing through it! Some of those jumps were ruthless, haha. Really liked the visuals + careful ammo management. "Devil's House" is REALLY GOOD.


Glad to hear you liked it! Yes, the crouching feature was a overlooked by a lot of people, I should have made it more obvious to use.


Cool to play and the blood out of those minion heads is so nice! Haha. The music was great, but I'd suggest running a check to see if the song is already playing and just letting it continue. I tried crouching but I think I'm doing it wrong if it's supposed to help jumping. I still had to stand to jump and found it as hard as players below describe. I like the idea of the crouching walk, but maybe if you expand on the game you can have crawl areas and jump areas. Having that low ceiling before a jump I think is too difficult up top. Still a lot of fun! Congrats on submitting and thanks for playing/rating mine! :D

Developer (1 edit)

Glad you enjoyed! I'll be honest, I've been trying not to give away how the crouching helps the jumps. But it didn't seem like anyone has figured it out yet, soo here it is: crouch walk to the edge of the jump, jump over and you won't hit your head.


Not bad, other commenters have already mentioned the tight jumping being difficult to get the used to, but I still had fun playing it, you did well with the artwork, and I had fun getting to devil himself - nice job. And some great music by Landon in here too


Glad you enjoyed! I've been trying not to give away how the crouching helps the jumps. But it didn't seem like anyone has figured it out yet, soo here it is: crouch walk to the edge of the jump, jump over and you won't hit your head.

Visually appealing and atmospheric, however the tight jumps where the ceiling is just overhead and the hole right beside it feel cheap and spoil the fun. The enemies were a bit underwhelming since they just stood there and did nothing to make themselves a threat except their presence. A small bug I noticed was even after killing them if you touched the corpse before it turned to particles you would die. This broke up the gameplay into sections of waiting for enemies to die instead of being able to press forward constantly.


I understand your frustration, but he jumps are made far easier when using the crouch feature. I agree that the enemies were a little lack luster, this lack of AI was due to time constraints and inexperience.  I'm glad you enjoyed the aesthetic!

Oh yeah, I forgot you could crouch, as that ability never really came into play.Maybe make a tunnel before that first jump to remind people it exists. :)


I found it pretty damn hard to get those jumps right. Makes me wonder if what's scarce if my ammo or the ability to stay on the air.
I like the castle visuals though.


Did you use crouch? I should have made it more apparent that crouch is important. It makes the jumps a lot easier.


hmmm, didn't know i could crouch. i'll try it next time


I guess the game would have benefited greatly from a tutorial

Well done. Fun and and just the right amount of hard. Those jumps! Love the demons and the Devil himself was amazing. Haven't killed him yet. Just one more try..


Hard. Fun. Neat demon guys. Hard. I've been awake too long to be any good at this game.