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I Miss You (WIP)View game page

Rescue the plants before you die!
Submitted by Zukureneno (@Zukureneno) — 7 minutes, 3 seconds before the deadline

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Team Members
Zukureneno - Coding -
Indychan - Art
Landon - Music -

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New update out for the game: (Exchanged windows popup message to In-Game!)


Fun premise and a good start. It might be nice if the returned plants somehow boosted the oxygen levels in the world or something and you had more time in the outside for each one that you retrieved. Would play again after more content is added! Nice work, guys (and gals?).


Hello and thanks for trying out the game and the feedback.
I had a relatively close idea but that gives the heads up that is a good idea for the oxygen :)
Yes the art was made by my wife.

If there is new content it would most probably be my wife  and me (Programming) since the music was made by @GameMusicLandon (and it was favor/request for the GameJam)


It's a cute game, good pixel art (what's up with those last screenshots on the page though? I don't understand why they're there). There's something odd about the sizes of certain objects, the player and starting building looks right but suddenly they look really big compared to the roads and skyscrapers. And please get rid of the pop-up messages, just a message appearing on screen will do.

Developer (1 edit)

Hello, thanks for trying out the game and the feedback. 

The last screenshots were used as reference for the art and type of game I was going for.  That's why I added the disclaimer but I might just deleted them all together since is not needed anymore.  

For the pop up messages is something I'm still working on (at the moment of the jam that's what I had to go with cause of constrain on time and lost of progress) That is something I also personally hate but I gotta still practice on how to implement something better. (hopefully before the end of the week). 

For the sizes of the buildings wanted to go with small buildings and big characters like in SNES time cause there was going to be interactive areas but could not make more assets for closer to the character.  The person who made the art was my wife and sadly she is unavailable most of time (only Sundays) so most of the art was made during on her free day on the last day of the jam.

(We might continue working on the game , but first before considering that is fixing the pop-ups to a in-game message or dialogue) . 

Edit: The screenshot with the flowchart was the original idea of how many areas I wanted in the game



Got rid of the pop-up messages :) if you would like to try again the version is 0.6

Nice concept and the drawings and characters are interesting. However sadly lacking content and the oxygen function doesn't work logically.

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Developer (1 edit)

Thanks for trying the game out; but what you mean with doesn't work logically?

Like, why does the amount of oxygen you have left change whenever you change a room? I'll have 15 seconds in the second room, then 4 seconds when I go into the third room for one. Also room change wasn't smooth, I'd have to walk a long ways off the map before a transition would occur.

Developer (1 edit)

I am actually confuse; the timer never stops outside of the dome. you have 10 seconds as soon as you step out of the room and timer won't stop till you either get the flower in which it gives you 20 seconds (there was something behind that idea but not the time to implement it).
Changing rooms happen at the border of the exit/entrance. 
When you give back the flower the timer resets to 10.  

For room 3 I think i broke the camera with the last update........... I will have to update it sorry for that


Fixed the Issue with the camera sorry about that I accidentally unchecked persistent on the camera object. Disabling the transition of the 3rd room, try the new update 

Developer (1 edit)

For the content I lost some hours of progress due to BSOD on the last day (in all the 72 hours i got 5-10 BSOD).  Also the timer took me longer than I would had wish it did (since it was my first time doing a jam or even a game alone without tutorials) Sadly lost 1-2 days on the timer and the BSOD keep deleting parts of it and the last BSOD deleted more than just the timer including the character itself :( so really had few hours to recover all of the things lost on the last BSOD


Played the original jam version. I really like the concept of bringing back the flowers! And the animations for the main character are pretty good! The window pop ups were a bit annoying though, they seemed like a windows error.


Thanks for trying the game out;  sorry about the window pop up that's something i wanna fix for next update hopefully. Did not had the time on the game jam to fix the window pop ups cause of multiple BSOD that included lost of progress and downtime. 

There was even a logical error on them that got fixed on the last version. All i require now is the exchange them for chat bubbles or dialogue

Developer (4 edits)

Patch Notes: 

  • V 0.5 Bug fixes, added End Game screen and Game Over you can find full patch notes on devlog for all the fixes
  • V4  - Fix Visual Bugs and rearrange Base to evade specific bugs,  Add Enter for Menu Accept, change EXE name to I Miss You and added Icon to EXE
  • V3 - Fixes lost menu sound and depth cause of BSOD , and some collisions bugs and clean up of useless files.
  • V2 - Fixes visual bugs and writing errors.
  • V1 - Original.
Developer (1 edit)

  • V 0.5.5 Hotfix: Fixed camera issue on room 3 (not present on previous versions except on V 0.5.5)