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Oh don't worry. That wasn't an accusation or anything. It was just trying to narrow down the issue. So it sounds like the problem might be that GM creates the file as a Win64 exe - that explains why you're getting a Win32 exception error. So I just have to see if there's a way for it to output for WinXP or not. It may turn out that it's not possible, but let me see what I can do and thanks for being patient. :)

So I'll be doing more research tomorrow, but my initial findings suggest that you might be on Win XP and if you are that it might mean GameMaker's exports no longer support that OS. I would be kind of surprised but unfortunately not utterly shocked by that. Anyway, I guess that's my next question: Are you on Windows XP?

Thanks again for letting me know about this issue.

Hey, sorry it's taken me a few to get back to you and even more sorry that you're having such trouble playing the game. I'm currently away from my office, but I should be back in tomorrow and I'll check that out. Not sure why it would do that. The exe itself is a GameMaker export and typically doesn't cause problems, but I'll research it and see if I can find out what's up. Is anything else happening when you get this message?

Thanks for letting me know!