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Everything is used very effectively in this. I'm not sure if you need the activation button since you really only use it for the key tile trigger - which could just as easily be based on the player position (like the door is). If you keep it, I would say use it with the door too. It felt strange that I had to trigger the key, but not the door.

I played it about 5-6 times but really only made it to level 3 each time with limited light. I really enjoyed the level design and I think it does a great job of teaching while you play. I would just consider lengthening the overall light time or adding a few charging points. Right now I feel like it can be luck whether you run into a charge, a key, a door, or the stalkers.

Speaking of the stalkers: they terrified me. The music, the animation, the effects when they appear. All great stuff. This game's atmosphere is awesome. The moment when I first saw one I could feel my pulse race and then ease off when I made it through the door. That said, by level three the one that's there doesn't seem to leave you alone. Can you outrun them? Or hide? I didn't seem to be able to, but maybe I was just doing it wrong.

Anyway, seriously great job. Congratulations on submitting, thanks for playing mine, and good luck.

Hi there! I appreciate the feedback. Actually, I've tried the control style both ways and I found that dual sticks was really only useful if the right analog stick was ALSO firing when it was directed. Ultimately I chose to go with the lock system - something that is employed in Cuphead and I felt worked fairly well. I agree that it's not a perfect system, but to each their own.

As for "scarcity," there's actually no health in the game and you only have 4 hit points. So outside of the game's concept being that of a city of monsters, using the sound of the theme over the literal meaning, there's also the literal meaning of a low amount of health to make it through.

I do appreciate the feedback, though. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Control schemes are definitely one of the design elements I struggle with most, so I'll just need to work on it. Congrats on finishing and thanks for commenting/rating!

I had a lot of fun playing through this a few times - got the OK END. I think I saw pretty much every mini game and they were each interesting/funny to play through on their own. Nicely done. You guys did some terrific work here.

And thank you for playing Scare City! I really appreciate the feedback and rating. Take care and good luck with continuing the title!

Thank you Zen00! Really appreciate the feedback. The bats flying up is a known issue that I just decided not to fix. You're pretty spot on about doing it outside their target area. What's happening there is they are switching to their follow state when you shoot them, but because you've already "left" their follow area, they switch to their unfollow state and return to the sky. Since this is happening all at once it just looks like they're floating up when you shoot them.

I plan to do an update which changes this, so that tactic should become obsolete in the next version.  ;)

Thanks again and you're already on my list of ones to play! :D

Totally understandable: "The claims us all..." Sounds good though! Keep going!

Thanks for the feedback, verjay! I'll see what I can do about that. I may consider switching it to right trigger instead of right bumper since more people tend to squeeze there naturally. I don't know if I'd want to tie it to holding the fire button because then you can't run & gun at the same time - if you tried to by tapping, the movement would be less free and more jerky with starting/stopping the lock in between.

One possibility I could try is using right trigger to lock AND fire and X to just fire without locking. I'll play around a bit. Thanks again for the feedback! And congrats on submitting!

This was really creepy! I liked it a lot, but I had trouble figuring out where I was supposed to go. A few more environmental clues I think would've helped - it seemed like everywhere I went the boss was around the corner. Really kept me on my toes. Nicely done! Congrats on submitting!

Cool to play and the blood out of those minion heads is so nice! Haha. The music was great, but I'd suggest running a check to see if the song is already playing and just letting it continue. I tried crouching but I think I'm doing it wrong if it's supposed to help jumping. I still had to stand to jump and found it as hard as players below describe. I like the idea of the crouching walk, but maybe if you expand on the game you can have crawl areas and jump areas. Having that low ceiling before a jump I think is too difficult up top. Still a lot of fun! Congrats on submitting and thanks for playing/rating mine! :D

Nice work! My biggest issue is that when you lose it says "bust" but I think bust is specifically when you lose by going over, no? Otherwise it's awesome that you could put together a decent blackjack game in such a short time. Congrats on finishing and thanks for playing/rating mine!

It was really fun playing this because it shares a name with my own entry but is such a vastly different take. I think this is a cool idea and I hope you flesh it out some more. I like the buildings you have in there and thought it was hilarious that I was getting plastic surgery (actually it happened in my first two playthroughs). Great job, congrats on submitting, and thank you again for playing/rating mine!

Impressive to get all of that done in such a small window! There are some issues, but I think if you continue to work on it, it could be fun to play. Right now the enemy army arrives a little too fast and in the build I played I couldn't create archers. :\ Keep going though! And congrats on entering!

That's very kind of you! Can't wait to play yours tonight! :) As for polish - oh dear! I had so much more I wanted to do. I do plan to keep going with new builds after all the votes are in. Thank you!

Thanks! :D Can't wait to check out people's games tonight! I'm very excited. Glad you enjoyed what you played. I'm hoping to push forward with it and make a full release. :D

Also, for the jam edition you can try to "speedrun" through it without killing anything, but I think some of the enemy placement combined with your limited health makes that borderline impossible. Now that it's more clear how to shoot you'll hopefully be able to make it through! Thanks again!

I added a comment that explains the full controls. I imagine you two won't be the only two who are confused. I really appreciate all of the feedback. R actually just restarts the level. The button you're looking for is L. The idea was if you put your right ring/pinky down to hold shift and then aim with WASD you can fire with your index by pressing L and jump with your thumb. I wish the keyboard controls were better. I'll see if I can figure out a nicer layout and update post-jam.

I added a comment that explains the full controls. I imagine you two won't be the only two who are confused. Thank you for all of the super nice compliments!

Thank you both for the feedback. Unfortunately I didn't have time to add a tutorial stage, but the controls are available on the game's information page:

Gamepad Controls (The Ideal)
DPad - Movement and Aiming
X - Fire
A - Jump
R1 - Lock Movement to Fire in Place
Start - Restarts the Level
Select - Quits the Game

Keyboard Controls (Hey, It Exists!)

WASD - Movement and Aiming
L - Fire 
Spacebar - Jump 
Right-Shift - Lock Movement to Fire in Place
Enter - Starts the Game (Only from Title Screen)
R - Restarts the Level
Escape - Quits the Game

Hopefully this helps! And thank you again for the positive comments. Incredibly kind of both of you!!!

Oh don't worry. That wasn't an accusation or anything. It was just trying to narrow down the issue. So it sounds like the problem might be that GM creates the file as a Win64 exe - that explains why you're getting a Win32 exception error. So I just have to see if there's a way for it to output for WinXP or not. It may turn out that it's not possible, but let me see what I can do and thanks for being patient. :)

So I'll be doing more research tomorrow, but my initial findings suggest that you might be on Win XP and if you are that it might mean GameMaker's exports no longer support that OS. I would be kind of surprised but unfortunately not utterly shocked by that. Anyway, I guess that's my next question: Are you on Windows XP?

Thanks again for letting me know about this issue.

Hey, sorry it's taken me a few to get back to you and even more sorry that you're having such trouble playing the game. I'm currently away from my office, but I should be back in tomorrow and I'll check that out. Not sure why it would do that. The exe itself is a GameMaker export and typically doesn't cause problems, but I'll research it and see if I can find out what's up. Is anything else happening when you get this message?

Thanks for letting me know!