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All around awesome game, fun, pretty creative, and I love the visuals.

Wow, that's pretty clever

Beautiful art style!


Most realistic Shark Simulator ever.

COFFEE JAM community · Created a new topic I love Coffee

Reading through my email, I saw a message from I decided to look at it for some reason. It must have been divine intervention because immediately I saw the COFFEE JAM!! I LOVE COFFEE!! WOOOOO!!!! VIVA COFFEE JAM!!!

Wow, this is pretty sweet! A very ambitious fan game. :)

HeHeHeHe. Activate localhost hehehehe

Overall really liked the game. Though I'm not sure how scarcity fits into it..

Couldn't open the .rar file.

Man, that was so cool! The gameplay is incredible. The upgrades were really cool, and the levels were all unique and challenging. The 3d graphics were really cool, and the art style was beautiful, music and sound added to the whole experience, and the whole game said 'SCARCITY', especially the final level, where you were always out of bullets. I really liked it, Thanks!

Cool. I didn't even know you could see it was me who reviewed it! lol

Very good all around game! Sometimes I tried to shoot the asteroids in the GUI though. (lol) It would be cool if you could use the mouse to aim as well.

Epic mechanic. The scarcity of ammo and health pulled it all together. As you admit, the visuals and sound are a bit bland, but underneath the ugly skin is a really solid game. Good job!

Thanks! Yeah, I figured normal bedrock would be boring. I learned a lot during this jam that I will use in the next jam to hopefully make a better game.

It runs really well!

Good Job! Don't forget to rate it!

How do you use the Slip-gates?

This is awesome. Genius mechanic, you really put a lot of work into that. Excellent job!

Liked the art, but it could have benefited if the player was a different color so it didn't blend in so much. Can't get enough of the blood coming out of those things. Jump controls seemed weird to me. Game ran really smooth (120 fps?), overall good job.

Pretty fun, the wall jump and box pushing mechanics were a little wonky at times but overall good job.

That's pretty funny. I enjoyed that.

There were a few bugs, but overall a fun game. It would be cool if you could strafe using the arrow keys.

Really good game, especially for your first. The pixel art was very good, and subtle features such as a screen-shake and light flashes really enhanced the experience. It fits the theme well and is fun to play. Good job!

Loved the music.

I liked it, good visuals, fun gameplay, sound works well with it. The Story accomplished its goal. I'm not quite sure how it fits scarcity, but it was good!

The pixel art is very good, and you can't beat the gameplay. Nice!

I really enjoyed that. The bomb mechanic is genius.

Most complete game I've played so far. (including my own) Mechanics are great, the visuals are very pleasing, music and sound complements the whole game and ties it together wonderfully. Wasn't sure how the theme fit in initially, but then I realized its the bullets. All in all, great game! My favorite level was 13, that one took me a while to figure out. :)