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A platformer where every jump matters
Submitted by HappyHead (@happyheadd), jm2k (@jm2k_ok) — 9 minutes, 49 seconds before the deadline
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Team Members
pm2k - code
minichibis - music
happyhead - art

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Amazing game mechanic, looks and sounds great too. It's just that it seems a bit trail and error at least at first, especially because the player isn't centred in the camera at all times, it lead to leaps of faith leading to lava or pits of death a few times.


Great visuals, great level design, really great game. Definitely a good example of something that's very simple in concept executed really well.


Very nice game, I love the visuals! I made it through but with like 120394082030 deaths :D


I really liked it. There were a lot of cool speed running tricks,  and the level design was great. The player runs and jumps to fast though. I tried to collect all the stars, but without a reset button, I missed one right before ending the level. I think it would be great to have a full version of this game with a longer development cycle.


I really enjoyed this! (Currently in level 7 and with like infinite deaths). The music is a great fit, and combined with the elasticity and speed of the jumps , and freedom of movement in the air, it conveys a great vibe.

It's true that since one cannot see where to jump, the game basically forces the player to die in the beginning, but I didn't even mind it, dying is not very punishing and flows well with the pace of the game.


Most complete game I've played so far. (including my own) Mechanics are great, the visuals are very pleasing, music and sound complements the whole game and ties it together wonderfully. Wasn't sure how the theme fit in initially, but then I realized its the bullets. All in all, great game! My favorite level was 13, that one took me a while to figure out. :)


Really cool! Love the art and the music, and the gameplay is really solid!

I feel maybe all distances should be lower or something. Feels like a precision platformer, but most of the times the place where you need to jump to is out of frame, and that can be frustrating.

But moslty an amazing and really well put together game. I'm big on platformers and pixel art, and you hit all the nails.


Great game! Albeit sometimes the placement of the stars was very frustrating. I'd lower the gravity and air acceleration maybe to give the player more maneuverability.

Developer (2 edits)

Yeah the stars can be frustrating to get but I can reassure you that all of them are reachable and there might be a reward for getting all of them ;^)

We are looking into how we can tweak the movement but that will come in a later update if we ever do one


Well one thing you can do is make the pickups somewhat bigger, so it's not as frustrating. Use a hitbox that's bigger than the item.

Don't forget to rate


Had some legitimate fun with this game. It's one of my favorite entries!


Fun: Didn't enjoy it, this is probably because the (Rage game) style you went for is my least favorite type of game, and there were so many leaps of faith. The mechanics were cool though.

Visuals All but the end game screen looked good. Almost 5*

Music: good, it wasn't too repetitive and was good to have played when you were zoned out.

Sound: Best use of sound effects I have reviewed so far. They may be 8bit, but they make the game feel alive.

Story: n/a

Theme: It worked, but the amount bullets was used in a way that felt more like level design than something that I don't have access to.


Yeah you are definitely not wrong about the leaps of feith. Our programmer had to crunch most of the levels in a few sleep deprived hours right before the deadline so the quality of the level design could have been better if we managed our time more efficiently, I guess it’s one the leasons we learned from making this...

Either way thanks for taking the time to critique our game it helps a lot.


No problem, and sorry if I sounded harsh in the gameplay section, after reviewing it, I could have been more critical and less biased. I also wanted to let you know some ways you could flesh out the game into something somebody would purchase. 

I would start by adding many new levels and gameplay mechanics to the game. Things like the golden rings help with making the game feel more diverse and dynamic, though I feel as though you could do more. Things like power-ups that either increase the height of the jump or give the player a bit of resistance to the lava(something like a shield or some boots). 

One other issue that I had was when some mechanics weren't given time to be taught to the player completely. The level that introduced the mushrooms and rings is the best example for this. When the player jumps to the right he sees both the mushrooms and the ring at the same time. The player not understanding how these items work, and will most likely die due to a lack of understanding how these new mechanics works. One way to fix this issue is what I call the "Mario Mechanic" method. When playing a newer Mario game you are presented with the level's mechanic in a safe environment before you are put in danger. EX: At the start of the level there is a hole that Mario can't jump over. There is also a platform that is above that hole that moves right when you are standing on it, and left when you aren't. You cannot die in this section, so if you fall into it by accident, you won't be punished for it. 

This can be applied to the Mushroom/Ring room in two ways. One is where you need to enter the ring in-order to get the bullet that allowed you to jump, so you learn how the mechanic works in a save environment. Secondly you can split up the mechanics into different levels, one level for the mushrooms, and another for the rings, and then finish it off with a room that uses both of them.

I hope this has been helpful and if you are at all confused, please let me know.


This first jump is so nerve wracking cause I have no clue whats above me and I move so fast. Am I going to fly right into some hot lava? haha


Great visuals and main mechanic! Solid entry here.


I’m glad you like it!

I love it!