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Use potions to protect your troops!
Submitted by Raindrinker (@Raindrinker_dev) — 14 hours, 3 minutes before the deadline
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Cool and challenging game. I really liked the brewing system. I think you should continue developing this game, but i think unity is better so i can help you with that if you want.
You can contact me using email ( or discord (FreezedIce#3670)


Thanks for playing! Thanks for offering, I'll be ringing you :). I'd really like to move to Unity, but I hated my attempts to do 2D or pixle art in Unity, so I'd love some advice. Glad you liked it!


Very cool magic system going on here, I just wished there were more things to play around with! At least having more ingredients at the start would be good, so the player can experiment more.


Yah, from the comments I really take that there are big holes in balancing and player satisfaction. I really didn't have time to test enough. Hope you liked it anyway! Thanks for playing :)


Love love love this game! So clever, and very fun. Awesome work :)


Hit the nail on the head with scarcity! Great job on this, do you plan on continuing to work on it? I think it would work really well on mobile :) Can't say anything regarding constructive feedback that hasn't already been said, solid submission :)


Thanks! Not right now, but I'm sure some of its ideas will inspire projects in the future. yeah, fits mobile really great, you're right.

A shame that the Gm android export is so expensive u.u

Thanks for playing! :)

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Current record: 114. Yay!  Very engaging.  The potion effects are interesting and flavorful, and the scarcity factor is really the core of the game, as each resource is invaluable and there's no room for messing up one single time. It's probably stretched a little bit too much though, and also relying too much on chance: too often it happens that I feel there's just nothing I could do, because the game simply didn't give me a single ingredient. I also agree that the mechanic for resource generation  should be better signaled; at first for example I thought it had to do with that bar on top, and only after reading your comment did I understand it was about killing enemies.


Yeah, I didnt have time at all for balancing, I guess I went too scarce :P

I really didnt know how to give the player the ingredients in a fun way, I went with that but I should have tried other stuff.

Thanks for playing, glad you liked! :)

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Nice art, music and gameplay! My highest score is 66 83.


I got to the 150ish points :) I'm glad you like it!


Really challenging game. Nice music too.

Sometimes melee soldier push the golem out of the screen and you can't see what is happening.


Yeah, didnt have time to fix that, just hoped it won't happen too much. Sorry! :P

Thx for playing!


Fun game with a fun mechanic. However I felt that new potion items didn't drop nearly often enough. Also what squirtz said.

Don't forget to rate


Yeah, I just tryed to respect the theme, and also had no time for balancing.

I'll rate for sure! :)


Nice job again! Man, I've rarely felt the feeling of satisfcation from mastering a game's mechanics from such a simple game like I did with yours. The experience of learning alchemy in an intense situation was pretty unique. Three types of ingredients were the perfect amount, and they were vague enough to feel like you were deciphering something with your spells.

A minor suggestion would be to give a little loot drop animation of some kind to help inform the player that killing monsters is what gives you more ingredients. Also maybe add a guarenteed item every time interval so the player isn't ever stuck watching helplessly as his friends die from a very unlucky rng.

love this game


Whoa thanks! I couldn't get the feeling of learning the recipes while testing, so I was scared gameplay would be boring and I was trusting on that to carry the experience, I'm glad it worked for you!

Yeah, I had like 0 time to balance and not rely completely on RNG to make the game interesting. Gosh, I had so much more ideas, with 5 ingredients, buying more cauldrons and ingredient slots, buying troops, a recipe that resurrected troops to get those big comebacks... It's also true that there's too much time in the game where you're doing nothing, but I don't know how to solve that.

Thanks for the feedback!


This was the most fun game i've played so far and I really like the fect that you don't get too much ingredients.

Other games I played so far  made the scarcity a tiny factor, but this one handles it perfectly. :D


Whoa, thanks! ^_^


Fun Game But as soon as i get to the golem all ingrediants stop spawning


They don't, It's just that they spawn when you kill enemies, and when you're focusing the golem nothing is dying. You should try save some big potions to deal with each golem.


I like the art! The only thing I would say for the game play would be when you get ingredients, I think you get them when an enemy dies(maybe), but even then you sometimes don't get some, and I find myself  running out of ingredients fairly quickly. Or that's just my fault as a player and I need to find a strategy. Great Job!

PS: Maybe you could also make some small sword sounds when they are fighting ;)


Yeah, sound is a big hole in my gamedev arsenal u.u I'm working on it but I'm so bad at it, nothing sounds right.

How you get ingredients was a big design decision. i wanted the gameplay to be about making the most of what you got, and to align with the "scarcity" theme. You get them randomly when enemies die, and sometimes it's too punishing.

I know that with some luck and some knowledge you can reach the 150ish points.

I'm glad you played and liked it! :D


Really enjoyed this! Art is gorgeous, potion mixing is fun!