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Current record: 114. Yay!  Very engaging.  The potion effects are interesting and flavorful, and the scarcity factor is really the core of the game, as each resource is invaluable and there's no room for messing up one single time. It's probably stretched a little bit too much though, and also relying too much on chance: too often it happens that I feel there's just nothing I could do, because the game simply didn't give me a single ingredient. I also agree that the mechanic for resource generation  should be better signaled; at first for example I thought it had to do with that bar on top, and only after reading your comment did I understand it was about killing enemies.

Yeah, I didnt have time at all for balancing, I guess I went too scarce :P

I really didnt know how to give the player the ingredients in a fun way, I went with that but I should have tried other stuff.

Thanks for playing, glad you liked! :)