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Amazing mechanics for 1H! I managed To clip out of bounds at the end and I would have flipped if there was a message there about too much cheating or something :D

Not the first time I got the comment. I checket the GDWC page the other time I think and it seemed quite harmless. I'm not sure what threat could they pose, but I'll be wary of any personal info I need to give to submit or whatever (if I do). Thanks for caring!

I think I looked at it once but it's not like I really have any projects that are bigger than a 48h jam game. If you think I should submit stuff like this, I will, tho.

What's it about? Are there reviewers? Who plays the games?

Thanks a lot and sorry you couldn't play! I don't own a mac and with GMS2 I can't export for web :(

Yep, I've been really watching DnD content lately and with this theme it was a good opportunity to make a text-heavy game with a bit of a DnD feel I guess. Thanks!

We should fix some stuff, yeah :D

Main character in my last game (Spellfight) was basically Caleb so yeah, I'm drawing a lot of stuff from CR :P

It's an "app" already, its not an installer. Just a zip with the executable inside. Give me a throwaway mail or something if you want me to send it via that.

Noone had that issue before. Might it be a "no space left" thing, maybe? Ill send it to you via something else if you want. :) 

Thanks a lot for playing! I see you surrendered in the last level. It is the one that showcases the game's most interesting mechanic :) 

Hope you enjoyed it! 

Thanks for understanding. I tried :'( :D

As usual, absolutely outstanding. 

Oh having feedback from you is such a honor! :D

Yeah I really wanted to do the undo thing but I kept putting it away and in the end didn't have time. 

Was sad this jam overlapped with yours or I would have participated! :)

Thanks for playing! ^_^

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Thanks! A few seconds after the victory icon shows up any button press brings you back

Edit: Ah, yeah, noticed it only listens to controller input! Sorry! I added keyboard support last second. Will fix! Thanks!

Thanks a lot for your patronage! :D Super glad you liked it :) Love the work you do.

:( I'm really sorry. I'm attempting to port it/make a new version in Unity, so I hope there will be a bigger better cross-platformer TCYD soon. 

Thanks for playing! Super glad you liked it and happy with all the praise! :D

Z! Should have indicated it somewhere sorry. it's quite habitual so I hoped people would guess.

Hahahah loved the video. That level was made for that trick to be possible :D It looked so solid and then everything fell apart in the labyrinth level D: Glad you liked it! Thanks for playing and making the video! ^_^

Thanks a lot and thanks for playing! I'm just not sure if it could be made much bigger cause of all the waiting you need to do, that is tolerable cause it's a short game, but could be very frustrating in a longer version. It's kinda unavoidable also.

Super happy you liked it! I had some more mechanics in the oven, but I ended keeping it simple cause didn't have more time. 


Thanks for playing! Once I settled on "how do I make "35mm film" into a platformer mechanic , Iwas thinking about successive frames, and how "old film" and the fact that things are not "actually" animated, but are just a series of static images that follow each other could be made into a platformer mechanic. I thought about having moving platforms and you being able to control their speed and direction of movement and making puzzles about that, but didn't get very much from that. Stopping parts of the level by taking some sort of photo has already been done. The most iconic thing about 35mm film seemed to be those film strips with the black bars separating frames.

I thought making "realm swaps" slow and with a sweeper would be a good iteration on many games that do the "there are multiple levels at one, but you can onyl see/interact with one of them". Also, the fact that the frames have a forced direction create puzzles that would be extremely trivial if you could swap between frames at will (like the one where you hang from the ceiling).

I wanted to add some buttons that changed the speed of the black bars on stopped them, and make some puzzles out of it, like stopping the bar in a certain position to be able to use platforms from two different frames at the same time. Didn't have time to put it in.

Mostly I iterated a lot before settling on "platformer/35mm film". Had some ideas about making a 2d physics game where you manipulate the shapes of the 3 and the 5 to solve puzzles, a zero-gravity 3d snookers (cause 35 balls make the perfect tethraedron), and some sort of "cooking" game where you run a "photo-developing" shop (also about 35mm film). I was feeling really frustrated about the theme and started kinda late.

Thanks a lot for playing! You have the soothingest voice in the universe, I love how you say "Raindrinker". Best of luck on your YT channel.

Thanks a lot! Yeah, the fact that the game has "letting time pass" as a mechanic has its ups and downs, I think it only works in a short game or it would get very tiresome. I did have the idea of making the speed and direction of the frames to be controlled by the player, and had it almost implemented, but were a tad too many inputs and didn't manage to milk it very much at all.

The implementation of the frames is super super dirty. On one side, the images you see are unrelated to the colliders, and just draw one frame from the left side of the screen until the position of the "sweeper", and then the next frame from the sweeper to the end.

The colliders are made up of vertically thin blocks that whenever their x position is equal to the sweeper position they check if the frame the game is in is the frame they are in. If true, they teleport onto the level, else they just teleport to y = -1000 or something like that.

Thanks for playing and supporting me! :D

Yeah, thanks a lot! Some of these stuff I had thought about, I just got a bit stuck in the base mechanics and I'm not sure I'm completly satisfied with them. i definitely made a mistake reducing health to one in the last hour of the jam, I felt the game was too easy and had so little content might as well make it very punishing. For most of the time I actually had it with 10HP, you could not attack the air, and you could redraw your hand by taking 1 damage.

I'll probably make a very similar but very different game, from the ground up and with a bigger scope in mind, trying to make it really replayable with a progression system or something.

Thanks for everything! :) What a lovely job you do

God, thanks a lot! I almost feel like many people like the game more than I do, I feel like it has so many design problems. I am trying to think which direction I can take this that solves those issues and has a lot more depth (suggestions welkome, you seem like knowledgeable people). As you mention in the blog, Patient Rogue definitely was an inspiration and I had to make an effort to not borrow too much from it :D

I really really appreciate the support and all the people that are telling me to try to milk the potential they feel this has.

Thanks for playing and recommending! I'll try to keep making stuff you might like :D I see you do a great job finding jam gems, i recognize some of the ones in your blog. Thanks for the follow on itch also! I'd follow if I used tumblr :/ I invite you to take a look at my other stuff.


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God this is such a cool concept and it works incredibly well. I always toyed with what would need ot be done to have a sense of "party" with relationships and make them impact gameplay, and this is such a good implementation of that. 

The idea is amazing. The mesh with chess is interesting, but I don't think it's what makes the game. It could be classes particular to this game instad than ches spieces and not much would be lost, maybe even gained (The queens felt so OP compared ot the pawns, and having just one move each turn incentivises not using weak units at all. Maybe you should be able to move multiple units in a turn)

I also toyed a lot with a concept for a game similar to maybe hearthstone, but instead of building a deck you build a board and with your prebuilt board you fight other players. Maybe that's the direction this could take.

I don't know, I'm just rambling. This concet really inspired me, I hope this grows. I'm sure I'll steal some design ideas for some projects of mine in the future.

If you need any help, apart from the highest praise I can give, just tell me, I'd be delighted to help.

Sorry, I don't have a mac and people I know who have a mac don't have GM2. If you or somebody have it and can compile it for me I'd be grateful to send the source code. Thanks for the interest!

Wow, amazing control and physics! At first how two clicks would interact felt a bit weird, but really soon it was really intuitive. Also, really pretty! Would love to see a bigger game with this mechanics!

Wow the movement is so clean and fun! How the hell did you manage this rope physics in PICO-8? O_O Amazing game.

Thanks for playing! Thanks for offering, I'll be ringing you :). I'd really like to move to Unity, but I hated my attempts to do 2D or pixle art in Unity, so I'd love some advice. Glad you liked it!

Yah, from the comments I really take that there are big holes in balancing and player satisfaction. I really didn't have time to test enough. Hope you liked it anyway! Thanks for playing :)

Damn, this was so fun and so full of character! I love the character designs,so simple and so effective! I declare myself a slightly annoying fan. Mechanically it's not very innovative in the detective department, but it works really really well.

I wanna solve more cases with Detective Dogget! :D

Thanks! Not right now, but I'm sure some of its ideas will inspire projects in the future. yeah, fits mobile really great, you're right.

A shame that the Gm android export is so expensive u.u

Thanks for playing! :)

Really really good puzzle game. It does so much with so little. Reminds me a lot of stephen's sausage roll. I enjoyed it a lot, the premise is great, the art cohesive, and the puzzles super well designed.

Yeah, I didnt have time at all for balancing, I guess I went too scarce :P

I really didnt know how to give the player the ingredients in a fun way, I went with that but I should have tried other stuff.

Thanks for playing, glad you liked! :)

I got to the 150ish points :) I'm glad you like it!

Yeah, didnt have time to fix that, just hoped it won't happen too much. Sorry! :P

Thx for playing!

Whoa, this is so good, and the amount of diverse programming and art just baffles me, this feels like so much work! Really WarioWare-like, and not sure how it ties to the theme, but very very fun!

The animations, so slick, but the minigames, the core of it, were clean as hell too. The jumping one maybe was the less interesting.

Yeah, I just tryed to respect the theme, and also had no time for balancing.

I'll rate for sure! :)

Really cool game. 10/10 voiceacting, except that line that is louder for some reason, that scared me. I took a lot of time to discover that you could run, I was feeling frustrated at the spike pit.

The art is sooooo clean. I could see this beign a much bigger game. The indianajonesy feel was almost there. I was really hoping for a cool death after picking the monkey :P

Nice work!

Fun to play, really an interesting way to implement a hook. I felt like clicking furiously to where I want to go, to control speed was the best strategy, which was kinda weird.

Really simple but effective, maybe could be built up into a great movement system for a less arcade-y game.

Fun to control, art and music are very polished.

I really didn't manage to develop a strategy, I felt i was just losing randomly. Maybe a bit too undiferentiated from Super Crate Box. I felt like the bullets sometimes wrapped weridly around the screen, appearing higher or lower than supposed to.

Good game tho, especially in the art department.

Really cool! Love the art and the music, and the gameplay is really solid!

I feel maybe all distances should be lower or something. Feels like a precision platformer, but most of the times the place where you need to jump to is out of frame, and that can be frustrating.

But moslty an amazing and really well put together game. I'm big on platformers and pixel art, and you hit all the nails.

Quite fun to play, a really bare-bones platformer. The is well well implemented, but a dynamic jump height would feel nicer. Aestethically a bit too plain, and mechanically it doesnt have many different obstacles.

It works quite well, and I played it for quite a bit, and its a nice base that coudl be expanded into a richer platformer.