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Okey, loaded the game again and it worked and damn I lost so much time to it amazing game! I'm stuck at the last 8 blood relatives. The numbers shown in the magnifying glasses are so deeply confused. Can you give me a hint? :S

Yeah it was filled with my last search and didn't let me edit it at all

Oh! Thanks. My saved game loaded but the text field to search is stuck and I cannot change it. I'll delete the save data but maybe the bug report helps :)

There's no Rhose Rottree in the dropdown for me, and I'm stuck at the Roottree Sisters section :(

La sustancia oscura es un SDF con magia de shaders. Las estrellas son literalmente mil objetos spawneados que cuando el jugador está cerca se apartan. Seguramente se podría hacer en shader tmb para que fuera más barato. Gracias!

Muy muy interesante. He tardado un rato en entender la mecánica, pero habéis construido un sistema super curioso y potencialmente profundo para ser una jam. El arte es fantástico y todo en general está muy cuidado.

Absurdo acabado. Increíble pixelart y música, equipazo salvaje. El gameplay es super innovador e interesante, no estoy seguro de si acabo de vibear del todo con los controles y el ritmo pero como mínimo es fascinante. El tema me lo habéis ignorado un poco pero se perdona, se nota que teníais una idea muy clara. No sé cómo diablos os organizáis seis personas para una jam y sacar una joyita como ésta. Brutal!

Juegazo. Aunque el tema de tener que clicar rapido muchas veces no me flipa, y igual podeis encontrar otra solucion para que sea mas "OSU", me ha flipado y la idea es super potente y muy buena base. El pulido es fenomenal también.

Súper chulo! No estoy de acuerdo con alguna solución (mi estrella de arriba a la derecha de Ara estaba correcta :<) pero el juego es super cuquis y funciona de maravilla!

Increíble arte y gameplay design! Me he comido algún bug que me ha hecho reiniciar, y la ausencia de sonido duele un poco, pero por lo demás parece una base tremenda para un proyectazo.

Súper maco! Increïble l'art per una jam. Mecànicament un xic simple, però funciona perfecte. Apunts de narrativa audiovisual lol :D

Súper bonico y relajante y la mecánica muy curiosa. Igual se podría hacer procedural, se me ha quedado un poco corto! :D Muy bien pulido, y idea interesante.

¡Muy buena atmósfera y música y el arte plano y los efectos como la lluvia! Me ha dado rabia que se me terminara el tiempo, estaba a punto de acabar :)

Súper interesante el concepto. Noe stoy seguro de si entiendo el sistema de puntuación pero hice 6550 :D Es super bonico la musica y el sonido también. Además me encanta cuando los juegos de jam usan el tema de forma ultraliteral.

End is Nigh > Meat boy :> Gracias! Hay mucho Celeste y mucho Ynglet también

Muchas gracias, vecino de IDD :) Ya, igual me he flipado con algunas salas, sobre todo esa, y tendríamos que haber playtesteado más. Queríamos meter una flecha indicando para abajo y no dio tiempo.

Ay muchisimas gracias! :D

Se puede seguir en esa sala con el muro,  yendo hacia abajo! Cabes entre las dos verticales de pinchos. tendríamos que haber puesto una flechica o algo :) Gracias!

Yeha I wanted to really make it this "figure out the rules through experimentation" kidna deal but some fo the rules might be a bit too obscure. it's probably the one where chairs need to eb accessible from either side thats getting most people stuck.

Huh sorry, theres not much UI. You start in the level select screen and then it's a rule discovery game where you need to figure out the rules to solve every level.

Sorry! It is a bit demanding for web, but it works great for us. If your PC cannot run the web version just use the download :)

Thanks a lot! Glad you had fun! Not likely to have any updates since it's a jam game and we'd probably wanna rebuild from the ground up and don't wanna have to deal with Unity navmeshes for a while, but maybe in the future (or jsut similar concepts). Thanks for playing!

Hey! Thanks a lot for this, will definitely try to fix those. You Linux folks are always so helpful (and you in particular too :))

Very interesting movement system and the whole visuals for burrowing and moving underground are great! And the collapsing tunnels mechanic. I don't know if its very repetitive or im jsut bad at it so i keep dying early but either way the concept is very cool.

Feels like a weird classic cult game! Incredibly polished for a jam you should definitely dress it up a bit and release it, incredible work.

Damn that looks amazing how did you even do that

@freezedice did some shader magic. pretty sure it's somethign similar to this 

Thanks a lot! Yeah the ending was done in the nick of time iirc :D Glad you enjoyed the game!

Thanks a lot! That puzzle is the last one and is unsolvable due to time scramble :(

We really appreciate the time and the appreciation, we weren't very happy with the result. Hoping we can fix soem stuff post-jam :D

Like just beign a character in there and have to dodge the bars? yeah seems like it could be quite fun, nice idea

How weird, it downloads well for me... :S


Huh, does it say anything? it's a normal zip download

Thanks! I tried some, and honestly rook and queen are the only ones that work well enough. Knight could probably be balanced but it's hard.

Not sure its possible sorry!

The game doesn't seem to work for me. I feel like it might have to do with the export name containing periods (.), cause it says that it can't find the .pck file.

Also, since it's a web export, you could probably make it run on itch directly instead of having a download.

Honestly, I figured out it was a bug after I nocliped completely, but the progression of "I can't get into that room, the door is bugged -> But I can go through walls to get to the other side" almost worked beutifully with your 4th-wall-breaking narrative :D Will try it again now!

Oh well, this is such a bop, the music and visuals are so engaging! Would have liked for the gamplay to be "quicker", it didn't feel super difficult, and a bit repetitive at times, but everything works so well in theme, music, visuals, the pixelart... Love it.

Art and music is cool but I can't seem to understand what I need to do :/