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That's high praise! Thanks :)

Thanks a lot!

Damn, this art is top notch, something else. I really dont get what to do in the game. I've been listening to people introducing themselves for a few days. I clicked on a file and it mvoed but now its stuck there.

Im sorry I cannot apprecciate the gameplay but the fantasy of being an operator is super nice and the art is on another level.

Love the metaballs effect. Not much of a game tho, but not too far. Just some obstacle and levels where u need to rejoin the blob and it would work. It looks super aesthetically pleasing, and the music too!

Thanks a lot for playing! Yeah, I should have clarified the two types of nodes in-game.

You develop a solving procedure over time! Also the levels are generated randomly and sometimes the generator does weird stuff so the difficulty curve is more like random noise. Feel free to skip hard puzzles :P

Yeah! Too much people confused by the two node types. Should have written it in text ingame. 

Levels after level 2 are random. I made these two simpler ones in hopes it would help tutorialise. Making unique puzzles with the current restrictions is very very hard, even by hand. 

I coded a solver and its very very optimized and yet it struggles with 4x4s sometimes. 

Thanks for playing! 

Great one! last 3 rooms super entertaining. How the numbers operated and what was i trying to do, I didnt have to think very hard until those.

Also the art is super clean and the sounds fit a lot.

Thanks a lot! :)

It's not too complex or interesting but at least it's satisfying to play!

Thanks a lot :)

Thanks for playing! Yeah, a few issues with hitboxes and soflocks :/ sorry! :)

Im in the same place. I can both art and program, but Im always looking for projects where I can collab and do only one of the two, cause Im also pretty busy. If you plan on making a postjam version of this one ill try to pixel a bit for it :) Add me on Discord: Raindrinker#2532

Proobably wont have time for this jam but this game blew me away for something done in a week. If you ever need art for a game like this ping me! Im decentlt proficient at pixel art :)

How do I contact you if I wanna take this one for part 2? I wanna take it only if I'm the first one that wants to, though. :)

Damn, the reveal blew my mind! Such a love letter to factorio. I might want to art this one :)

I ported the game as is for now, I'm probably gonna be adding a lot of stuff. You can grab the port here Shhh it's a secret

Your feedback has been quite useful so any feedback on the android port and ideas on what to add are super welcome :)

Thanks! I changed the queen a bit, just for you :D

Thanks for the feedback! I hope to have some of that in a full post-jam version soon :)

Soon(TM) probably. I'm seeing a lot of request so I'll definitely do it.

Any other features you think would be cool to add if I make a post-jam mobile version?

Thanks a lot! :)

I'm not really big on chess either but its well-known mechanics are a good communication tool for games :)

Glad you liked it!

Thanks a lot! Hey, that's a good score! :D

Thanks a lot!

Maybe, if I have the time and I like the theme :)

Thanks a lot! :)

I found out it's really hard to get a grasp on it and control it, really. And I spend quite some time trying to make sense of it.

Might try to do similar ones in the future!

Glad you liked it! Thanks!

Yeah! All those features might come someday. Also if I make the minor I might be able to sell the phyisical version of the deck. It's a ton of work, though :)

Glad you liked it!

Believe me, I tried to actually control what is being played and its very very hard. Welp maybe someone else could. 

Maybe theres a project there, with a few more whacky instruments and a way to sync them and make them sound together, maybe some genius could make some actual worthwile music. Maybe someday! 

Thanks for playing! :) 

Thanks! :) The first time i looked at the video I wa slike "Hmmm this has a weird rythmic elegance to it, I wonder what would happen if each point played a sound"

The browser sometimes messes the cursor up and it takes a bit to reappear... Seems to be an issue on Godot's or Chrome's side.

Thanks for playing! :)

Oops I am not seeding the random! Thanks :)

yeah! I'm trying to design a game with similar mechanics. Won't be with tarot though, cause tarot already has very well established meanings. Thanks for playing! :)

Thanks! Yeah I hope to repurpose the drag and drop mechanics for something else. About "real simple" welp, the whole game needs ro be designed :) 

Thanks! Glad you liked it :)

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it! :)

Amazing mechanics for 1H! I managed To clip out of bounds at the end and I would have flipped if there was a message there about too much cheating or something :D

Not the first time I got the comment. I checket the GDWC page the other time I think and it seemed quite harmless. I'm not sure what threat could they pose, but I'll be wary of any personal info I need to give to submit or whatever (if I do). Thanks for caring!

I think I looked at it once but it's not like I really have any projects that are bigger than a 48h jam game. If you think I should submit stuff like this, I will, tho.

What's it about? Are there reviewers? Who plays the games?

Thanks a lot and sorry you couldn't play! I don't own a mac and with GMS2 I can't export for web :(

Yep, I've been really watching DnD content lately and with this theme it was a good opportunity to make a text-heavy game with a bit of a DnD feel I guess. Thanks!

We should fix some stuff, yeah :D

Main character in my last game (Spellfight) was basically Caleb so yeah, I'm drawing a lot of stuff from CR :P

It's an "app" already, its not an installer. Just a zip with the executable inside. Give me a throwaway mail or something if you want me to send it via that.

Noone had that issue before. Might it be a "no space left" thing, maybe? Ill send it to you via something else if you want. :)