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Very interesting movement system and the whole visuals for burrowing and moving underground are great! And the collapsing tunnels mechanic. I don't know if its very repetitive or im jsut bad at it so i keep dying early but either way the concept is very cool.

Feels like a weird classic cult game! Incredibly polished for a jam you should definitely dress it up a bit and release it, incredible work.

Damn that looks amazing how did you even do that

@freezedice did some shader magic. pretty sure it's somethign similar to this 

Thanks a lot! Yeah the ending was done in the nick of time iirc :D Glad you enjoyed the game!

Thanks a lot! That puzzle is the last one and is unsolvable due to time scramble :(

We really appreciate the time and the appreciation, we weren't very happy with the result. Hoping we can fix soem stuff post-jam :D

Like just beign a character in there and have to dodge the bars? yeah seems like it could be quite fun, nice idea

How weird, it downloads well for me... :S


Huh, does it say anything? it's a normal zip download

Thanks! I tried some, and honestly rook and queen are the only ones that work well enough. Knight could probably be balanced but it's hard.

Not sure its possible sorry!

The game doesn't seem to work for me. I feel like it might have to do with the export name containing periods (.), cause it says that it can't find the .pck file.

Also, since it's a web export, you could probably make it run on itch directly instead of having a download.

Honestly, I figured out it was a bug after I nocliped completely, but the progression of "I can't get into that room, the door is bugged -> But I can go through walls to get to the other side" almost worked beutifully with your 4th-wall-breaking narrative :D Will try it again now!

Oh well, this is such a bop, the music and visuals are so engaging! Would have liked for the gamplay to be "quicker", it didn't feel super difficult, and a bit repetitive at times, but everything works so well in theme, music, visuals, the pixelart... Love it.

Art and music is cool but I can't seem to understand what I need to do :/

Okey, this was such a surreal experience, and very very cool. Loved every moment of it. I think it bugged to death for me, had to close it by force, but still it felt part of the game? There was a room that I couldn't get into, but then I nocliped somehow and became a ghost and got into the room through the walls. Then multiple audio files were playign at once and my character started slowly drifting into the black infinity. 10/10 I hope that was intended.

Amazing work either way. if there's an end of the story I want to know it XD

This looks so beautiful and atmospheric! I had a ¿bug? related to UI I think where jumping made me swap so i had to mash and do weird thigns to be able to get the key.

But the ambiance is sweet as hell, and the carefully rendered stuff is amazing for a jam game!

This has pretty cool design and ideas, but the platformign physics feels a bit Unity default. It's very hard to get platformer mechanics right on a tight schedule. Still, the levels were well designed.

The idea of going through the level twice was quite interesting.

Very cool sorta cosmic version of the trolley problem. Sadly, the explosion effect is way too cool and looking at numbers is for nerds. It's hard to understand the consequences of thinking carefully, its very easy to udnerstand the cool consequences of pressing the boom button, so that might be a good political commentary, I guess? :D

Great work! The art and references are cool.

Ooooh this does so much with so little, it's such a design masterclass :D Love it. Didn't completely understand the dynamic with enemies and orbs, though.

Love the mechanics and the pixelart and the twist.

Ohhh this one is nice. Great pixelart, fun gameplay, a ton of personality. I didn't manage to do the dash+jump combo so I got stuck there.

Amazing work! :D

Looks great and plays nice! The dash got slower and slower over time to the point where it was a bit tiring. Also I don't know if it has an end, there's a point where grabbing smaller planets makes me smaller for some reason.

Still, lovely space pixelart and great work :D

You're doing amazing then IMO :D I wanna buy the full-game version of this.

Hey, I recognise those character sprites! They are super lovely and I think I bought them myself a while ago to try and make a platformer :D

This is such a nice little platformer. Going for a metroidvania in a jam is ballsy and here it works quite well and looks real nice. The movement is very satisfying.

Oh wow this is so clean and works so well with soooo little! Love it.

I'm honestly blown away by this. The level of polish and how well the mechanics work. This with some more content could easily be a game on Steam in the ranks of Monster's Expedition, Pipe Push Paradise or Stephen's Sausage Roll. Incredible detail, polish and care, especially for the time you worked with. Can't even begin to parse how fast you built so many grid-based levels with decorations included and transitioned seamlessly between them.

Damn, incredible work, really :O Who are you? Do you work in games?

Damn, this is so puzzling and such an amazing concept for a jam game :O
The fantasy of being in an alien world is so beautifully delivered, it's incredible! You did a freaking amazing job in so little time :D

Don't spoil anything, I will figure this out.

Damn, this is good! :D Really enjoyed it

Thanks! Not sure this is gonna help at all with actual chess but glad you enjoyed :P

It sorta does :) It's a 48h game so don't expect much, but theres a boss and a closing sequence.

Damn, amazing idea! I love the logic that emerges from the simple mechanics here. Incredible game design. The effects could use some polish, and I think theres some logic about moving away from bullets that is a little bit weird (priority issues maybe?), I managed to get different results from the same situation.

Anyway incredible concept! Congrats.

Damn, thanks a ton! And thanks for the feedback and suggestions!

Yeah, the difficulty is a bit too much :) Thanks for playing!

Thanks a lot! Yeah, it can be a bit hard, but we smoothed the difficulty curve as much as we could.

Thanks a lot! :)

Oh, super nice idea! My brain was hurting for a while until i got it! This makes so much sense and is quite beautiful, love it :)

Damn, this is good and simple! Had fun, lost at the last wave. Controls can be a little bit iffy to choose if you wanna make them sleep or wake up. Art & music could use a little bit more polish.

But in the raw game/gameplay sense, it works so damn well! Congrats :)

Lovely! Damn, I don't know why, I had the diea that I had to do it in 3 shades of green, and just realised I made that rule up by looking at your piece. Oh cool it's animated.

Super nice :)

That's high praise! Thanks :)